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  1. The Mon Cracken is still blowing my mind. I've been showing it to people that don't play armada, people that don't care about minis, people that don't know jack about Star Wars, and literally everyone is amazed at that paint job. The sunlight version looks like an actual sea creature. Like if that washed up on the beach, I wouldn't think twice. It doesn't look like a space ship, it looks like a wild animal. The natural feel to the colors and pattern. The way the color bleeds to the underside. Imagine a couple tentacles off the wide side and it's a squid. But then the bioluminescent element that you did just make it pop. Not only is it a great highlight, but it again feeds into the entire natural animal vibe. It's just all around legit. The concept, the execution, the level of detail. I've seen some GREAT stuff done with Armada and other miniatures, but this just tops it all in my books. I hope you are submitting it to that painting contest if that is still going, because it would be a very strong contender.
  2. The problem that I was talking about with the 9 hit B attack is pretty serious, and dropping the TIEs to run away isn't gonna help much. 9 Bwing attacks is going to do an average of 15/16 damage. Possibly more if the first 3 activations were from something with a BCC. Follow that up with another 2 damage from Yavaris and you could see your ISD pop before you get a chance to use RBD or deploy the TIEs. You're facing off against over 30 potential damage before you can respond. At that is only from 130 points of their fleet. I really don't like RLB as Imps. It just doesn't seem like a good way to spend points as an Imperial player. But....if you really want to use it, how about something like this: 2x ISD w/RLB, RBD, and 4 TIEs each. Gozanti and 2x TIE advanced. Activations and deployments helped. On top of that, your TIEs will live longer. Drop the TIEs, then the Gozanti pushes the TIE-As into position to cover them. Or use the Gozanti and TIE-As to keep the enemy from being able to last/first a squadron ball of bombers in the first place. Gozanti can also activate TIEs to keep the damage up and move in to flak squads. Cuts into the ISD offense, but keeps the rabble off you better. 2 ISDs is fun, but you have to be efficient for it to really work. And 76 points of RLB TIEs isn't very efficient.
  3. I'm not saying it won't be fun, but I question how effective it will be. 2 activations, basically no bid, 2 deployments. There are so many ways to outplay this. You are going into this knowing full well that your opponent is going to get to pick initiative, and if he picks first, you are handing him a last/first activation order and objective choice. On top of that, with only 2 activations, he can likely string you along with lower threat moves only to have you waste your move while he gets to move most of his forces after your action. Think of someone commanding 3 B-wings into one of your ISDs. That's 3 solid bomber attacks. He then uses Yavaris to double tap with them first thing next round. You've now taken 9 B-wing attacks (9 blue, 9 black dice with bomber) in small sets that is hard to ward off with tokens...and he could be throwing ship damage on top of that or other squads could be involved. You're best response to that is drop the TIEs, shoot the Bs, and run away. Veteran gunners force you to reroll all the dice, not just dice you don't like. With the dice pools you are using, you aren't likely to be in a position where you want to reroll EVERYTHING. This leads to situations where a total reroll might be worse, or effectively the same. NK-7+HTT+weapons liaison = 19. I find X17+intel officer+leading shots = 17 is a better combo. Intel+x17 is deadly, and leading shots will handle the reroll of your veteran gunners. Now you can drop Vet gunners for Gunnery team and not worry about the enemy bunching up in a single arc. RBD plus Motti should give you a lot of survivability. Not sure what your RLB/TIE combo really gets you here. The Weapons Liaison is a better fit as you can decide when to launch and use them, so I get that inclusion in your build. Basically you are using nav commands and then, when you get swarmed with squadrons, you use the WL to swap to squadron command and drop the TIEs to swarm them. Combines with an anti-squadron attack, it's not bad...but they are just unsupported TIEs. You're likely to take out a few points of squadrons, but you pretty much have to allow enemy ships to get an attack against your ship, drop the TIEs, and move away. Chances are the enemy is going to have more than 32 points of fighters on hand, so your ties are likely to die the very next round providing nothing more than a speed bump to your enemy. Your opponent is going to focus on one ISD, likely trying to get into a flank, so you're not likely to be in a position to launch both ship's TIE compliments against the enemy swarm. Worse yet, if you go against a no squad fleet, you have 76 points of totally ineffective points (RLB and TIEs aren't much good against ships). 4 aggressors might be a better bet for you. You only lose 4 health in squadrons, but you don't need swarm for 4 blues, and the counter 1 will make them give back a little on defense, plus, they are better against ships. With rogue, they offer basically the same effect. You get attacked, but then engage later with the squads. The difference is you don't need commands to do it, and you save 12 points on RLB offering you more potential upgrades. (I can't believe I just suggested bare Aggressors). All in all, I'd suggest trimming your ISD upgrades a tad so you can buff up the rest of the fleet. Intel, X17, rbd. Raider 1 w/ instigator, kallus. Now a gozanti assault and 2 ties for a 5 point bid. Gozanti adds to the activations and flaking. The TIEs are there as sacrificial units to tie things up. Or drop to the other gozanti and bring another tie. Or bring in 2 aggressors instead of the gozanti and ties. You still have nearly indestructible ISDs, but have a better way of dealing with squads. The increase in deployments and activations will give you more control over the game also. Either way, you are highly dependent on getting the front arc of both ISDs onto the same target to put anything down.
  4. You are depressing me sir...
  5. Hey, you get expansions and articles. Armada fans are feeling really neglected. Showing painted mini's for IA would be acceptable for like a header image, but for the main content of an article, or on the box, I'd advise against it. I (and most people I talk to) hate seeing nothing but painted content in advertisements and on boxes only to buy the product and end up with something completely different. It's allowed in miniature gaming, but IA falls more into the boardgame department.
  6. Escort on most of the Aces seems wrong. I paid the extra points due to some awesome offensive ability. Escort suddenly makes them the target that has to go down first meaning they are often defending less important and less potent units that I really don't want them defending. From a purely defensive standpoint, pairing Dengar with Vader is less effective than pairing Dengar with a base Advanced and Black Squadron. Dropping escort from vader would allow other advanced units to be used to keep his awesome offense punching longer. Basically, escort becomes a very clear negative on Aces, even though it isn't built into the cost.
  7. I doubt it. Armada is doing well, and making profit. It may be the bastard child of the family, but they still care. X-wing is their first born who is on track for Harvard. Destiny is their third born who has a scholarship to State. Legion is the newborn, and they have high hopes. Armada is that 2nd child that gets forgotten. He did ok at school, but X-wing and Destiny got better grades, so Armada didn't get praised for it. He did ok at sports, but X-wing and Destiny were team captains. Armada will end up going to community college, and getting a decent job, and having a good life. Meanwhile X-wing's success is stressful and his relationship is constantly on the rocks. Destiny has been riding high on his glory days from high school and dealing with various addictions and on-again/off again relationships with ex-girlfriends. Armada never hears from the parents, but knows deep down inside that they still love him. Armada is a top 5 miniatures game. FFG is really hoping Legion can push a competitor off that list so they can claim 3 of the top 5 games under their umbrella. Even if Armada only broke even, they'd likely keep the game on life support just to maintain that status. Have 3 of 5 gives them serious cred, and draws more attention from other games. It also becomes a draw to new IPs. This company took the SW IP and made 3 super successful miniature games out of it...maybe we should consider them. Armada suffers in the SW IP due to the focus. In the OT, we saw what, 5 or 6 capital ships in the movies? But we saw 4 rebel fighters and a rebel freighter. We saw 4 types of imperial tie fighters and an imperial shuttle. (I may be forgetting something here so my numbers might be a little off). The games have typically centered around fighters. Even those that had capital ships didn't offer much beyond what we saw in the OP. The comics and books also cared more about the fighters, and for good reason. Stories tend to follow a couple key people. So put them in personal transports and keep the scope of the story under control. When you stick them in a capital ship with hundreds of other people, you risk losing track of your focus. Due to all of that, Armada only has a few pieces to draw from. So they take their time, and they do it right. They create well thought out, balanced units that stand the test of time. Destiny has already set plans for retiring sets. X-wing stuff is all over the place. X-wing pieces come out OP and dominate the scene or are totally under powered and never get played. Older stuff is forgotten as power creep decimates it's usefulness only for FFG to release new stuff that requires you to buy more stuff to make an older unit halfway viable (only to have it again fade away due to power creep). Does Armada get the attention from FFG that it should? No. But it's not likely to see it go anywhere any time soon. I'm guessing Ep8 and 9 along with the other movies will open up some new material (much like rebels and rogue one did), and allow FFG to put a little more oomph into the Armada lineup.
  8. I'm on the pessimist side. I envision this: "Well, we're planning on articles leading up to the actual release like normal right?" "Yes." "And we expect those to start in January or February right?" "Yes" "Discussion had, problem solved, they can wait a little longer." Best case scenario in my head is "You know what, they have a point, we've neglected this community and need to change our behavior. Let's get a committee together and have them start meeting in March. They can submit some proposals by June. We'll shoot to make a decision on which path to follow by October. And we can aim to implement those proposed solutions by 2020." I'm disappointed by the lack of support, but what I see on the forum here isn't even really all that negative. People offering up suggestions. A strong community that is still communicating. Sure, complaints, by definition, are negative, but they are only occurring due to a lack of other things to talk about. Negative to me would be people posting "I'm quitting" stuff and name calling. That's not happening. It's more of a disappointment, mild frustration, and nothing better to do but gripe about a lack of articles.
  9. LOL. The whole point of the game is customizing it? No need to worry about rules or gameplay, as long as I can take hours making my stormtroopers look exactly like everyone else's. Terrain is easy and can be varied. Papercraft is easy to do for buildings. Other miniature games I've played used 2D terrain markers and indicators which worked just fine. There are plenty of model kits, even some that are prepainted that can be used. Making terrain, custom buildings, etc is WAY easier that painting figures. Beyond that, I have the skills, patience, and ability for all of those elements... I don't for painting minis. No one thought there was a market for pre-painted space combat miniatures prior to X-Wing. In fact I remember posts about how stupid it was that they were going to be pre-painted and how people weren't going to buy it because of that. What some people around here are saying is that there is a market for pre-painted miniatures also. Now X-wing is beating the non-painted games, and Armada is making a decent showing against games that have been on the market for much longer and had established player bases. Think about it. A lot, if not most of the X-wing and Armada players are not people that played previous miniatures games. What attracted them? The fact that they were pre-painted. It's part of the reason X-wing was able to hit #1 in the miniatures gaming market. The market for non-painted minis is a niche market. It always has been. Is there demand for unpainted mini games? Sure. But there is also demand for painted mini games. Why not serve both? You see, you're conflating the painting of the pieces with the game. They aren't tied to one another. Miniature game doesn't have to equal unpainted minis. X-wing and Armada proved this. If the game is good, people are attracted to it. But if there are barriers to entry, fewer people play it. Unpainted is a barrier. Look, I get it that painting is hard (heck, that's why I don't want to do it lol), and can be expensive (again, why I don't want to get involved in it). But others can do it for relatively cheap prices, and FFG has a supply line with painters already established. Do Heroclix and the previous star wars mini games paint jobs suck? Yeah, they do, but they are better than what I can do, and they work. They look like crap at 2 inches, but look fine from a foot away. Heroclix can sell you 6 figures for $17. They come assembled, painted, and with accompanying cards. Legion gives you 7 figures for $25. They are not assembled or painted. Yeah, FFG plastics are higher quality, but by so much that heroclix can be assembled, painted, and yet still be significantly cheaper? The cost argument doesn't hold up when you compare it to other products. And when you don't pre-paint, you turn a lot of customers away. Even more so when the elitists come out of the wood work to tell them to get lost when they voice their opinion on the subject.
  10. After re-watching the Ep8 trailers again, I find it hard to believe they aren't going to move into the new trilogy by Wave 9 at the latest. I wouldn't be surprised if it's wave 8. Wave 3 was the last big screen visible ships from the OT (although one of the squads from Wave 5 should be noted here). Waves 4, 5, 6, and 7 are EU, Rebels or Rogue one....and that material is just about drained. Few of the things left in the OT timeline would even be remotely recognizable except to a niche crowd that played a certain video game 10, 15, or 20 years ago. While Ep7 didn't intro a lot of new ships/fighters, Ep8 seems to have a lot of new possibilities. The space scenes seem to show a lot of new ships. This offers ripe possibilities for FFG to pull something current and popular into their game which might draw new opposed to some niche ship only seen in one rough drawing from a comic book from 10 years ago which would only really appeal to existing fans of the game. Wave 8 however could be Solo related. If that movie shows a few ships, we could see some units from that movie like we have from Rogue One. I highly doubt the movie will be as fleet dependent as RO was though. It would also be a good time to intro Han as a Commander. So, my guess right now. Wave 8 will give us some material from the Solo movie. Then Wave 9 will bring us into the New Trilogy. Wave 8 hits about June (1 month after Solo movie). Wave 9 and 10 hit late 2018 through mid 2019, and then they set up wave 11 with Ep 9 ships to land late December 2019 to correspond with the Ep 9 release date....only to have it delayed till mid 2020.
  11. Absolutely it's important. Each of the stats provides benefits. Some provide rerolls for offense or defense. Others provide benefits to various weapons or armor. I'd hope that some provide other non-combat related benefits. However, there could be some that create a bit of an overpowered starting set. Take the fallout video games. Having high combat and lockpicking skills early on is a powerful combination. Where as high charisma and communication skills isn't as powerful. A high barter skill can be useful, but if you have no small arms skills, it won't matter how cheap the pistol you can't use was. Where as high small arms skill with the pistol will allow you to kill more things, level up faster, and stay alive longer. The same could be true in this game.
  12. As I said before, I think this is a necessity. Otherwise you'd just min/max your character every time. "Vault dweller excels with I, A, L, while the BOS does better if you get S, E, and A." The random factor of it will make sure that you are less likely to repeat the same character build every time you play. End up with a charismatic intelligent BOS character, well you're playing a scribe that got his hands on some power armor. Ultimately though, I don't think it's going to be as restrictive as you think. Think of the example I laid out above. BOS wanting S, E, and A. You start with 1 of those (I assume the BOS would start with one of those anyways), and you get one other at random. There is a fair chance it will be one that you want. Each time you level up, you get 2 special stats to choose from. So really, it's going to be fairly common to get the build you want relatively quickly. And of course if nothing else, you can just house rule that you get to pick whatever you want at all times. Although I typically recommend people play the written rules at least once.
  13. It was just FFG's interstellar transport boat coming out of hyperspace to drop off the Fallout game shipment. See, the problem isn't international shipping across the Pacific, it's dealing with all those space pirates with grav generators that force the FFG ships out of hyperspace...
  14. The perk thing is interesting. It's a pretty tactical choice. Choosing a SPECIAL stat makes your character better at something. They get rerolls, or are better at combat, or whatever. But for each SPECIAL you add to your character, it takes longer to level up again. Taking a perk doesn't increase the leveling time, but also only gives you a one time ability you can deploy at some opportune moment. It should be interesting to see how that plays out.