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  1. $17.59 as off 11:56am (PST) today. Sold out fast a few months back at $18.50.
  2. What I'm asking (because I can't see enough detail on the 2E playmat, and I don't play the 2E) is are their mechanics / areas reflected on the playmat that are different than the 1E?
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/7/22/experience-westeros/ Any reason this can't be used with 1st Edition?
  4. Any get one of these? What is it, and is it likely to be sold by FFG later (like other Gencon labeled Stand Alone Scenario packs)?
  5. A big thank you to Grimwalker for helping me out! Have some unlimited internet ?s !
  6. Anyone have a complete Warhammer Invasion Set for sale? Please PM me if yours is collecting dust - must be 100% complete ( excluding promos), meaning 3x of every card, all capital boards, tokens rules / inserts etc. TIA
  7. Looking for Android Netrunner Lcg: 2015 World Champion Corporation Deck (Engineering the Future), moved and lost a box of stuff - I need to replace this. Do you have one you'd sell? Please PM me. Please specify new or open, and what you'd like for it.
  8. Anyone have one they'd sell? LMK plz. Lost a bunch cards when I moved and this is the last one I need to replace.
  9. I ask, because I sold off all my X-Wing stuff 6 months back. I literally looked here for the first time in about 3 months. have no idea this had even happened.
  10. http://www.bloomilk.com/Forums/default.aspx?g=posts&m=227683&#227683 Any of these look good for Skirmish?
  11. bobafett012 said: cmdrcody said: I'd like some feedback from those of you who do have multiples. yes. this question has been asked to death. Well it did not turn up when I ran mutiple forum searches. As a new(ish) player, I thought it reasonable to ask my question here. Seems you were somehow offended (not sure why) - not everyone has read every thread, or even has time to do so. bobafett012 said: The core set comes with a single set of each objective, you are allowed 2 of each objective set per deck. If you want to play competatively at all, even in local shops you NEED 2 core sets or you will lose most of your games. i'm sure you don't need an explanation as to why having 2 vaders or palpatines in your deck is better than having a single copy. The only reason not to grab the second core set is if you only plan on playing your friends with the single core sets cards. otherwise its a must have. the same will go for the edge of darkness deluxe expansion, because for some reason they are only putting a single copy of each objective set in it as well. prolly a cash grab, but it is what it is. the force packs however come with 2 of each set for deck building reasons, unless they are a limited to 1 set per deck objective set, then you only get the one. Thank you for this part of your answer - it was very helpful.
  12. I'd like some feedback from those of you who do have multiples.
  13. Hi folks - I came across these 2 packs which I had accidentlaly purchased and sorted into Pro-clear pages before I realized I already had them. they are mint, unplayed, with the insert sheets but no boxes. PM if interested - I'd actually trade them for a LOTR LCG core set box (empty) with each party paying shipping, or just $10 plus shipping for both (about 50% off).
  14. Princes of the Sun 1/2 set available - MINT - 1 copy of each of the 60 cards Never used - stored in original box with info sheet. If you bought the original release with 2 of each card, here's your chance to get that 3rd of each card. PM me if interested.
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