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  1. Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    Oh wait. Totally forgot about ugnaughts. Gotta fit one of them in there somewhere. Probably with the empire. Also I think I might swap the R2 mini with a Lobot mini.
  2. Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    We're thinking of doing a That Theme's Operational video for our next match. Leaning towards Cloud City as the theme. How does this look? Bespin Rebels ◄15 Chewbacca ◄9Wing Guard ◄8 Leia Organa ◄6 Lando Calrissian ◄3 R2-D2 ◄2 C-3P0 ◄1 Balance of the Force ◄-4 Wookiee Avenger Bespin Imperials ◄18 Darth Vader ◄13 Boba Fett ◄6 2x Stormtrooper ◄2Imperial Officer ◄-5 Driven by Hatred Vader could maybe be swapped with just more stormtroopers? But we'd probably play on the Carbon Freezing map, so you can assume that when Chewbacca started freaking out as they were freezing Han, Vader didn't stop Boba from taking a shot and a fight broke out. (that wouldn't explain R2's precense though but whatever ) Also we would use this special rule: C-3PO cannot take move actions. C-3PO must always be in a space adjacent to Chewbacca. Any time Chewbacca moves, place C-3PO in a space adjacent to him. Also ignore the lack of Temporary Alliance stuff.
  3. Pinned Threads for Skirmish?

    A few more to put under videos: Star Wars Streaming Luke Pant Van Isle Gaming
  4. Pinned Threads for Skirmish?

    If there was a compiled list of resources that was pinned, my Skirmish Videos Thread would be a welcome inclusion but I don't think it deserves a pin on its own.
  5. Yeah I almost feel like just gimme the point reduction and I'll keep Chewie the way he is. I really wish I could keep the dodge, and protector. And as we saw, having Debts Repaid in my hand was just adding insult to injury the whole time Glad you enjoyed it!
  6. Rogue Dakotan's Painted Miniatures

    Greedo done! Now I only have Ahsoka left. And then nothing to paint until Legion comes out...
  7. Jodo Cast Episode 71: Legion News Roundup In this episode, the gang is excited to get all caught up on the latest information on Star Wars Legion, FFG’s newest miniatures game, including closer looks at the expansions, a pre-order bonus, and some organized play speculation!
  8. Rogue Dakotan's Painted Miniatures

    I sculpted a hood for Maul to match this look: This look is more true to his appearance in Rebels. The IA mini has some metal thing around his neck/chest that didn't appear in Rebels but is from a look in TCW. Here are the highlights finished. Just lightsaber and tattoos left at this point. Stay tuned.
  9. If you're into Death Star Escapes... Also I don't think I have the command list anymore... Sorry. My shuffle really screwed me over. I know On The Lam was near the bottom of my deck...
  10. LOL lemme fix that.
  11. Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    Yup. On the Lam was in my deck. Just hiding near the bottom. I did actually roll a dodge! On Chewie....
  12. Howdy. Most of you probably know I have a big thread of Imperial Assault Skirmish videos in the Skirmish subforum on here, but I wanted to drop my newest video on the front page here in case people don't usually visit the Skirmish sub forum in the chance they might find something they like here. Thanks
  13. Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I feel like I needed to play perfectly to have been able to come out on top. Missing all those opportunities to play Debts Repaid, missing SoS, and missing out on some free attacks from Han were MAJOR.
  14. Jodo Cast Skirmish Videos and Extras

    Maybe we should all make a gentlemen's agreement to let Chewie keep Protector and have him able to Slam twice during an activation.