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  1. I'd love to see the Rebels get the CC-7700 (medium base) to add some more retrofits, and the Brahatok (maybe as a combat flotilla?) with the Empire getting the Dreadnought cruiser (medium base, slow, broadside heavy) from Rebels and the Arrestor Cruiser (small base, fast) from Solo.
  2. A V-38 title that made them cheaper at the cost of their cloak action would be cool.
  3. It would be cool to have medium and large stations in the game. Golan II as a large, Golan I and one of the PLT stations as medium. Maybe add some oddballs, like a pair of IPVs with the PLT. Higher shields and hull for the points to trade off for no mobility. Would probably have to limit it to prevent weirdness, maybe 1/3 max like fighters.
  4. I want a Resistance Transport from TFA that lets you unplug the Transport Pod from TLJ that Rose and Finn use.
  5. A couple of neutral ships would be cool- instead of 2 different builds, there is an Imperial and Rebel version of the same ship in the same package. Dreadnought class Heavy cruiser- Limited manueverability and command 3, but cheap and durable. IPV-1 flotilla- System patrol craft flotilla with 2 blue front and sides, 1 rear, but no fleet upgrade slots. A basic combat flotilla. Venator class Star Destroyer- Medium base ship similar to the Victory, but better command and broadsides, weaker front arc.
  6. I would love for FFG to come out with a 6x3 playmat of Executor over Endor. Would be hilarious.
  7. These nerfs seem like they will alter the meta enough that I will have to find time to start playing again. Been preordering since the original starter, but when Scum and the Jumpmaster took over, I stopped bothering to find games, especially now that 40K 8th is a ton of fun. But FFG may be winning me back. Now just for a Skipray Blastboat.
  8. Pentastar is cool, but as far as gameplay opportunities, the Dreadnought would offer more I think. The Enforcer would be right in the middle of the Arquitennes, Victory, and Interdictor and be another wedge shaped medium base ship heavy on the frontal arc.
  9. Fixed forward arc, but cannon and turret slots. Maybe a system slot.
  10. Dreadnought medium and IPV-1 flotilla would be fun cross-faction ships.
  11. Hey now. We had to stand by and watch all the other people run and grab up all the cool stuff off the shelves. We can't put anything aside, so no Black series Rey or Hera or Thrawn
  12. IPV-1 is one of the huge few ships that should be available to all 3 factions. Just give it 1-2 titles that are faction specific.
  13. Minor note, but the ISD-K means that the full art version of rapid reload finally makes sense.
  14. It it weren't for the Skipray, we would not have K-Turns in Star Wars.
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