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  1. The old advantage was minor. I believe the new advantage is also minor. With the reroll system, it simply urges the attacking player to reroll the lightsabers creating a higher damage roll which negates the defensive blocks. On top of that, the card system allows for players to switch initiative. And on top of that, the cards allow for attackers to block damage. Combat, while important, is not the main focus of the game. A slight imbalance in how combat plays out would likely only affect the outcome of a scant few games per thousand. The expansion manual does suck though. The expansion manual needed to rewrite the appropriate rules sections so you didn't need to refer back and forth. An extra page or two would have been well worth the effort.
  2. I could be wrong (it's been a long time afterall), but I think in FO2 they just removed the sprites. So the kids still existed. They still talked, moved around, and interacted with the world around them, but since you couldn't see them, you couldn't target and kill them. So if I recall correctly, the kids in the Den still pickpocketed you in the sans-kids versions of the game, and you couldn't do anything about it. Certainly 1&2 were more 'realistic' in their representation of some factors....although how anyone else in another town across a vast wasteland with no real forms of communication knew that a child murderer was roaming the lands or that you were in fact that child murderer instantly was a little hard to grasp. Having consequences to your actions was very interesting. The main issue at play though is that other countries have certain laws about what can and can't be used for entertainment. While killing children makes the game deeper and darker, lawmakers in Australia (and other places) are concerned that letting people murder children in a virtual setting for fun might lead to real life repercussions. Video games, movies, TV shows, music, books, basically all forms of media are censored in various ways across the globe. Even here in the US. Various Japanese anime shows have had panels redrawn or recolored to make US censors happy. One culture may despise violence against children, another despises violence against people, another violence of any kind, and then another culture despises any hints of sex or nudity. Japan's version of Fallout 3 had some changes made to it also. An entire quest was removed (the one to blow up megatown) and a weapon was renamed (fat man). Both for pretty obvious reasons.
  3. I'll be the lone objector. I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE OF THESE!!! I have all the Neb Bs I could want. More wouldn't help. I'd be buying plastic that would sit on the shelf and never get used. I HATE that business model. It's why I ditched X-Wing. That goes the same for all of the ships. I don't have a need or a desire to buy more of the same stuff I already have. If they want to release new versions of ships (card and cardboard), they have a functioning delivery method already set up through the campaigns. I'd much rather have them release NEW ships than repainting.
  4. That's not true. That's like saying if they didn't think they could fit an ISD into X-Wing they never would have made X-Wing in that scale. It's a BS argument. They released X-Wing at that scale because it worked at that scale and they never intended to include ISDs because they are just too big. The same could be said for Armada, FFG may never intend to include the super large ships. We simply don't know. I personally have no desire for an SSD. It would serve no real purpose. They'd likely stick some valuable cards behind it to force sales. It wouldn't be used for tournaments. It would need special rules to play the **** thing. It would be a casual only piece that wouldn't really benefit the game. You can home rule yourself something and call it a day without negatively affecting the rest of the game. Epic ships were not a great thing for X-Wing, and I doubt they would be for Armada. None of that is saying that FFG won't do it, just that it's not mandatory.
  5. To be fair, it's not allowed in FO3, NV and FO4, and wasn't allowed in most some versions of 1&2 sold in other countries. Most of the FO fans around now days started with 3/4 and due to the isometric view and slower gameplay would never have experienced the classics.
  6. Yeah, the Neb is a difficult ship to fly. It's weaknesses are HUGE and obvious. It's only good from 1 arc at long range, except with it's limited mobility, it's hard to keep that arc on target. It is not a generalist ship like the rest of the rebel ships. If you give it a role in your fleet that matches it's capabilities, it can be a very potent piece for it's price. If you try to run it like your other rebel ships it will blow up very fast and feel like dead weight.
  7. It's way too powerful. But if it were limited in some way. 1 face up damage no matter the HP of your fighter. Can be a final sacrifice, but you have to be intelligent about it's use.
  8. Not really for tanks. Tiger II vs M1 Abrams. Basically same weight, abrams is 2 ft longer, same width, and the abrams is a good 2 foot shorter. Yet the abrams is faster, better armored, has a better gun and aiming ability. There is also a big push right now from many countries to produce smaller tanks. Bigger causes all kinds of problems. And as gun and armor technology advance, smaller, lighter formats become more dominant. Battleships sure jumped in size, but then it was determined that they were too big and ineffective. Smaller ships could perform all the same functions but more effectively and battleships declined in use. Tech when it comes to weapons tends to go in a pretty predictable curve. When the tech is first developed, size becomes a dominant issue. More armor, bigger guns, more guns, bigger engines, etc. Eventually a maximum reasonable size is reached. Then efforts are made to improve things without growing in size, or even to shrink the existing size while maintaining performance.
  9. I'm not arguing at all with it being bad for the Armada community. It may not be the best for you or your community. But again, who do you replace and how is that good for them? They are serving 4 different games at this tournament. Which one do you swap? Maybe the weekday format was chosen for Armada for a very specific reason. Perhaps if they held IA during the week they wouldn't have enough players, where as they might have too many for Armada if it was on the weekend. Maybe the success is the reason it's on the weekday. As for X-wing vs Armada, you are using an anecdote from 1 store. That's not a very good way to determine popularity. As for time off, that's less of a national thing than an employer thing. I've known many people that work for places that even with a months notice, they can't get time off. But I've been employed for over a decade with a company that doesn't ask why I want the time off, I don't need to justify it, and as long as I ask for the time off at least a couple minutes before it's needed, I'm ok. Again, what works for 1 person is not how it works on the whole for everyone else. As for short notice. There really isn't a good reason for that. Something this big should have adequate notice. However I don't know when this was announced. It is nearly a month away which for something like this should be a bare minimum. 2-3 seems more adequate.
  10. The Empire rules through fear. A majority of people in the core worlds probably enjoy Imperial rule as it benefits them. The rest of the galaxy hates the empire and would love to throw off the shackles of their control. However, they are scared to oppose them. If an small, unorganized, unsupported force with minimal resources is able to get support from entire systems, build a fleet, maintain an army, and destroy Imperial ships. It starts to inspire others in the Galaxy. Wiping out the Rebel base of operations isn't killing every Rebel. They have operations everywhere. They have support and bases scattered through the galaxy. Here's the scenario you created. You pulled almost the entirety of the Imperial navy to one system to wipe out a rather pitiful force of people fighting for freedom of all individuals in the Galaxy. They made you show just how cruel the empire is. You created martyrs with the killing of these freedom fighters. Your lack of forces across the galaxy has given local dissidents the confidence to rebel. The various rebel contacts are uniting to build a new Rebel alliance. Your cruelty has tipped more people into fighting against your tyranny. You wiped out the main force of opposition in the galaxy, but you lit a galaxy wide powder keg. You may have killed them, but they bloodied your nose on the way down and showed that you aren't invincible.
  11. There are so many things to consider when organizing large events. National holiday sounds good. But in the US at least, a long weekend usually means massive amounts of family vacations that are planned long in advance. You'd probably get lower turnouts in parts of the US if it was done during a holiday. Holidays typically mean a hefty price hike on things like hotels and car rentals. Mid week rates are far lower to due to lower demand. On top of that, the venue may have other obligations during that time, or there may be other events on other weekends making lodging and such difficult. FFG isn't the only organization doing events afterall. Then again, maybe FFG just forced dates upon places to work with their schedule so they could have representatives there in a way that worked for them. Even so, there again may be reasons for these dates. All in all, there is no perfect date where someone isn't going to be upset. For everyone upset about it being on a weekday there is probably someone who'd be upset if it was on the weekend.
  12. Thank you Sir Willi! Your stuff is great. My wife was so impressed by the boxes she thought I had bought them. So not only do you create a great product, but you save me a ton of money on storage solutions and fights with my wife!
  13. Wait long enough and you'll get every ship as an answer... ISD is pretty **** important. It's a powerful ship with a lot going for it. Two ISDs are a viable list, especially in higher point encounters. The upgrade cards between the new and old ISD will be different. So getting one now wouldn't really detract from your need to get the other one. However if you are only going to get one, I'd probably wait and get the chimera. Gladiator is a mainstay of a lot of fleets. The demolisher can be dropped into just about any list and work well. Fighter packs are always a good idea as they give you a lot of options. To that end, Correlian Conflict is something to consider too even if you don't play to play the campaign much. 16 new fighter squads (cards only) for the wave 1 fighter packs (8 new squads for both factions, 2 per fighter type for each of the wave 1 fighters). So this would add a little more to your rebels also.
  14. So who should they throw under the bus? They have 4 days, 4 games. Undoubtedly, there are quite a few people that play multiple games. If you held all the tournaments on the same day across different locations, you'd hurt the turnout to all of the games. Do you stick IA during the week and have that fan base get upset? If this was a Armada only event and they stuck it on a Wednesday, you'd have a point. As for US nationals. If I want to partake at either of the events, I need to travel over 1300 miles. Spain is only 630 miles wide. If I wanted to participate or attend I'd need to take off far more work time and spend way more money than someone like yourself to hit a mid week tournament. I'm not trying to dismiss you, your complaints, or your opinions on the issue, just trying to put them into perspective. There are other factors at play that you just aren't considering. As for what you see, that's pretty anecdotal. If you have some actual numbers for sales or players to call upon for Armada, X-wing, Destiny, IA, or the LCG, I'd love to see them. It would make a compelling argument. The human brain has some pretty big issues with confirmation bias though. You don't see X-wing, because you don't participate in X-wing. You see lots of Armada, because you play armada. I go to armada events and see a TON of people playing armada. I don't go to X-wing events so I don't see anyone playing it. My friends that do the same thing confirm my observations. No one plays x-wing ever!
  15. Yeah, the crazy stacking you could do here. An entire fleet stacked into a single CR90. The Pelta with Raddus RLBs B's while deploying the MC75 Profundity which RLBs more B's and deploys a hammerhead which RLBs another B. Honestly, Raddus could do some interesting stuff like this. Raddus drops the pelta into a point where it could RLB B's into the rear arc of something juicy.