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  1. Dam said: #1: Without checking the wordings (too lazy ), I'd say ye. s#2: From what I recall playing YM, you can place mutation on Cultists and to investigators in the same space as Cultists. So, we can't place any mutation token to "test subject" in any case?
  2. Special rules of "Test Subject" : 1. The test subject is treated as a corpse marker for the purposes of Keeper Action cards. Q: Can I use This rule for "Harvest Organs Keeper Action Card" only? 2. The test subject may be treated as an investigator for the purposes of the "Surgical Tools" Exploration card. Q: I have no idea how can I place a mutation token on the test subject, so any investigator may not use this rule to use "Surgical Tools" to discard some mutation token form the test subject. Is it right?
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