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  1. Thanks everyone! I won the tournament!
  2. I don't have a full write up or video (if I have time I might try to throw a video together) but for now here's some tweets and my list... Luke Force Push, Emergency Stims Sabine Recon Intel, Emergency Stims, Darksaber 2xRebel Troopers Z-6 Trooper, 2-1B Medical Droid 2xRebel Troopers Z-6 Trooper Fleet Troopers Scatter Gun Trooper, Rebel Officer, Recon Intel 2xRebel Commandos (Strike Team) DH-447 Sniper I was on the fence about even going to this tournament. I had to wake up at 6am, drive two hours, play four rounds, and then drive back, getting home at like 11PM. didn't sound appealing. Plus I don't consider myself a competitive player. I don't like to get "sweaty" over these games. I just wanna have fun Star Wars on the table. But I went and I won somehow. 😐 All of the games were very close except for the last one. Managed to wipe out sabine with my fleet troopers and it kinda steam rolled from there. Other big thing was in one game I sort of mis-played Luke by putting him out there too much, but he rolled like a god and lived through the whole round. got shot by 7 units (including Boba, Bossk, and Veers) and only took 2 damage. Next round played Sos vs Whipcord. I won the roll off. Went with Luke and rolled 5/7 successes on his rally roll for two actions. Wiped a squad of stormtroopers and then it took another 7 shots to take Luke down due to amazing dice. Later he just needed to kill sabine to win on the points tie but Sabine was also rolling crazy good. It was a tie on VP but Luke was the only unit he killed so I won on the tie breaker. My other thoughts: I love doctor droids. They're so good. Officer upgrade on Fleet troopers was a huge help.
  3. I only have the one set of Fleets. Dropping a trooper for Push sounds like a good move. 👍
  4. I only have 2 commandos and 4 rebel troopers in my collection. So I don't have any extras of the units that are currently in the list.
  5. I have an RPQ on Saturday. Need a list. Here's my first pass: 800/800 Luke Skywalker [160](168) Emergency Stims [8] Sabine Wren [125](160) Recon Intel [2] Emergency Stims [8] The Darksaber [25] Rebel Troopers [40](80) Z-6 Trooper [22] 2-1B Medical Droid [18] Rebel Troopers [40](80) Z-6 Trooper [22] 2-1B Medical Droid [18] Rebel Troopers [40](72) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Trooper [10] Rebel Troopers [40](72) Z-6 Trooper [22] Rebel Trooper [10] Fleet Troopers [44](80) Scatter Gun Trooper [23] Fleet Trooper [11] Recon Intel [2] Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) [16](44) DH-447 Sniper [28] Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) [16](44) DH-447 Sniper [28] Commands: Son of Skywalker Explosions! My Ally Is the Force Push Return of the Jedi Legacy of Mandalore Standing Orders
  6. Finally got my vaporators painted. All caught up on my Legion stuff now.
  7. Sabine is done! Note the tribute to Chopper on the back of her helmet.
  8. Making progress on Sabine. Just need to do highlighting and all the crazy little details. Went with a custom color pallet since all my other heroes have unique looks that aren't canonical.
  9. So when you encounter the Dengar contact, if you have negative rep with a faction he'll fight you. Otherwise you're fine. Then you put his token facedown somewhere. And for the rest of the game he's irrelevant. Everyone should be able to remember which facedown yellow contact token is Dengar, and just ignore it for the rest of the game. If the first person to encounter Dengar doesn't have a negative rep, he's just kind of a dud. Dengar would be far scarier if his new location was randomized in one of the following ways: --You may pay 5,000 credits to randomize all of the facedown yellow contact tokens. Now Dengar's location is unknown and he's a potential surprise threat again. This is also a way you can mess with other Bounty Hunters (which is why you need to pay otherwise it'd be way too powerful.) or a little more toned down: --You may pay X,000 credits to choose another facedown yellow contact token. Take this token and Dengar's token and secretly replace both of them in any open contact spaces. Again this puts a bit of mystery back in Dengar's location. But with a 50/50 guess for the other players as to which token might be Dengar.
  10. I'm going to lean towards the latter. When you "gain 2 fame" you gain 2 fame; not gain 1 fame then 1 fame.
  11. I put together a review video, but I'm assuming if you're here you don't need to see a review video. BUT I tossed in some funny bonus footage at the end that cracks me up of a player playing as Bossk getting repeatedly wrecked by Greedo. Hope you enjoy. (I linked at the appropriate time stamp)
  12. When you complete Aphra's personal goal, she can do a Market Action during the Planning Phase. Does this take the place of her normal Planning Phase action? So she couldn't say, move and shop during the planning phase?
  13. If I have a crew, encounter a contact and gain a new crew to replace the first one, does that first contact token just stay gone, or do I put that token on the planet? We've been playing that when you replace a crew member, the replaced one just stays gone. But it makes more sense that they'd just hop off on the planet where you ditched them. Especially since their bounty card could still come up.
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