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  1. $17.59 as off 11:56am (PST) today. Sold out fast a few months back at $18.50.
  2. What I'm asking (because I can't see enough detail on the 2E playmat, and I don't play the 2E) is are their mechanics / areas reflected on the playmat that are different than the 1E?
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/7/22/experience-westeros/ Any reason this can't be used with 1st Edition?
  4. Any get one of these? What is it, and is it likely to be sold by FFG later (like other Gencon labeled Stand Alone Scenario packs)?
  5. A big thank you to Grimwalker for helping me out! Have some unlimited internet ?s !
  6. Anyone have a complete Warhammer Invasion Set for sale? Please PM me if yours is collecting dust - must be 100% complete ( excluding promos), meaning 3x of every card, all capital boards, tokens rules / inserts etc. TIA
  7. Looking for Android Netrunner Lcg: 2015 World Champion Corporation Deck (Engineering the Future), moved and lost a box of stuff - I need to replace this. Do you have one you'd sell? Please PM me. Please specify new or open, and what you'd like for it.
  8. Anyone have one they'd sell? LMK plz. Lost a bunch cards when I moved and this is the last one I need to replace.
  9. I ask, because I sold off all my X-Wing stuff 6 months back. I literally looked here for the first time in about 3 months. have no idea this had even happened.
  10. http://www.bloomilk.com/Forums/default.aspx?g=posts&m=227683&#227683 Any of these look good for Skirmish?