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  1. Thats great thanks for this i will pre order now I know i do not need anything else other than what ive already got .
  2. Just wondering what you need to use these new POD Mines of Moira and Escape from Kazhad dum I have the core set and the first 3 saga boxes and both hobbit boxes would what i have work or do i need the Kazhad dum cycle ? Thanks
  3. Thanks for all your input, I think I may go RTH just for a change of scenery and to keep in order of release.
  4. Hello , i have the core and twin shadows and I'm thinking of what to get next, hoth would be the obvious choice if I go in order but I'm drawn to Jabba's Realm due to the setting that's not to say the setting in hoth puts me off I think Empire is the best of the original trilogy so what's the strengths and weaknesses of both to help with my decision. thanks
  5. I was 5 in 1977 ,my sister took me and my brother to see Star Wars and it's been part of my life ever since she says she can't believe she took me when I was so young and I have been obsessed by it ever since when my wife says I've got to much Star Wars stuff I just blame my sister!!
  6. Thanks for the replies, i have the core and twin shadows so hopefully I should be fine
  7. Will the latest up coming ally/Villian expansions (jawa and droids etc) be playable with just the core set I can't seem to find any detail about this, thanks Trumpet
  8. Thanks for that, makes sense now
  9. Just reading through the side mission for the Bantha and I a little confused as to how the snipers work. As I read it I gain a sniper at the end of each round to a total of 4 but they are not represented by tokens on the map only in my play area and again as I read it the rebels cannot damage them. Also where does the imperial officer go (the one with the data) when triggered ,again it says red point but what are the two tokens being shown adjacent on the map ? They look like character silhouettes again I'm confused. Sorry I don't get to play this much so I'm probably missing something obvious. Thanks in advance.
  10. Have you played it yet?How is it I might pick this up next week though I am tempted by Jabba's Realm which comes out soon.
  11. Well Doom and the new X Wing expansions went to shipping at the same time and the new X Wing expansions are meant to be out before Rogue One which is the 15th so there's a good possibility Doom will be available around the same time so hopefully it will be before Christmas.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I have purchased the core,twin shadows,boba,Han,chewi ,c3po and r2, rebel troopers,sabouters,Royal guard, so hopefully this will keep me busy for a bit, Later on I will probably get ,bantha rider,obi wan and greedo
  13. Hello , I've been looking at getting Imperial Assault but I have a few questions, If I get the core set what would be the best ally villain expansions I would like minatures over the cardboard tokens especially for the iconic heroes etc. I would like to get the iconic ally/ villains from the films like Han,chewi,leia boba fett,etc my question is can I incorporate say leia,boba c3po and r2 into the core set or do I have to buy the boxed expansions, Secondly picking the iconic characters in the ally/villain expansions is that a good way to do it or should I just get the wave 1 expansions. I'm just going to play casually both campaign and skirmish any advice most welcomed. Thanks
  14. Sorry I forgot to put down I own both rebel and imperial squadrons but not the rogue expansion. Thanks for the advice getting different ships to what I have makes sense for variety .
  15. Thanks for the reply ,after reading the rules reference again I did eventually see it but thanks for clearing it up.
  16. So I have the Core,Home One,ISD, I'm thinking of getting the MC30 and maybe another VSD ( hopefully with an antenna re my other post) would this be a good way to go I want ships that look like they are from the original trilogy as I only play casually but also want a bit of variety and good balance. I'm limiting my purchases as I went overboard on X Wing.
  17. That looks great,though whether I would be able to it is another thing if the rest of the antenna on my VSD comes off I may give it a go .
  18. After playing the learn to play scenario today and reading through the rules references when and where do you use the squadron tokens , they are not numbered so what are they for also they are light grey and dark grey no red for rebels?
  19. I think there are quite a few people that have had the same problem. Could you post a picture of your suspected breakage so that we can help further? But yeah, the battle damage excuse can be useful sometimes, especially on an old class of ship like the VSD. How do you post pictures on here?
  20. Hello , I've just got this and on my first play today I noticed the victory antenna had a white spot on the top of it that stood out on further investigation by referencing ffg product page etc it does look like a bit of antenna is missing there's nothing in the packaging and it's only regonisable from the top. It's nothing a bit of grey paint will not sort out but is this normal or has my victory got a bit missing. Had good fun playing though didn't actually destroy any ships just squadrons got to get used to the speed of the ships as the victory ended up nearly of the table due to bad command decisions ( or dodgy radio contact due to possible damaged antenna)that's my excuse anyway.
  21. Trumpet


    Thanks for the replies,I have a galaxy 10.1 note pad and it doesn't work on that ,I will try google chrome on it if I can all my other devices work fine.
  22. Trumpet


    Hello thought I would just ask a question concerning accessing the FFG website. I can access the site and forums on IOS but on android I cannot is this a known issue or just me. Thanks
  23. Trumpet

    Target Locks

    Thanks for the advice
  24. Trumpet

    Target Locks

    Anybody got any good ideas on how to keep all the target locks matched up while in storage and playing come to that I'm for ever trying to find the relevant marker within a pile of tl this also applies to the identity numbers aswell . I must admit since scum has arrived I need a sort out.
  25. Trumpet


    Well it's looking like I maybe be getting the aggressor then! If I can run just one then all is good,I must admit I have at least one of everything so far and it did feel weird not purchasing this straight off. If anyone else has any hands on experience with just one aggressor I would like to hear your thoughts.
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