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  1. These are pretty interesting concepts, but I was more looking in the diretcion of generic, new characters. As apose to current fluff based ones. As you always should sacrifice sense for balance, it would be pretty sh*tty to play against any of these, particularly Vul'kin He'stin, who most people simply wouldnt play with. This template is intersting though, and I'll stay tuned for the SE addon. Also, my friend thought this guy up:
  2. A group of friends and I have recently gotten into relic and really like it, even more than we liked talisman. But something we enjoyed was making our own characters and cards for talisman, and there doesnt seem to be any way to do that in relic. Does anyone know of a strange eons addon or a template? Also, has anyone else had ideas about what kind of characters to make? I really want to make a Bounty Hunter character, who can hand in tropies for completed missions, or a Chaos Bezerker who gets stronger the more threats he takes on and a buff to Corruption(ie, may treat his coruption as 1 higher when drawing corruption cards). Any input aprecated, particularly regarding a template.
  3. hi there, im trying to create some custom character cards by editing the 'diy-character.js' file in talismanR4 resources. but every time i attempt to run the script, nothing happens. not even an error unless i seriously mangle code. all i want to do it change a few boxes locations and add some new ones, but it seems to hate me. and when i run some of the strange eons diy-test scripts, they run fine. what is it about talisman that hates me so?
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