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    BatHead got a reaction from Goblin Mob in Ethnicity of Talisman Characters   
    I Have to ask - does it really matter? IMO, not in the least.
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    BatHead got a reaction from Kunzite in New Lieutenant Packs just a bit overpriced?   
    I really don't see why anyone thinks they have to buy these minis in order to play the game, you don't. Sure, the tokens aren't as nice as the minis, but you can still play the game with the tokens.  If you absolutely feel you can't play the game with just the tokens, that's on you.
    Look at it this way. No doubt each game has a production budget that they can't go over or they will either have to give up the game or, raise the price, which could cost them sales. It's likely that actually including the LT minis could have simply cost too much, and the only way to give us LT minis was to sell them separately.
    Again, nobody is twisting your arms to get the minis, like any expansion, you can still play the full game without them if you feel they are too expensive.
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    BatHead got a reaction from Kunzite in Decorative Wings   
    In fiction, Tolkien's Balrog had wings (although there is a debate about that amongst LOTR fanatics), yet he could not fly either. In real life, ostriches and chickens and turkeys have wings, yet they can't fly. There is a precedent for non flight wings. (I'm just saying ...  )
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    BatHead got a reaction from Silverhelm in Rehash d1 heroes   
    FFG having to spend many thousands of dollars for new figure molds is just not going to happen. It's simply not cost effective and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Besides, the original figures aren't that horrible that they need re-done.
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    BatHead got a reaction from Kunzite in D1 Lieutenant Minis   
    Well, I personally plan to paint every Descent mini I have or will have, metal and plastic, from both D 1 and D2. Whether that actually happens or not is another story, LOL.
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    BatHead got a reaction from skolo in Artifacts & Allies for $250 on ebay????   
    That's nothing. I see over at Amazon.com there's an  independent seller there charging $900 for a copy of the Talisman 4th edition core game simply because it is currently out of stock at FFG. The thing is, that game will be reprinted and in stock at it's regular price in August. I feel sorry for the poor uninformed boob with more money that sense that buys this. These scalpers have absolutely no shame.
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    BatHead got a reaction from DandGeezer in New website   
    Just wanted to say thank you to the mods and all responsible for getting this website setup properly. I think I'm not alone in saying I'm glad that extremely laggy mess is over with. This forum software is working out much much better, very quick to load.
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    BatHead got a reaction from 0beron in Next Expansion for Talisman   
    Oberon, you may want to consider looking into Talisman : The Digital Edition when it comes out for those times when your wife is busy doing other stuff. Although I would prefer playing the actual board game with other people (so I could show off my nicely painted minis), in my current situation, that ain't happening, and the DE seems to be a good faithful adaptation of the 4th edition boardgame and a decent alternative.
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