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  1. BatHead

    Replacement Figures.

    Any decent superglue (cyanoacrylate) will work.
  2. BatHead

    Talisman: Prologue vs Digital Edition

    Prologue was really meant as a sort of teaser for the eventual release of the DE. After I got the DE, I deleted Prologue as I had no interest whatsoever in playing a truncated version of the full game anymore. It was pretty much nothing more than a placeholder to me. I thought it was a good move on Nomad's part, it created a LOT of interest in the final product, especially for old fans of the board game like me who maybe weren't sure how accurate a reproduction it would be.
  3. BatHead

    Talisman Solo

    So what? It's still a valid subject.
  4. BatHead

    Smaller Board?

    I personally couldn't deal with a smaller board. With my eyesight, I have a hard enough time reading the small type as it is now.
  5. BatHead

    Descent storage solutions

    My only concern, As I like to paint my miniatures, is how to store those without damaging the paintjob. Just throwing all the minis together as depicted here with all the non-painted figures is not a viable solution for me. Anybody else out there paint their minis and have a neat way to store them?
  6. BatHead

    Talisman - Digital Edition

    I really don't see how they could add two more players. There just isn't enough room for them.
  7. BatHead


    It's still redundant. Releasing Timescape at the same time there is an entire WH40K Talisman-esque board game is a waste of FFG's time and money.
  8. BatHead


    Whether or not you think it a good idea to include a Timescape addition, I highly doubt that FFG will do it considering their release of Relic. To do a Timescape expansion would be redundant, IMO. I would imagine FFG might think one might somehow cut into sales of the other. Even though it's a small possibilty, it's one I would believe they might take into consideration. Regardless, I really believe FFG will NEVER do Timescape, not while Relic is in production.