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  1. so in the app every time you register a deck you get amber and you can forge keys, i cant find anywhere what this actually does. does anyone know?
  2. I don't know what this means lol but I appreciate the story
  3. I declare a military conflict only choosing my matsu berserker as an attacker, they flip rally to the cause changing it to political conflict. Matsu berserk has a -- for political skill so he can't participate. How does this resolve?
  4. Thanks. Should probably look at that rules reference huh? Lol
  5. If a card says max 1 per conflict does that mean that if my opponent plays court games, then I can't play court games for the remainder of the conflict?
  6. On the same topic of a (-) skill. If I play outwit can I use it on a unit with a (-) since it has none it's lower than mine?
  7. Can you put an attachment with a skill modifier on a unit with a (-) for its skill?
  8. im trying to organize my tiles what map tiles are in the base set? like the numbers i cant seem to find a list anywhere
  9. is it possible once you finish a game to take that same character and overlord deck and start a new campaign? or do you pretty much need to reset and start a new character? also as an overlord when you set up a quest after you read the intro to it are you supposed to tell the heroes the victory conditions or are they supposed to figure it out based on the section you already read?
  10. alright thanks. i just wasn't sure if some of the monsters from the expansions or the items were to powerful for the base game.
  11. so i have descent and the expansions and im starting a new campaign from the beginning and my question is can i mix all the monsters from the expansions and shop cards without upsetting the balance of the game?
  12. well i cant keep playing and if any players who do come to this board need some extra sets from either core set or the first pack why not let them know? its not like im a store trying to advertise cheap new packs or something. just trying to pass on the cards to other active players.
  13. whys that? cause someone is quitting the game or trying to sell their cards?
  14. looks like i wont be able to play another LCG so im selling my cards. i have 2 core sets and 2 desolation of hoth packs. all cards are sleeved. i listed them on ebay just search for my account Suka044
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