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  1. Uh kinda funny here but.. it is a marketing gimmick, the ships get stronger, you buy new ships. Want your older X-wings and Y-wings and Ties and Interceptors to catch up? Buy the new packs for the new cards! Not like IA, and Y-wing titles and Twin Ion engine mk/II and autothrusters and the slew of other "fix" cards where free to those who bought the ships prior..
  2. The only thing I will add to this is I've seen a few times references to the helmsman of the ISD having to be good to beat a PC, or how the pilot PC will be more focused than the ISD's Helmsman. Lets take a step back here... This is an ISD.. this isn't a customs corvette.. a police ship, a raiding frigate, or some other lower end Imperial ship but a FRIGGIN STAR DESTROYER! Yes it should have a GREAT helmsman, the best of the best!
  3. winters_night

    Dice Rage

    the best thing to do is try to remember ALL the times your dice worked like magic throwing hits and crits like a champ. It's just human nature to notice when things go wrong far more than when they go right
  4. I don't know for sure, its hard to factor the pilots ability, BUT why would there be another point off because low skill, large ship? That's already accounted for in the pricing of the base hull and dropping the ps to 1. No double dipping
  5. Off and on however the situational narrative fits really. Part of the problem is making quickdraw worthless the other problem is having a group that walks with weapons drawn whenever they can due to lost maneuvers. So sometimes I require it other times I don't (like being ambushed use it, average combat no)
  6. Haven't read deep into it but it says starting or advanced characters in the book
  7. Still useful if a bit out dated, Jawas, Ubese, Cathar and Kubaz are nice to see
  8. Enter the unknown also has the model 38 slugthrower rifle and the hurt book has a weequay blaster lance which I've reskinned a lot as a sniper weapon (dropping that blade)
  9. It's not as common but I've been enjoying the YT-1210, it's fast out of the box and goes faster with improved engines and faaaaaaaaster when you go full throttle.. what's that left Tie Fighters in the dust? bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah suck it imps! But yes the Ghtroc 720 is a great ship armor 5 is beastly at staying in the sky
  10. After reading this and the play groups response to being able to grab skills it strikes me as a very, now now now situation. I want the skills and talents now, I don't want to have to wait to bra powerhouse. I see also you've pretty much made up your mind as well so that's fine but I think as others have stated your going to run into issues later. As for a post earlier about straight engineer vs multi spec being better or not. This game strongly encourages branching out and being a but more well rounded. so yes I would say objectively multi specing is indeed better overall. Sure as a GM you could get around it by not having those characters come into situations where their weaknesses come into play but that's so artificial
  11. Yeah I do find it interesting that sniper shot really isn't something a sniper uses while sniping.. but it is handy as others have said when using a weapon like a blaster pistol trying to hit a target a little out of range. For instance I have a scout/driver/marksman that's a scout trooper that went awol. won't go into the whole story but I have an E-11s and a Holdout Blaster. was handy socking a guy at medium range so I didn't have to leave cover or try and draw the E-11 (its stored in a specialty bag a re-purposed modular bag with the three extra pockets)
  12. like the sheet a lot, only noticed though the bottom tends to get cut off on the first sheets Credit, XP and spent XP bar. probably due to being jpegs. Also.. just noticed there is no place to write in talents.. hmm
  13. I really want to see Phasma do something that makes her worth all the coolness. I want to see more of Poe and the resistance fleet, was a big sad it was only X-wings And I want to see if my friend is right and Snoke is Darth Plagueis, somehow having survived Palpatine's betrayal... He is about the right size if that Holo isn't him larger than life..
  14. So when someone goes diplomat or politico or trader do you two have the same attitude and just run combat heavy compaigns n tell them to suck it up cuse it was a dopey choice and that they don't need to have a meaningful contribution to the table to have a good experience?
  15. The point lost in this.. move vs counter move discussion, is that when combat hits in this game, Melee is pathetically easily to counter. Melee beatstick tooled up or not it's far to simple after he dives in to simply maneuver back, aim (if wanted), blap him and let the rest of your party wipe him out. (same holds true for a player rush up and attack just to watch the baddie saunter away and a firing line form up as he stands there than gets blown apart robocop style) It's also incredibly intensive on actions for a player to REMAIN in melee combat. How many turns do your PCs just double aim and fire? Sure not the same guy constantly but you get a battery of it where someone isn't under immediate threat so they take the strain and blast someone to shreds vs how many times a melee character just gets to focus on pounding someone with that big axe or sword. Ontop of Melee being average vs most ranged combat tending towards the easy side. Mechanically Melee has zero. .and I mean zero point to it in this game.. and that makes me really sad. As for the "if theres a check to get out of melee than I should be able to shoot a guy getting into melee" it's called game balance, if the guy has to bumrush to get to you, has to face harder checks to hit you and will typically do less damage than your gun with his melee weapon.. than toss the guy a frickin bone
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