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  1. Would that include the 40k License? That doesn't make sense too me, since they are still producing the 40k lcg, and the RPG iirc. Anyway, I'm still missing this game.
  2. Is Warhammer Quest out? I really want that one.
  3. I hear you Jedhead. I've been moping about this game myself. I don't even swing through the forum and BGG pages as much as I used to. It's too depressing. I'm not complaining exactly, ok I am a little, but it really seems like Star Wars is edging out a lot of the smaller ip's that FFG has. I can't blame them, I mean, SW makes money. I love FFG games, and I want them to be a healthy and successful company, so they can continue to make the games I love. Heck, I even like a lot of their SW stuff. I was pretty excited about the new Force Awakens X-Wing Core. That said, this is my favorite board game currently out there. I desperately want them to at least fill in the factions they've started. I am holding out hope that we will get some more expansions. I'm just afraid the game will be all but dead by the time it happens, and that poor sales of those expansions, when they do come out, will mean a more permanent end to the game.
  4. So, I had really been holding out hope for a holiday timed expansion for my favorite 2 dimensional game... But, I think we'd have heard by now if we were going to see anything before year end. Gotta be honest folks, I'm loosing hope in expansions and support for this game. Not that it will never come, but that it will be much too little, much too late. A game like this, though technically a board game, needs an infusion of new stuff somewhat regularly to keep interest up, unfortunately, I think by the time we get anything new, this game will be long past the ability to add new players. I already find it increasingly difficult to get games. I think the players I've been playing with are getting board and moving on to other stuff.
  5. I can't tell you how OP did around the world, but in my neck of the woods, we have 5 game stores within driving distance. Among those only 2 even carried the game, and only one tried to set up organized play. I showed up. That's right, me. Well, and one guy I dragged with me. That's it. No scene at all. I live near a large college town with lots of potential players, and I was the only one interested in organized play. Again, this is just my experience and can't be applied to the world wide community, but if the turn outs around the world were similar to what we had here, I can't blame FFG for dropping the game from it's list of OP titles. That said, I can usually get a game when I want one, and my FLGS says that the game sells fairly well, so I continue to hope for more products. Just remember, it's not a respect issue. FFG shows more respect for the their players than almost any other game company I have experience with. GW, I'm looking at you... Love your products, but seriously talk to us! ahem... Sorry. Anyway, FFG is a bis. They have limited resources, if one game (any game) can make them more money in OP than Diskwars did, I fully support them switching too it. The better FFG does, the better chance we'll continue to see awesome games from them. If Diskwars dies, well then, I have 2 copies of everything they sold, so I'm pretty happy.
  6. Yeah, Old World based games don't seem to be going anywhere. This was announced just last week I think. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/warhammer-quest-the-adventure-card-game/
  7. Well, now we know that old world games are still a thing. I think this bodes very well for Diskwars, assuming that Diskwars can make FFG some money. That said, Warhammer Quest looks pretty solid. I'll be looking forward to this one.
  8. Hi PanKalich! Welcome to the best 2 dimensional wargame out there. Dkartzinel is right on. But you should know, the expectation in this game is that everyone has their own set. What that means is that you should be able to take any card you want as long as your army meets the requirements. i.e.: an orc army may take generic, destruction, and orc only cards, but not an order, or high elf card. Their is no draw or selection process, you just pick the ones you want, up to the limit provided by your generals. The problem with this is that if you are using one set for both players it means you both can't have eager troops, a very popular generic card, unless you have multiple copies of the set. To counter this, I highly recommend using proxies, until you get a feel for the game, and decide if you like it or not. Once you've been playing for a bit, you may want a second core set. Or, your opponents may buy their own sets, which will eliminate the problem. Second core sets are actually a pretty good investment, there is very little waste in the box. The only disks you might question needing extra copies of are the generals, and even they have use, should you and your opponent wish to run a mirror match. i.e. orcs v. orcs. Anyway, hope this helps! Good luck, and have fun. Oh! one last thing, there is a blog: https://snipertroll.wordpress.com/ which is awesome, and will answer tons of questions you might have, as well as providing sample army lists, and discussion about some of the strategy behind Diskwars. Also, you might check out the Board Game Geek page for the game as well. Lots and lots of info on those two pages.
  9. I have to be honest, my hope has wained a bit. It's not that I don't expect more support. I fully think we will see more support for the game, it's just that with this much time between expansions in a game like this, those expansions may be dead on arrival. I know that they have this in their Board Game market, and so we should expect expansions on a board game timeline, the problem is that a game like this thrives with a changing meta game, too long between updates, and enthusiasm can wane. I personally only check the FFG page about once a week now. Haven't been to the forum in ages. This is still the most underrated game FFG produces. Maybe with the death of WHFB, we'll see some people swing over here for an alternative. Maybe a bit much to ask...
  10. Am I the only one who isn't at all upset by AoS? WHFB was bloated, and too hard to get into. I love the setting, but we have no community for it here, and I live in an area with no less than 5 gaming stores all within a half hour drive. Personally, that's why I got so into diskwars. It was way easier to play, cheaper, and more balanced. Not to mention, I didn't need my opponent to have his own army, I have enough stuff to play with anyone who has a passing interest. Anyway, GW didn't kill the Old World entirely. It's still a part of the lore, it's just history in terms of the mini's game. Total War: Warhammer, and Vermintide prove that. I'm sure that GW already knew they were switching to AoS when the licenses for those games were sold. If Diskwars dies, it will be profit related, not IP related. At any rate, this is a board game, not an LCG, and though I'm disappointed at the length of time between updates, FFG is still updating Elder Sign and Blood Bowl Team Manger, but there are years between updates for those games, so I hold out hope they will continue to update this, it just may be a while. As others have said, FFG's money is currently better spent on their Star Wars license. Nothing we can do about that.
  11. Ok, I have to admit, I've dropped down to only checking every couple of days. I really, really hope that there will be something new soon, but I suspect we'd better settle in for the long haul.
  12. I think it could be pretty darn cool, though it may have trouble with the more versatile round disks in the game. I guess what I mean is, if the game had been built this way originally, I think it would have been awesome, but I for one, do not want to undertake the task of trying to fit it in now. That said, go for it!!! I'd love to see what you come up with, and good luck with the balancing.
  13. Kako, Though development has fallen off, and organized play is over, the game is not done. FFG has a good record of announcing when a game of this type is no longer supported, and they haven't done that. In any case, when they make those announcements, it is usually with the release of some final expansion as well. So I would think we will see at least one last expansion, even if they are ending support of the game. No one knows what the new scenario is yet, because the last tournament kits aren't out yet. I have ordered one myself, and expect to have it relatively soon though, so once I find out, I'll be sure to let people know. Assuming someone else doesn't see there's first.
  14. By the way, I don't know if you've looked through the rest of these threads, but Sniper Troll has an awesome blog about this game. It goes into everything, from the basic rules, army building, advanced strategy, and battle reports. Here's the link, in case you've missed it. His blog is certain to answer 90% of the questions about the game you might have. https://snipertroll.wordpress.com/
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