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  1. Gunna drop the link to our Legion videos playlist that I'm incredibly proud of in terms of production value and being funny. Sorry if this is too shameless of a plug.
  2. While i did manage more video production this year... I certainly didn't go to Worlds... Anyway. New video tomorrow!
  3. Previous Gameplay Videos: Incredible Sullust Table The Great Suppression You've Gotta be Critting Me! DEWBACK ATTACK Rex Gon' Give it To Ya AT-RT Party Wishing We Were At Worlds Han/Chewie v Palp Lost Episode Revenge of the Droids If you want to connect with us elsewhere: Discord Facebook Twitter
  4. For reference, here is my Imperial Assault painting thread. I've painted all the figures from that game. I keep telling myself that I'll eventually take better pictures, but for now, here's Luke Skywalker, temporary commander of Spectre Company. And because everyone asks, here is my responses to the most frequently asked questions about this figure: No it's not based on Luke from the Storms of Crait comic. I just like Crait, wanted to give him a cape to stand out. The colors are loosley inspired by Chopper from Rebels. I got the acrylic rod for the lightsaber at recreatorstudios.com To create the base I did the following: Paint base red Apply Citadel's Agrellan Earth Let it dry Drybrush/paint with a super light gray until there is no more brown left drybrush on some white over that touch up some details with more red (like the foot swipe).
  5. It's just for fun (I haven't actually put any on the table yet), but I like brewing up custome characters for Imperial Assault, most of whom are inspired by existing miniatures from Star Wars Miniatures (WOTC) in my collection. So if you've cooked up any custom character cards share them here! I figured I'd design characters that are almost 100% guaranteed NOT to be made in this game. So I'm not going to bother with Lando or Bossk etc since we'll certainly see them eventually. Cad Bane Scum & Villainy Hunter +Evade, Mobile, ~weaken, ~stun ~focus Dual Wield: Immediately after performing an attack, you may make a second attack. Limit once per round. Cunning: While defending, apply +1 Block to the defense results for each Evade result. Health: 8 Speed: 6 Defense: W Attack: ranged: BY Gonk Droid Scum & Villainy Droid +Block Power Surge: ACTION Choose an adjacent friendly figure who has not yet activated. If that figure performs a RANGED attack this round, he may replace one of his attack dice with a RED die. When attacking, adjacent figures may replace one die in their attack pool with a red die. Self Destruct: At the end of a round, you may roll 1 red die. Each adjacent figure and object suffers DAMAGE equal to the DAMAGE results. Then you are defeated. Non-Combatant: You may not attack Health: 4 Speed: 2 Defense: B Attack: --
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