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  1. Greetings all. I haven't been on these boards in a long time. But I wanted to share our local approach to the upcoming change to 2.0 for a couple of reasons. One, so that you can find the flaws in my plan and help me work around them. And two, so that perhaps the idea will help another group transition a little more smoothly (assuming this works). As far as the title of the thread, we're having an event on release weekend to try to make a fun time of it. There's a whole scenario involved, but I won't get into that. It's not the current point. The real topic at hand is how we are hoping to address the conversion kits. The premise is simple: We're going to combine the lists of all of our collections, determine the number of each kit needed to cover the entirety, and order them all together. Then we divide up the cost per ship (ignoring the miscellaneous 22 Decimators, etc) and each person pays per ship. So far, this works out better for pretty much everyone mathematically. We have several things we're considering doing with the spares, but that's more or less irrelevant. One way or another they'll be put to good use. The only potential issue we're seeing right now is the upgrade cards. When this plan was initially conceived, I was under the impression that the kits basically included materials on a per ship basis. Now it looks like there will be a collective group of upgrade cards, oh which I've yet to see any real breakdown of the contents. Are there any others that you can see?
  2. Well, I've nevered really played much besides 100 pts, but if I were told to build to 70, I think these would be my top choices: Imperial: Fel - PTL, Stealth Device (33) Phennir - PTL, Stealth (31) Admittedly, this is probably not best, especially since you couldn't even fill out all the points if you tried. But I think it would be really fun. Trelix - HLC Fel Not much in the way of upgrades, but there's not a wasted point anywhere. I think this might well be pretty sick. Phennir (or Fel…but he's already gotten enough facetime, no?) - PTL, Stealth 3x scrubs Not many other squads will have the ability to throw ships to the wolves, and Phennir/Fel has a good shot to stay alive despite being the clear target. Rebel: 4x Prototype Pilots (just cuz) 2x Green Pilot - PTL Green Pilot - PTL and Concussion Missiles, or Gold Pilot - Ion Turret and the droid that disposes of damage, or Garven Chewbacca - Luke Copilot, Falcon Title Green Pilot (or drop Luke to a Gunner and take a Rookie) Or for lolz 3x Gold Pilot with Ion Turret Good luck with the league!
  3. Personal preference. To each his own I guess. Personally, I find having boost to be extremely useful. The extra maneuverability/speed on an Xwing is just downright fun. And it cuts out a good few K-turns. The extra shields would be nice, but I don't usually feel I need them, and Biggs helps with that. But I don't just fly at you in the Biggs bubble shield off the bat either. He usually just tries to weave in and out and protect rookies that get themselves in trouble over the course of the game. It's a fun way to play.
  4. The theme list no one ever seems to mention that I love is Survivors of the Second Death Star. Lando with Nien Nunb Copilot Tycho Celchu Wedge Antilles 100 points It's perfect. It'd be nice to fit the Falcon title in there too, but really…who doesn't already see it as the Falcon? I mean come on. And besides that, it's actually a fairly solid squad. I haven't done badly with it.
  5. I have a list I like to play. It's done pretty well in it's limited outings. 3x Rookies with Engine Upgrade Biggs It might be the odd tactics I use with it, but it has showed promise. And it's a lot of fun.
  6. I don't get much into the details. My brain's much small for the whereto's and whyfor's. All I know is, the only thing I DON'T want to see coming my way is a Heavy Laser Cannon. Or much worse, a pair of them. Give me Han Shoots First all day over that thing.
  7. The two squads I find to be fun: Swarm - 2x Rookie Pilots with R2 units 2x Prototype pilots Green squad with PTL I actually really wish I could drop the green to a proto and put engine upgrade on the x-wings for kicks, but alas it's one point over. Ah well. And the purely obnoxious Pesky Gnats of Doom - 4x Green squad with Stealth Device and Elusiveness. But this can make for a loooong game. "So I just rolled like 30 dice and….yeah, I got nothin'." 'Well I only get to roll 8 so….yeah, me neither. Movement?'
  8. DarthOctane said: Won mine of May 4th. I ran Darth Vader Engine Upgrade Homing Missles Soontir Fel Push the Limit Stealth Upgrade Turr Fenir Stealth Upgrade (still trying to come up with a squad name) I am thinking 31337 or 999 the squad that flipped the devil on his head Undefeated and had at least one Falcon against me every match. Even had a dual Falcon for one of them. See you guys at worlds and Hoping I can squeeze in the Vikings Game that thursday night. GO VIKES! When I play it, it's called The Law FIrm. Vader, Fel, and Phennir? Just sayin'. Won the Regionals in Nashville with: Lando - Shield Upgrade, Chewie, Luke, Expose, Assault Missiles, Falcon Title Biggs - R2-F2, Stealth As for whether or not I'm going to Worlds…I fully intend on it, but money is always a question. If it weren't, I'd own more Squints and Y-wings. But the weekend does look like a blast, and that's plenty of time to prepare, so I imagine I'll make it. EDIT: Forgot, woops. Went 3-0 in regular play, lost Biggs once. Went 2-0 in the playoffs, lost Biggs once. We had 10 total; 4 Rebel and 6 Imperial. Amazingly enough, I'm pretty sure there were no other Falcons present. But there were definitely a few Firesprays.
  9. Thanks Major, I didn't catch the phrase 'meets or exceeds' at all when looking back through the rulebook. That does indeed answer the question.
  10. It occurred to me earlier that this scenario could actually happen in a game. It would be EXTREMELY rare, mind you. Perhaps it's never even happened yet, which would explain why I haven't seen it come up.Assume Fighter X and Fighter Y have the same pilot skill and both have a shot on each other. Fighter X has initiative, and Fighter Y has 1 hull point left. After all dice are rolled the remaining damage that must be assigned is one hit, and one crit. Now here's where it possibly gets tricky. Because of the rule about simultaneous attacks, Fighter Y gets to respond with its own attack before being removed. But by rule it does still suffer from any crit effects it sustained in the attack from Fighter X.Now, generally, when assigning damage hits are dealt (or deflected/dodged) first, then crits. So the question is, when assigning damage to Fighter Y does it still suffer from the crit effect? It would be destroyed after taking the 1 damage from the regular hit without the need for the crit's damage. So do you stop there and not assign the crit, or do you still deal all the cards regardless of the fact that the damage dealt exceeds the remaining hull value? This could make a big difference in the result of Fighter Y's retaliation. He could be Blinded, lose an ion cannon, etc.So. Thoughts? Methinks we may have to message FFG about this one.
  11. Over at AFM we're putting a team together and beginning work on a ranked tournament system for X-Wing. From we can tell, and what we've been told, FFG does not intend on creating and maintaining such a system themselves. So we're looking into handling this as best we can ourselves. The early system and framework are in progress, but really what we need more than anything is someone who knows how to set up the software we need to handle this undertaking. We would like to get it set up where the results/data entry is handled at the Tournament Organizer level, for the most part. So I'm here to see if we have anyone in the community that is up to the task and willing to join the team. The level of your involvement is up to you. If you would like to simply help us with the set up and show a couple of us the ins and outs of what we need to do to maintain it, that's great. Or if you want to continue to handle it in an ongoing capacity, we'll gladly take you and assist you as needed. If anyone is interested, please just let me know and we can discuss this in more detail. Thanks. PS - For anyone who is unfamiliar, AFM (afewmaneuvers.com) is an X-wing fan site run by drkjedi35 and MilesD37, with help from several other community members (most notably JayRhea, JustinKase, and FarkonGnome).
  12. I would also throw out the theory that a lot of these ads in magazines and such aren't exactly accurate. The people who write them are not always familiar with the product and could easily have said bombs when they really mean missiles or torpedoes. Actually, I would bet on the torps. Rebels are getting access to the Missiles previously only available to Imps, so it would make sense for the reverse to be true, and you know the Squints won't be carrying the torps.
  13. Methinks Scottie is a Vulcan. I'm not some caveman cringing at the lightning gods. I understand the odds and that superstition is bumpkis. But if you knew me, and had a history of playing minis games with me…you would believe in bad luck too. I have a long list of witnesses that will attest to it. Besides that, it's just good strategy to minimize chance as much as you can.
  14. Thanks for the test results hothie. Personally, I don't see myself using them much because my luck is terrible. I very rarely have Proton Torps do anything for me, and I don't expect these to be very different. I just see lots of results like you've listed here in my future, lol.
  15. DrUnK3n_PaNdA said: Well we'll see. I didn't really make this thread to argue about it with people, but it seems increasingly difficult to have a discussion on the internet without someone being randomly inflammatory, so I give up. I'll be testing them a bit this weekend, I do know that much, but honestly I am not pleased this card is in the game, and I dislike how strong a counter it is to certain playstyles and squadron builds, because I think it's a poor miniatures game that can ever be decided off the table during force composition. Anyway, I'll let you know how it turns out actually seeing them in play. I expect I'll be right, but I would be very pleasantly surprised if I were not. Discussions are held between reasoning people who acknowledge others' opinions as valid and differentiate between proven fact and unproven theories. You've done neither. Arguing may not have been your intention, but it was certainly the outcome you produced. This most recent post of yours does relate a much better understanding of the difference between personal opinion and fact, though. So kudos. Here's hoping your tests leave you with a better outlook on the future of the game.Mags, I approve. If you ever decide to go through with it and you need someone to plead insanity, I'm your man.
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