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  1. I am Northwest Indiana and could make it out your way for some games. Let me know when and where. ' Rottencat
  2. The only time I would think about eating the snare and not trashing it is when 1. The corp is low on credits, 2. Has alot of un rezed ice. 3. I have a full hand of usless cards. (doubles of installed cards) 4. I can also run his Hand cheaply. With all this going on, I would make him spend 4 credits this turn, run his hand next turn (after refilling mine) get lucky and pull snare! costing him 4 more credits, then run the large agend holding server and snag an agenda…. So all this will almost never ever happen in a match…. Like this will NEVER HAPPEN. But if it does we will be ready…lol Rottencat Hey did I say this will never happen in a match?
  3. Hey there, I am in Northwest Indiana also. Tenth Planet in Scherriville IN, has an open game night in December….This Friday I think…. I should be there, and will post up the rest of the information when I learn it. I think he does charge a small fee to play cause the owner has to rent an adition space… but I was $2 last time. Rottencat
  4. Is anyone in or around Chicago, IL playing? I thought I saw something about a group on Sundays, but can seem to find it right now. Thanks, Rottencat
  5. Well I must say I thought I was the only one who called Credits ….gold… Also this card will be replaced with a stronger Encon card when the runner get an option. rottencat
  6. Well thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will try adjusting play style to make a trap cards work. I think I will add 2-3 traps for the late game play when I might be able to bait into a run. Thanks again… Rottencat
  7. Greetings, We have played around 50ish games of Netrunner now. And most of our playgroup has decided that trap cards are not worth it. With Snare! and Data Mine as the 2 that can be used. But the others Project Junebug, Aggressive Secretary. and Ghost Branch not being playable. I think are we missing something? I just find these games are to tight to spend actions and credits on this type of card. So is there a play style that can make them work? Is anyone had great success with these cards? And How are you doing it? Thanks for your time, Rottencat
  8. I quickly found this card to be discard fodder after 3-4 games. It does work but it seems to be a 1st turn combo card….Play it so you end 1st turn with empty hand and everything in play. After that? not sure why you would need it. Rottencat
  9. Hello all, I was wondering when you build a deck. Do you have a standard number of ICE you put in the corp deck? Cause of my 2 corp decks… one never seems to have any ICE when I need it, and the other seems to draw to much. Also the runner deck, How many Breakers do you find yourself playing and still have a working deck? Well I guess I could count these cards in my decks so I have numbers to compare… Thanks Rottencat
  10. Hello all, Who is planing on attending this event? The one on the home page. Also is there only 1 Netrunner event? and its on Friday at 4? Thanks Rottencat
  11. Have him add that to the FAQ sometime. Thanks Rottencat
  12. Thank you for your quick reply. Can you site the rule book that proofs your answer? Just so the question is put solved for once and for all. Thanks again, Rottencat
  13. My question is about the wording. "Whenever you install a Virus program the Corp trashes the top card of R&D." I have played this as a face up discard from the deck and as a face down. Depending on who I playing against. I don't feel like having a rules debate during a game. SO here is my question because I seem to find support for both face up and face down in the rules that apply… (I think) but this is not clear to me. The rules on pg14 about Discard Phase would not apply because Noise's text does not say discard. The rules on pg18 about Trashing Cards would not apply because the Trash cost was not paid. The rules glossary on pg31 define "Trash: The act of moving a card to its owner's trash pile." Again doesn't help the question be answered. The rules pg13 under installing cards say, "Trashed cards go to Archives faceup of they are rezzed, and facedown if they are unrezzed." But this is about installed unrezzed card. So does this apply to the top card of R&D? Have I missed something in the rules that would solve this question? If it seems like I am difficult about this it is because I have not found the an answer yet. SO if anyone has any thoughts on this lets get this solved. Thanks for your time Rottencat
  14. I think that you don't score it. Because you have not Accessed it. Page 18 of the rule book, Access Phase Archives. I think has the answer. Happy Hunting Rottencat
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