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  1. Yeah I'll just give them a heads up "yo you guys have been causing a lot of collateral damage and a lot of people are missing family members. Continue as you are if you want but there will be obligation etc to contend with. They have a bunch of role play to do next session, so it would be good to let them know before they shoot everyone they are supposed to talk to.
  2. <flips destiny point> Yep...looks like they do
  3. **** it! That would have been even cooler! <makes notes about adding lasers to future space sharks>
  4. Thanks guys, Re the maturity levels. Well...it aint massively high, but honestly they aren't being complete dooshes as players... just as PC's. They role play their PCs dooshyness VERY well. And... we are having a lot of fun. In general, I realise most of them prefer (or lean towards) combat so provide a lot of that... preferably in locations that lends itself to the extreme action sequences of the 90's action movie variety. In the last two weeks alone they have narrowly ascaped a sabotaged station, shot a fish tank containing space sharks to deal with enemies, jumped out of a 4 story building into a pool to escape, and a bunch more similar things. But I do like to throw some negotiation and other stuff in there as well. Part of the problem is that I have six players. It only takes one to be a doosh for it all to fall over. In addition to some of the stuff I mentioned above, I was thinking about putting some posters around the place with the players photos. Some will be the "wanted" type. Others praising the vigilantes taking on the criminal underworld (due to the places they have been hitting so far).
  5. Yeah I think i'll just give them a warning that massive collateral damage (that does not stem from my planned story) may have obligation attached. I had them blow up a truly massive space station (owned by the black suns) as part of an insurance scam (for the black suns). there was still a lot of people on there when it blew. I may even use this in time, but... seeing as I started the campaign with them having already set the charges... I wont hold that against them
  6. This only became a plan for them near the exit. Before that...they were just blowing stuff up, and murdering Ultimately, they left several witnesses alive. Not to mention left a trace to themselves when they transferred money to their personal account.(from despair)
  7. I am doing a semi-episodic story with threads that connect them. So yeah there is a general overaching story... but its changing constantly. I dont mind them going nuts... trust me they are, and we are having a lot of fun. But... their actions need to have some impact on the world. There needs to be consequences for their actions. At the moment I am leaning towards a bounty hunter that pops in and out causing mischief at the worst possible times. Within reason of course.
  8. Trust me when I say these guys (well, four of them) make Han look like a space angel. eg, tonight they found an office full of admin geeks. Do they hold them hostage and have them transfer money into their accounts? No. They throw in a grenade and close the door, for no other reason than they can. (Well actually they rolled a despair and the door stayed open doing some damage to a few of the PC's... but the intention was there)
  9. Yeah i have thought about introducing obligation, but i am reluctant to do so without saying "if you do X, it will have repercussions in the form of obligation. Are you sure?" Especially as they are currently sitting at 90
  10. Hey guys. So... four of my 6 PC's don't spare much thought for civilians. In fact, tonight they were keen to go back and "take care" of some civvies who saw them break into a facility (I am incorporating some stuff based off the Shadows of a black sun into my campaign, so tonight they broke into a facility to steal the data that sets off the black sun story - only they are working FOR the black sun in my game.) Anyhoo... I am looking for some repercussions for their actions. Got any suggestions? The slicer droid rolled a despair wiring some extra money, so the syndicate he stole it from knows who he is. I am thinking that maybe a killed civilian was the boss's child and hires a bounty hunter. None are force sensitive, but considering using some dark side stuff... Any other ideas?
  11. I think my statement is fine. If this was a solo game, sure. But it is not. I dont see how one player hogging the spotlight results in a fun experience. A couple of other players have raised some concerns about this, which is why I posted here to begin with. What I love about this system is that it is open enough that I can let my players go off on their crazy plans with very little preparation on my part. Just throw a few stat blocks together on the fly and off we go. HOWEVER, theres comes a point where one players ambitions might not align with the group's. Now... if he is prepared to put a bunch of xp and cash into making this droid thing happen, thats cool. There does need to be some limits to keep thins fun for everyone.
  12. As it stands, he does not have the skills to pull it off. I don't want him to command a droid army When he is commanding the droid/s, he cant be more powerful than the other players. I will need to set some limits on the number he can have, how good they are, how long they last. It may end up needing a skill check per round to keep command. Running them as minion may be an option. But if he has more than one, I think it might end up requiring all his attention, so using the droids is his action. He doesn't have too many droids yet, but having played various rpgs with him for some time... I know he will have a freakin droid scrapyard on the ship soon. I am just trying to get a strategy together for how to deal with this when it eventuates. I prefer to let my players succeed at their crazy schemes... but, there does need to be some limits
  13. The problem lies with the exact quantity he has managed to acquire. Unless I seriously constrain these droids, the other players will feel left out. I will rethink my strategy
  14. So, one of my players has started collecting droid bodies with the intention of reprogramming them at some point. I am of a mind to let him, once he has enough skills etc. However, Letting him have his toys permanently would be hard to balance for. So, the plan is to let him succeed...with a catch. Depending on his success, the droid will be reprogrammed for x amount of rounds. Then...its eyes start flashing red for one turn. Then it returns to its previous programming. I do not intend to tell him of this plan until its happened Thoughts?
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