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  1. Probably the last Spectre video before regionals. Then it's going into retirement.
  2. Rogue Dakotan

    How long do Command Card effects last? Especially with Jyn.

    yeah I see that now. was overthinking it.
  3. Rogue Dakotan

    How long do Command Card effects last? Especially with Jyn.

    • Each command card that has not been returned to a player’s command hand is discarded during the End Phase and its effect ends. Page 21 lol nvm
  4. I'm thinking there's a rule that specifies effects from Command Cards only last for that round. but these cards are making me question that: Especially the first one. The way it reads I almost feel like you're just meant to sit it next to your unit card and it's essentially more ability text for her. "Once per round" makes it seem like she can do that "standby-like" effect every round, not just the round in which you play Rebellious. Would all the keywords (Charge, Inspire 2, Teamwork: Jyn Erso, Low Profile) persist through the rest of the game?
  5. Rogue Dakotan

    Index of useful links

    Might I ask that The Jodo Cast be added under the Videos section? @MajorJuggler Thanks
  6. Rogue Dakotan

    LANDO GETS BOMBED - Jodo Cast X-Wing Videos

    New video!
  7. Rogue Dakotan

    Desert Town

    If you have photoshop or something similar just make sure you crank up the pixels per inch value and they should come out fine.
  8. Rogue Dakotan

    Desert Town

    Not sure you'd need to buy posters. Just find some images you like, print them out on regular paper or card stock, cut them, and use Matte Mod Podge or something to stick 'em to your buildings.
  9. Rogue Dakotan

    What is the best podcast for legion?

    We all love TLJ on The Jodo Cast.
  10. Rogue Dakotan

    Rogue Dakotan's Legion Painting

    Added a vulptex to my turret. Did my best to make it as shiny and sparkly as I could. Doesn't show up on camera that well.
  11. Rogue Dakotan

    Rogue Dakotan's Legion Painting

  12. Rogue Dakotan

    Skirmish Resources

    If this is still being updated, might I ask that The Jodo Cast be added under the videos segment?
  13. :O I guess I'm better than I realized. Someone in the YT comments pointed that out and I was like yep. Totally shouldn't have had LOS there. My bad. but I was actually a secret genius!