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  1. Rogue Dakotan

    Hondo Cards up

    Well if you're crazy enough to use Saska might as well also bring in a Bantha and use it as a meat shield for Hondo's journey to the deployment zone
  2. Rogue Dakotan

    Hondo Cards up

    Oh snap idk how I totally spaced on that card being rebel only.
  3. Rogue Dakotan

    Hondo Cards up

    Definitely the card that has me thinking the most! I love the potential to shake things up!
  4. Rogue Dakotan

    Hondo Cards up

    cards that could net you free points: I wonder which of these you could put into a list dedicated to just cheezing free points.
  5. Rogue Dakotan

    Hondo Cards up

    + Hondo anyone? :O
  6. Rogue Dakotan

    Homebrew Units Thread

    RANCOR Faction: None Keyword: Creature Base size: Custom. Use the mini from IA. Cost: n/a Rank: Heavy I guess Health: 10 Courage: ∞ Surges: Defense Speed: 1 Defense: White Armor Feed: After you deal damage to a trooper unit, recover 1 damage. Rugged: When defending, if you rolled a blank, reroll that die. This die may not be rerolled again. -->Jump 1 Rancor Claws: Melee RRRBBW Impact 3, Pierce 2 Boulder Throw: Ranged 1-2 BB Impact 2 Condition card: Rancor's Territory Place the Rancor miniature in the center of the play space. Then each player adds one additional command token to their command pool. This token should be marked in some way to distinguish it from the rest of your tokens. (Maybe just use the opposite faction's tokens if you're using a bag.) This token is the Rancor Command Token. Players may not assign The Rancor Command Token as an order during the Command Phase. When a player draws their special token, the Rancor activates. Use the following rules to determine the Rancor's behavior: If the Rancor is not in melee with a unit, it performs a move. This move should be towards the nearest unit controlled by the player who drew the Rancor Command Token within range 3. If no units are within range 3, it doesn't move. If there is terrain in the way that the Rancor could not normally move over, use the Jump ability. If this is not possible (due to a Height 2 object, or having already used Jump this turn) the rancor takes the next shortest route to its target. If more than one unit is equidistant to the Rancor and they belong to the same player, that player chooses where which the Rancor moves towards. After the Rancor moves: if the Rancor is in melee with a unit, it performs a melee attack with Rancor Claws against that unit. if there is a unit at Range 2 and LOS it makes a ranged Boulder Throw attack at that unit. if there are no units within Range 2 and LOS, the rancor performs a second move. This ends its activation. When moving the Rancor, place the speed 1 movement template so it is touching any part of the miniatures base, and move it so that it is touching any part of the base at the other end of the movement template. (If you wish you may place the Rancor on an AT-ST sized base and use more constrained movement rules using the notches on the base.) Once the Rancor has activated in a round, it can not activate again that round. When the other player draws their Rancor Command Token, simply set it aside. At the end of each round, the Rancor Comand Tokens should be re-added to the command pools of each player.
  7. Rogue Dakotan

    Can Ground Vehicles "squeeze?"

    Scenario: There are two really tall solid objects with a gap in between. The gap is slightly wider than the movement tool. An AT-RT or an AT-ST is facing the gap. Can it move through that gap? The gap is much smaller than the base of the model but the movement tool fits through it. Also the blocking terrain isn't climbable or anything like that.
  8. more games have come down to objective wins for sure, but I have had a hadful of ties already. Most recently on the moisture vaporator objective, which seems very likely to come up with ties... Why couldn't it be 3 or 5 vaporators?
  9. The Problem (maybe): You've attacked three stormtrooper squads but failed to completely finish off any of them. Each has just the unit leader remaning. All three manage to run away out of your LOS, denying you any points whatsoever when it comes to a tie breaker. (Many games seem to come down to the points-killed tie breaker.) This understandably can leave you feeling pretty cheezed. You killed maybe 15 minis but not a single point to show for it. Is this a problem? I'm not sure. On the one hand, making kills potentially inconsequential when it comes to breaking down a winner, makes it all the more important that you play the objectives as hard as you possibly can, which I think is a very good thing. I love the objective play in this game (for the most part) and have had many games where my troops where slaughtered but I still won because I played the objectives better. But the question then comes to the tie-breaker when both players have the same number of objective points. Which in my experience is fairly common. You can't help but feel ripped off if a unit leader from a trooper unit slips away, or you're left with an enemy AT-ST with 1 hitpoint left... How X-Wing and IA solved this problem: X-Wing X-Wing and Imperial Assault both had to deal with essentially this same issue while growing up competetively. In X-Wing, the issue was shooting at a big ship (like the Millennium Falcon) and having the game end with it having 1 hull left or something. All that work for nothing. The solution was to grant "half points" for a ship if it had at least half of it's health removed. Simple enough. Imperial Assault Skirmish When Imperial Assault Skirmish was young, you needed to kill all miniatures in a group (unit in Legion terminology) to score the points for it; just like Legion is. That became troublesome becuase players could reinforce their stormtroopers (something not currently possible in Legion) to keep putting minis back on the table, and then if they only had one trooper left, have it go run and hide. This was simply called "points denial." You put in all that work on those troopers and got no points out of it because one little stormtrooper ran and hid in the back of the map. What they ended up changing for Imperial Assault was you just earned points every time a figure was defeated, rather than when the whole card's worth of minis was defeated. Applying these methods to Legion? If, this is indeed a problem in need of fixing (again I'm not quite sure that it is just yet) how would the two previous methods work in Legion? Half points: When checking points-killed in a tie breaker scenario, if any unit has lost half or more of its minis, or half or more of its health, you get the point total for that unit + upgrades divided by 2. Rounded down. For vehicles, you could say you only score half points if you've exceeded the resiliance value rather than simply half. (For example you only get half points from an AT-RT at 4/6 wounds rather than 3/6.) Single Figure Points: For this, Just count each figure as however many points it's worth... um. You know what I mean. A stormtrooper is worth 11 points; 44 point unit at 4 minis a unit. The personell upgrade is also worth 11. If a heavy weapon mini is killed, you count points equal to that upgrade card's cost. Personally I think a combination of the two would be best. Use Half Points when it comes to vehicles, commanders, and operatives, and use Single Figure Points for trooper squads with multiple figures. Has anyone else experienced frustration at having a single unit leader slip away and not get any tie-breaker points for it? Is this something that should be addressed (as it was in X-Wing and IA)? or is it better how it is, as it really emphasizes how important the objective play is?
  10. Rogue Dakotan

    Rogue Dakotan's Legion Painting

    Thank you so much.
  11. Rogue Dakotan

    More spoilers on facebook

    This card seems amazing. You can't use Devotion to pull it out though which is good. But I imagine that if you pull this on the first round and you have Sabine in your list, you'll be sitting pretty.
  12. Rogue Dakotan

    Rogue Dakotan's Legion Painting

    Do you mean in general? Or just the stormtroopers? If you just mean the stormtroopers, it's because I haven't been very motivated to paint my Imperials for Legion and sorta half-assed these guys.