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  1. Any decent superglue (cyanoacrylate) will work.
  2. Prologue was really meant as a sort of teaser for the eventual release of the DE. After I got the DE, I deleted Prologue as I had no interest whatsoever in playing a truncated version of the full game anymore. It was pretty much nothing more than a placeholder to me. I thought it was a good move on Nomad's part, it created a LOT of interest in the final product, especially for old fans of the board game like me who maybe weren't sure how accurate a reproduction it would be.
  3. BatHead

    Talisman Solo

    So what? It's still a valid subject.
  4. BatHead

    Smaller Board?

    I personally couldn't deal with a smaller board. With my eyesight, I have a hard enough time reading the small type as it is now.
  5. My only concern, As I like to paint my miniatures, is how to store those without damaging the paintjob. Just throwing all the minis together as depicted here with all the non-painted figures is not a viable solution for me. Anybody else out there paint their minis and have a neat way to store them?
  6. I really don't see how they could add two more players. There just isn't enough room for them.
  7. BatHead


    It's still redundant. Releasing Timescape at the same time there is an entire WH40K Talisman-esque board game is a waste of FFG's time and money.
  8. BatHead


    Whether or not you think it a good idea to include a Timescape addition, I highly doubt that FFG will do it considering their release of Relic. To do a Timescape expansion would be redundant, IMO. I would imagine FFG might think one might somehow cut into sales of the other. Even though it's a small possibilty, it's one I would believe they might take into consideration. Regardless, I really believe FFG will NEVER do Timescape, not while Relic is in production.
  9. I got the first edition way back in the day after I read about it in a book about fantasy adventure/war/rpg board games. Been playing on and off ever since. Had a nice and almost complete set of 2 ed. minis along with most of the expansions, and I have a complete 3rd edition set with all expansions, as well as all the special characters and their cards that appeared in White Dwarf magazine along with their requisite proxy minis.
  10. The next expansion should be either Frostmarch or Blood Moon, I think.
  11. I Have to ask - does it really matter? IMO, not in the least.
  12. I've found plastic figures in general are not as detailed as metal ones, but I sometime enjoy painting the plastic ones more, because it can be a challenge to make them look as good as the metal ones. I find that the proper paint job can make or break a plastic figure.
  13. I think I'm gonna wait until they get it out of the pseudo-Beta stage in Jan./Feb. 2014.
  14. BatHead


    TBH, balance is not really a concern with Talisman. Each character has the same chance as any other to get uber-powerful, and even then, that's not a guaranteed win. Talisman really is a game that depends a lot on luck, along with some strategizing. Usually that's not a good thing, but with Talisman, for some reason, it works. A super character may look like he's on the way to a sure win, but all it takes is a bad run with the dice rolls, and the guy can end up dead, and has to start pretty much from scratch.
  15. That $9.95 is the MSRP, you won't have to pay that much. Maybe about 6 bucks each at most (except for a large figure like Valyndra, maybe 10 -15 bucks)
  16. I really don't see why anyone thinks they have to buy these minis in order to play the game, you don't. Sure, the tokens aren't as nice as the minis, but you can still play the game with the tokens. If you absolutely feel you can't play the game with just the tokens, that's on you. Look at it this way. No doubt each game has a production budget that they can't go over or they will either have to give up the game or, raise the price, which could cost them sales. It's likely that actually including the LT minis could have simply cost too much, and the only way to give us LT minis was to sell them separately. Again, nobody is twisting your arms to get the minis, like any expansion, you can still play the full game without them if you feel they are too expensive.
  17. Just an additional word on the costs of producing plastic vs. metal minis - The initial outlay for the steel molds for plastics as opposed to the rubber molds for metals is indeed quite huge, some thousands of dollars (average steel mold for injection molded plastics can cost ten thousand dollars or more) as opposed to the rubber spin casting molds (a couple of hundred bucks each maybe). The thing is, the steel molds last forever, and the plastic material used in the casting process is cheaper per ounce than metal, whereas the rubber molds used in metal casting wear out quite easily and need to be remade regularly. That's why, even though the molds used in plastic casting are so very expensive, in the long run plastics are actually cheaper to produce per unit, that metal ones, which is why plastics are better economically suited to large numbers of casting runs than metal. I suspect this is why FFG went with plastic LT figures this time, they likely figured they'd sell more figures (due to lower cost making them able to include the cards, all at a lower price point) and make a bigger profit with the plastics
  18. Also consider that metal minis would have cost more, and they wouldn't have included all those extra cards. Seems like reasonable pricing to me.
  19. Ah, I see! An airbrush! Nicely done.
  20. Nice blending job on the wings of those "whatchamacallems" (I forget what they're called)
  21. It depends. I used to paint figures for Grenadier models, and I kinda had to work to a semi-rigid schedule. On average, depending on how complex the figures were and how similar to each other they were, I could maybe paint a ten figure box set in about two to three weeks. Less, if the were all basically the same figure, but in different poses and different weapons (like the Battle Lords series.) A dragon or other large figure might take up to two weeks. This was all done using pretty much the procedure I outlined in my last post, and I generally got pretty good results. But this was all after I'd been at it a while and I had a lot of practice painting relatively quickly. Of course when I would do it for my own collection, I would take a bit more time. I would suggest doing maybe five figures at a time, generally trying to get as similar figures done together. For example, for Desecent I would maybe paint a group consisting of the two giants and three zombies, I could probably knock them out in a week. Well actually, I have plans to do some modifying of the giants, they are very plain looking, and I would at least like to mod the master giant into something a little more impressive, so in my case it would actually take me a little longer. But the point is, if I didn't mod them I could paint them fairly quickly.
  22. They very well could be out for Xmas. Fourth quarter means anytime from October 1st thru December 31st.
  23. All the listing says is 4th quarter, 2013. So, anytime between October and December.
  24. That's pretty much what I'm expecting as well for the same reasons. After that, there my be one or two mini expansions, and then I think it likely that will be it for expansions.
  25. In fiction, Tolkien's Balrog had wings (although there is a debate about that amongst LOTR fanatics), yet he could not fly either. In real life, ostriches and chickens and turkeys have wings, yet they can't fly. There is a precedent for non flight wings. (I'm just saying ... )
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