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  1. niceas

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Here to report a successful trade with Ransburger. The AA Neb-B arrived in good shape.
  2. niceas

    Rebel Tactics

    Watch out for a VSD with the title. I had it one-shot a Neb-B from full to dead and cripple a second in a single volley of fire. At 300 points, starter only, dual VSDs are a thing.
  3. niceas

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Hello all Looking to trade for rare X-Wing promos and Armada promos Have: 2015 Acrylic Focus tokens (lots!) AA Wedge AA Ten Numb AA Soontir Fel Some Shield Tokens, Ion Tokens, Stress Tokens, Seismic Charges Wants: AA Lando AA Bona Fett AA Guri AA Victory Star Destroyer AA Nebulon B Frigate Acrylic Concentrate Fire Tokens
  4. niceas

    Tell The Truth... YOU LOVE SCUM!

    I've always enjoyed Scum, but I was generally more of an Imperial player. Now that Villainy is out though, I think I'll have fun with them.
  5. niceas

    Regional bye

    Last years byes were super-byes - a 100-0 win and your opponent won every game - but there hasn't been any announcement of whether this year's byes will be the same.
  6. niceas

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Hello - new list: Have: 2015 Store Champs Focus Tokens (20) Alternate Art Wedge (2) Various Alternate Art Generics 2013 Focus Tokens (5) Want: Alternate Art Boba Fett (Imperial) Alternate Art Lando 2012 Acrylic Range Ruler
  7. niceas

    Scum and Villainy

    So - one of the stores in the Calgary area are claiming that they'll have S&V next week based on a conversation with their distributor. Now - since FFG hasn't updated the page to show its off the boat, I'm applying liberal amounts of salt - but it might be worthwhile keeping an eye out at the local FLGS.
  8. Wow - there has been a LOT of swag. Very cool - thanks for posting!
  9. niceas

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    I am very sorry to hear this. Please let me know what/if you hear back and if he needs to be added to the no trade list. He was last online on the 9th. I still haven't had contact. Maybe add his name as suspicious on the front page until people get their stuff?
  10. niceas

    Scam Alert! translucent dice

    Executor, not everyone is as lucky as us to have a playgroup like ours. Some people do prefer acrylics over cardboard - and as such buy acrylics. Although spending $130 for dice is a bit much. Glad you, BGfish and I earned ours.
  11. niceas

    True test of "skill"?

    If you're going to do a flying aces tourney set the point limit at 34 or less to prevent Echo shenanigans.
  12. niceas

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Same here. We were/are still negotiating but he hasno viewed our trade since the 21st I tried to line up a trade with him, he responded once saying to look at his haves list and didn't reply to either of my offers.Similar thing here. He gave me his address and I sent the card haven't heard anything since the 26th. Hope he follows threw since his card is in the mail. Alright. Glad I held off sending him anything. Considering that it was going to cost over $20 to ship to him (air mail) - losing a card is one thing. Paying a bunch to ship and then having him flake is another thing altogether.
  13. niceas

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Anyone happen to know Ichiyo1821? We lined up to do a trade, but when I went to confirm before sending he hasn't responded. I'm holding off sending until I hear from him, but he hasn't been on the forums since Jan30. Made me a little nervous, as you might expect.
  14. I'm of the opinion that there are two types of ship that need to be addressed when discussing the Phantom: Echo and the others. I've found killing any other phantom significantly easier than trying to track down Echo. I've lost two games to rebel swarms since I started playing echo - the first game was in the semis at regionals and my green dice deserted me (I'd beaten the player in the second round of the Swiss) and the second game was against a swarm including a PS 9 ship. I think KineticOperator nailed it - big shock as he's a fantastic player. This isn't to say that swarms can't beat phantoms - the same player who beat me in the semis beat an awful lot of other phantoms to get there - but he loses more games to Echo than he wins against equally skilled opponents. As a phantom player, I *want* you to chase my phantom so that the rest of my ships can pick away at you. The best advice I'd give is to try and make sure that you always have one or two ships that can shoot at Echo, and try to set it up so that if you don't have those shots you can shoot Echo's escort with as many ships as possible. Then, when the escort is gone, try to limit decloak options as much as possible, and don't let Echo get behind you.
  15. niceas

    Best Mistake Ever Made

    One game I accidentally went right instead of left with my Outer Rim Smuggler. I remarked that I had made a mistake to my opponent and bemoaned the fact that I was going to hit the rock right in front of my ORS the next turn. My opponent 'graciously' offered to let me do the other move and I declined saying 'no - it was my mistake'. His Han promptly ran into the ORS and landed on the rock. Han spent the rest of the game on the rock ionized by the two gold squadron pilots.