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  1. upload to then copy image address and paste here
  2. Since Hera is in my Regionals list I had to get her painted up. (can't be showing up to a tournament with unpainted minis now can I?) I'm pleased with how she turned out. Though it was hard to get a decent picture for some reason.
  3. I might have proposed this before, but would this format be fun for a tournament? I'm thinking the more players, the more fun it would be. All deployment cards are considered to be unique. Before the deploy forces step, defeat all figures belonging to deployments cards that have the same name in your opponent's team. I'd just be curious to see what people would bring. Makes for weird midn games with list building.
  4. Sorry I haven't gotten a video up with my Regionals practice. Unfortunately reality is a thing and sometimes I can't get videos made. I'm hoping i'll still be able to make a video of this list before my regionals on Dec 2.
  5. lol ok. There's no IA in the entire state of AZ which is a first, and the root of my frustration.
  6. Today I learned you can buy owl poop, and use them to make cool looking mini bases. Those bones would probably work well with the Rancor too.
  7. I did a small number of X-Wing ships as my first first attempt at mini painting. My first ever: Then I started IA which was the first real go at painting. So yeah I technically did a couple X-Wing things, but IA is really what got me into mini painting. I want to paint other stuff, but I'm always falling behind on IA, and soon I'll also have Legion, so it'll probably be mostly Star Wars stuff for me. The only non-Star Wars things I've painted is the entire base set of Mice and Mystics
  8. For most of my Imperial Assault figures, I just paint the bases black. It would feel weird for me to have a character standing on grass playing on a snow map or something. But for legion, for whatever reason, I feel like I should do a scenic base on all my figures, but the question is what? Just forrest? As I'm expecting that might be the most common? Or try and shoot for the most neutral base, like some kind of gray dirt? I dunno. Do you have plans to do scenic bases?
  9. I'm frustrated that there just seem to be far less Regional events in general this year. But yes, the events are set by the stores holding them, not FFG.
  10. Hey thanks! Leo did the camera stuff for this one and I (Joe) just edited. I sent him lots of feedback for next time already. Like use a starfield mat and a dice cam and stuff. So hopefully we'll keep improving X-Wing vids Also having edited it, I know have an even deeper understanding of how much of a game of X-Wing is just the planning phase.
  11. We've been covering X-Wing on our podcast for a while, but haven't gotten any video content up for X-Wing before now. Hopefully it's the first of many X-Wing videos and we keep improving the quality with each one. Thanks for checking it out.
  12. So far this is the list that i'm leaning towards the most: Han eRangers Hera Gideon 3PO Ko-Tun rSmuggler