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  1. Interdictor or 2 is a good buy at that price. You probably don't need more than 1 more Neb B if you have the core. You hardly ever see anyone using 2, 3 is just crazy. But at that price, go wild if you want. The Vics tend to be cheap on Amazon also. Again, 1 extra is probably enough.
  2. Tramp, let it go, trust me. Lincoln is one of those figures that you just can't have a rational discussion about. Every single political, economical, religious, and racial group has done a number of revisionist historical takes on the man. One source will tell you he wanted war and did everything in his power to instigate it, another will tell you he didn't want war but thought it was an inevitability so he didn't try to stop it, another will tell you he didn't want war and did everything in his power to stop it. They can all give you an extensive list of actions that he took, or things he wrote, said, or did that back up their interpretation. When confronted by someone that has totally bought into one of those beliefs, you are incapable of have an open discussion on the subject. Lincoln did suspend some constitutional rights. Lincoln did rise to power from relative obscurity. Lincoln however came to power before the civil war. Palpatine created the civil unrest, came to power before the civil war, started the civil war, then used the civil war to come to power only to further use the war to cement that power permanently. All of that doesn't really matter though. As stated many times. Lucas based Palpatine's rise to power on Hitler's rise to power (just as he modeled many aspects of the Empire on the Nazi Reich of WW2). Any other comparisons are moot and pointless as the person that wrote the script has been quite open about his inspiration. But it's just that, inspiration. Obviously Hitler didn't orchestrate a civil war, or get into lightsaber fights with the Jedi Council. I'd bet you anything that Lucas doesn't have any strong opinions on Lincoln or is even aware of anything besides the fact that he was president.
  3. It's not backwards, just counter-intuitive. They should fix it, but it's not a bug. The problem stems from the dice and the display. The die is white, so light side marks are just the outline of a circle, while dark side marks are a solid black circle. In the app, the dice results are on a black background. The dark side symbols are still a solid circle, but they have to be a solid white circle due to the different background. Light side is still the outline of a circle, but now it's a white line around a black circle due to the background. The symbol matches, but the coloration does not. They made the symbol the priority, otherwise a solid circle on the die is dark, but a solid circle on the app is light. Not saying they made the right call, just trying to explain. Honestly they should invert the result display and the problem is fixed. The other symbols can be easily inverted without problem to match.
  4. I wanted to list some more examples so people can use them for ideas. Rex is from Recon EXpert. Hevy was a heavy weapons expert. Echo tended to repeat orders. Droidbait got shot a lot. Fixer was a mechanic. Boss was a unit leader. Dogma was intensely loyal and never questioned orders. Ace was a pilot. Personality ones work well if you already have a character concept. Does you clone barely ever talks, but when he does it's words of wisdom? Monk. Does your clone take risks and like to gamble? Wild Card. Got a guy that won't shut up? Chatter or Chatterbox. Found a great list to use if anyone wants: https://clonetrooper.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_clone_troopers
  5. Clone names can be tied to other elements also. Numbers play a big part. RC-1207 is called Sev. Sev is short for Seven, the last number of his id. Fives or CT-5555 is a pretty obvious one. Niner, Forr, Forry are some more examples of this type of naming scheme. CT-4321 might be called Countdown. I can only imagine what CT-6969 was called. Non-pop culture can be a reference also...and it doesn't need to make sense, just sound cool. A clone medic could be called Hawkeye or Trapper for instance (referring to MASH characters). CT-5309 could be called Jenny Animal names are common. Wolf, Fox, Hawk, Bear. They could be named after animals they like, or maybe a design on their armor/weapon/ship looked like that animal, or maybe they have some defining characteristic. Bear could be an exceptionally strong or large clone. Fox might be a very cunning one. Hawk might have really good agility. Owl might have high wisdom. Wolf might be more a maverick that goes solo a lot. Events can be name related too. The planet, system, or city where the clone was distinguished in battle. A clone that is the lone survivor of several major battles might be named Survivor, or Lucky. I could see Jedi just naming clones for easy reference also. Naming them after fallen Jedi, or old friends, or people they remind them of...so very basic stuff like Jason even works.
  6. Supply chain issues is a huge problem for FFG across all their products. The problem is three-fold really. First off they want the products to be cheap, which means China. Secondly, they require a certain level of quality, which means they can only work with a limited amount of companies in China. On top of that, the time it takes them to get their hands on proof versions to check for defects seems to be delayed due to international shipping. Genesys probably got a non-Chinese printing because they were so backlogged in their orders for star wars books that Genesys likely would have had to wait for a 2020 release unless they find another printer to work with, and the only printers that would cut the mustard were outside of China. This likely meant a lower profit margin though, so it's not likely to continue for ongoing product support.
  7. Production bottlenecks are a known issue for FFG. They've addressed it several times over the years. They basically only have 1 company they deal with in China to produce all their plastic components for all of their games. They've tested many other companies but have never been happy with the final products. Basically there is only one factory that produces products that meet FFGs quality expectation. They have flat out stated that this restriction is why they occasionally have supply/stock issues and can't just quickly get reprints produced because they have to fit it into the production schedule in a way that doesn't disrupt the flow of new products. We've also seen this play out multiple times over the years. They never seem to be able to mainline more than 2 product lines at a time. Non-miniature based games that contain a lot of plastic get released during lulls in other releases. Unless this issue has been suddenly addressed, you're going to have 3 product lines that are all in an expansion phase fighting over only enough production to support 2 of those product lines.
  8. Star Wars blasters are not laser guns shooting light. They are shooting bolts of energized gas. Basically plasma. So it's more of a solid mass of plasma being fired like a projectile...which would create recoil. Even turbolasers aren't lasers. They use lasers to energize the gas, but they are firing plasma.
  9. Actually, a generation is a very vague term. You can find references for a generation being as little as 20 years and as much as 38 years depending on where you look and what time in history you are talking. The commonly accepted layman answer is 25 years A span of 18 years is somewhat vague. When multiplied by a thousand, you are talking a potential difference of 18,000 years...which is a long time. To dig further though. What is a generation in star wars? By what species do we base this on? Different species likely have different reproductive cycles, gestation periods, time to sexual maturity, lifespans, etc. All of that would figure into it. One would assume that the generation span of Yoda's species would be signficantly different than that of humans. The concept of a generation for Talz is probably different than that of Hutts. So when you consider that fact, 1000 generations could be based on basically any species and might be 6000 years, 25000 years, or 2.5 million years. Without a definition of what star wars considers a 'generation' we really have no idea what it refers to. Which makes it pretty vague by definition.
  10. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Clone_stormtrooper Finally found a good source of information on the transition from clones to non-clone stormtroopers.
  11. My definition of 'clear' is canon media sources and interviews with the people that create those pieces of media. We have books and cartoon episodes that revolve around the young cadet corps. We see them training with Imperial gear. We hear them talking about becoming troopers. We have NOT seen a stormtrooper boot camp. That much is true, but we've seen everything leading up to the actual stormtrooper training. The Imperials clearly have multiple avenues of recruitment. They clearly identify candidates for both stormtrooper and officer service (this training we do have direct evidence of) from the individuals in these various paths. Brendal Hux (Daddy of Ep7 Hux) had a secret program that he was working on. Basically he determined that the recruited stormtroopers were weaker and less effective than the clones. He wanted to start a program to raise children from birth to be loyal to the Empire and to be better than recruited soldiers. They would begin training at an even earlier age. He couldn't find anyone to support this idea though, so he started personally selecting and training officers while showing them the virtues of his plan. The long con being that he would then have a cadre of officers that would back his plan allowing him to put it into effect. After the fall of the Empire, Brendal fled to the unknown regions where he clearly hooked up with the First Order and put his plans in place as we see with the First Order. While never spelled out in black and white with a specific passage saying "Normal people join the academies at age 14 and the best are selected to be stormtroopers.", the creators of various SW media have straight up said that the clones were replaced by recruits and conscripts. We've seen the recruit path up and to the point of the stormtroopers. I have a book entirely devoted to stormtroopers at home. Haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'll consult that tonight to see if it has any other hints. Another drawback to clones that I just considered. Maturation. Even though the clones have accelerated aging, it's only at 2x. If you consider service age as 18 to 40, it would take clones 9 years to get to age 18 and be ready for service (keep in mind that they'd only be able to serve for 11 years instead of 22 like a normal recruit). A recruit, even starting at age 14 only takes 4 years to train/develop into a soldier. 4 years of training to get 22 years of service is much more efficient than 9 years of growing/training to get 11 years of service. 4 years of training is quite excessive also (and likely only for the most elite...think of it like military school where all graduates move to officer ranks immediately), and I'd bet that your standard Imperial Army officer had something more akin to a US army boot camp scenario (10-16 weeks of training...dear lord, is it really that quick?). 9 years to grow an elite soldier compared to 4 months to train a front line grunt makes it pretty easy to see why clones were no longer used.
  12. It's not really debatable. It's clearly spelled out across multiple media sources. We've seen child training bases. We're talking young teens (12-16) being trained to join the Imperial army. We see different academies that accept a wide age range of volunteers (Ezra 14 in Rebels, Han 19 in Solo for a couple examples). While my earlier comment about brainwashing might be a little harsh, it's not totally incorrect. The cadets/soldiers joining the Empire were heavily reconditioned and assaulted with pro-Imperial propaganda. They were trained to ignore their fallen, and refer to each other by number instead of by name. Even the various personal touches that the Clones used (painting armor, giving each other nicknames, etc) were conditioned out of them. I'd say what the First Order is doing to their stormtroopers might actually cross the line to brainwashing, and it seems that they draw their recruits at an even earlier age than the Empire did. Conscription is a common theme in Legends material. While I haven't seen any hint of it in new canon material yet, more and more legends material is being drawn upon, and almost all of the basic tenants of various factions has eventually been returned to canon. While we haven't seen hints of conscription, there is no reason to believe that it wouldn't exist in an Empire embroiled in a galaxy wide civil war, especially an Empire adept with mental reconditioning techniques. The official 'reason' for the dropping of clones is that the clones presented a unique threat due to their identical DNA. There was concern that a weapon to specifically target the clones could be created. More than likely though this was just a cover story based on some element of truth. Sure, there was a threat, but it was minimal, however it did make a great excuse. More likely you have a combination of issues. Weapons that can specifically target clones is one. Attacking the cloning facilities, or infiltrating them and implanting a new order into the training that could be triggered by rebellion forces would be another. Cost is certainly a factor. Longevity would be as well (you get only half as many good service years from a clone). But poverty is a big problem in the Empire. There are a lot of impoverished people, worlds, communities, etc. By offering jobs as Imperial soldiers, you give people a chance to earn their way out of poverty through service. It reduces poverty, reduces strain on those communities, makes the Empire look better. That's all speculation however.
  13. First off, Runewars and IA haven't been getting new content either, so they weren't plugging up the production line in a way that can now free resources for Armada. Dropping them makes NO difference to production. X-wing and Legion are both in expansion phases of their games that rival their initial releases. That doesn't leave a lot of room for anything else which is why NOTHING else was getting releases. If FFG was willing to dive into the EU with Disney's approval, there is a TON of GCW era content to utilize. Beyond that, moving into the new trilogy would be an easier task as you wouldn't need entire new factions. They new trilogy factions could just be tacked onto the current factions with little to no complaint. If you go that way there is already a TON of content available...more so than what is available for the Clone Wars era for that matter. Doing slow production releases of material over time is clearly more sustainable for them than a big push of new factions which will require a lot of dedicated production time over a long period of time and straight up competition for that production time against two other games that have bigger player bases. It's not hard to figure out who will get delayed if push comes to shove. My concern is that marketing and development may be writing checks that production simply can't cash. Clone Wars Era may or may not revitalize the player base. I'd guess that it will drive away as many players as it attracts (major focus shifts for games like this do that to the player base). But if the Clone Wars Era factions get tons of delays and products are never in stock, and it takes them a long time to get to a competitive level with the current factions....well, then even the new players will be disgruntled. I'm hoping for the best, but with FFG's track record, I'm worried that they might be biting off more than they can chew.
  14. If I were to use them (and I likely will), I'd probably keep a split between purge troopers and purge trooper commanders. Purge Trooper 332231 Soak 5, WT 5, M/R Defense 1/0 Equipment: Cortosis Staff, blaster pistol, vibroknife, frag grenade Purge troopers are rank and file stormtroopers that have been trained to be Jedi hunter/killers. Their training has focused on melee combat with weapons capable of countering a lightsaber. Purge Trooper Commander 332232 Soak 5, WT 15, M/R Defense 1/0 Equipment: Electrostaff, blaster rifle, vibroknife, frag grenade, armor is laced with refined cortosis (uses threats on attack roll to turn off and completely negate lightsaber attack) Athletics, discipline, vigilance, resilience, cool, perception, survival, ranged heavy, and ranged light all at 2. Melee at 3. Adversary 1. Love the idea of Parry 3. The commanders are troopers that stood above the rest in training, or have survived encounters with Jedi and have been promoted to leadership positions due to their innate abilities. Along with the upgrade in rank, they are awarded an upgraded staff, armor, and a rifle instead of a pistol making them more effective in combat.
  15. How did you run the battle droids. Keep in mind that minion groups are flexible. 6 droids could be 1 set of 6, 2 sets of 3, 3 sets of 2. It changes the power dynamics considerably. 1 set of 6 rolls 2Y/4G. That is a potentially massive chunk of damage. Where 3 sets of 2 roll 3G each. Same total number of dice, but with no chance of triumph along with a lower critical chance. When you consider the difficulty dice thrown in, 2 purple and a black won't stop the 2Y/4G attack, but it could severely hinder the 3G attacks. Damage potential of the 2Y/4G is 21, which is enough to obliterate characters, especially lower skilled or non-combat focused ones. The damage potential of the 3Gs is 15 each for a total of 45. But keep in mind that your difficulty dice will negate more damage, 1 or more of the attacks might miss, your soak is applied to each attack, and you can spread the attacks out among the characters. Smaller minion groups means higher reductions of damage when you eliminate minions also. Take out 2 of a group of 6 and you still have a 5G attack which is only a slight change. Take out 2 of the groups of 2 and you reduced potential damage by 1/3. One way or the other, blaster rifles are a dangerous threat to new characters. I try to avoid using them in large scale early on. One way to do this is to swap the weapon for something else. Another way to do this is to mess with the weapons or other aspects of the encounter. These are antiquated battle droids using antiquated blaster rifles after all right? Not like they had a cache of blaster rifles delivered to them on a regular basis. Time and environment can wear away at these things. Maybe lower their agility to 1. Lower blaster damage to 6. Lower their soak to 2 due to rust. Or lower their wounds to 3. Adding other factors can be interesting too. Adding inaccurate to the weapons due to age. Or have 2 threats cause them to run out of ammo, or the weapons to misfire. Giving them limited ammo (perhaps just 1 as the rest of the energy charge has drained from the weapon). They get in one good shot on the characters that way, but then are forced to fight hand to hand which significantly reduces their damage. This system leaves a LOT of room for adjusting and modifying the various elements of a single encounter to fit any situation.
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