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  1. new video! Thanks for the list @SlowComet
  2. Yup. The droid acts like a relay.
  3. Yeah I was ripping off that card. But trying to figure out how to make it a little different lol. The benefit with the droid is that it allows the leader to hide back by a terminal or something. They don't have to follow around the troops they're commanding.
  4. * Droid Aide Skirmish Upgrade Cost: 2 Attachment Leader Only At the start of the mission, place the Imperial Courrier Droid companion in your space. The Imperial Courrier Droid activates at the start or end of your activation. * Imperial Courrier DroidCompanion Card Abilities used by the leader with the Droid Aide attachment that choose or affect adjacent friendly figures, or figures within 2 spaces, can choose or affect other friendly figures within 3 spaces of you. "Beep boop" Health: 4 Speed: 3 Defense: -- Attack: --
  5. ▪ AHSOKA TANO [8] - ▪ DAVITH ELSO [6] - ▪ DIALA PASSIL [7] - ▪ LUKE SKYWALKER (JEDI) [12] - ▪ OBI-WAN KENOBI [7] oh and also Heroic Effort. 40 points even! Can't wait to try this out.
  6. Yes you should.
  7. can't wait to run Ahsoka in either a force user list, or a spy list. or a mix of both.
  8. I can't wait to run Davith and Ahsoka on the same team. Force Spies
  9. What I find interesting is it targets both teams, not just your opponent.
  10. Got in a video with this list. Not going to spoil how it performed. You'll have to wait and see. Hopefully the video will be ready early next week....
  11. The best spies are spies without you knowing they're spies.
  12. you forgot Verena and Saska! they're spies! Spies that won't be missed on this team..
  13. You got it. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Boba list but that can wait for another day (i'll miss that mobile on Nal Hutta....)
  14. on Nal Hutta Swams that sounds tough! Try make me something with Boba/Vinto or rebel spies. Plus a pair of my gammoreans are in the "workshop" at the moment and not table able.
  15. nah i'll toss a deck together to fit the list. unless there's a card you really think I ought to use.