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  1. our KT barely ever comes across enemies not handled in magnitude which don't have warp weapons, ignoring armor :s "...unless it is created from psychoactive materials or carries the holy quality. Force fields still work against these attacks normally." I assume Holy is meaning Sanctified.
  2. Apologies. I don't use a Heavy Bolter as a Librarian but I believe our Devastator is subject to the -BS from page 245 of the OW rulebook regarding Full Auto instead of the +20 from DW pg 239. Considering the Devastors actions, I'm lead to believe it's still Full Action. As for the other thing, it is the former. # of DOS negate # of attacks. This makes the most sense.
  3. Although your GM has a point, I feel he needs to consider that the entirety of the Deathwatch game is intentionally built around a rather "heroic" power level. Just nerfing your attacks is not only half measures, it's also going to negatively affect the game in the manner you described. Might as well give the entire team DH-level bolters and watch a single encounter with CSM take four hours because every character has that ridiculously high soak where people have to rely on Righteous Fury to actually accomplish anything. I can empathise with your GM as I prefer an experience closer to the TT fluff myself, but it would take a lot more tweaking to actually get there. Due to how every element in the rules interacts with at least one other factor, you can't just change one detail and expect the game to run fine on all other fronts. He recently got himself his first army set, and I've felt he may be doing as you suggest and not considering the intentional power level of the game's design. In the current fight, I had used a Smite on a Bloodletter. They were all spread out so I only hit one. I rolled about mid range damage at Unfettered PR 5 and landed 3 hits with that damage, which from his description seemed to accomplish minimal damage, thanks to Warp powers bypassing the Demonic trait.
  4. Planet surface to Deathwatch Ship on the other side of the moon, possibly in battle of their own. The flight with Thunderhawks was about a 2 hour return flight. I believe we are also using the Full Auto rules and I know we are using the Righteous Fury adds a d5 critical from the applicable damage/location chart. I'm trying to think of what else we may be using, but the most relevant of things for me to pay attention to is the Psychic Powers so I'm not exactly 100% on what else.
  5. My Forge Master knew that all too well. That's where teamwork comes into play and you hope your allies can help you out. Going off on your own is easily a no-no. To me, that's just the general view a Techmarine would have as their talents all lead down that kind of path. Towards the end of my Forge Master's life, I became lost a fair amount of mobility in exchance for increased armor and mass. In my artificier armor + toughness bonus there was little that could hurt me unless they had high Pen, as my total value was around 25 in each slot. Basically I was a damage soak, and there's even a Dark Angel Class Advance that would give me terminator armor as standard and an ability that I could Test to have enemies target me instead of allies. Given my character I chose Forge Master instead.
  6. In a completely unrelated situation, what would be the approximate effective range of a MC Teleport Homer?
  7. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing his games, but when I don't agree with something I will voice it. I've seen him posting on other threads talking about how we "complain" (to put it nicely), I'm tempted to bring that up with him. This isn't the place for that however, so forgive me. My Powers were changed to the Only War versions. My Smite can hit multiple times for each Degree of Success on my Focus Power test, and I have about ~100 on an Unfettered, so I average around 6-7 hits. However the damage being 1d10 + Psy Rating with Pen 4 means I am not doing damage vs anything of Space Marine level unless I roll near max damage. Sure, I can hit 8 times, but it's just killing them with bug bites trope. Regarding powers, our GM's complaint was that they are far too powerful compared to tabletop. Issue is that this is an RPG and it won't be a very long campaign if you have the mortality rate of tabletop. He says my Smite can easily one shot any high level enemy he puts up against us, which is true. It's not easy, but it could happen. I'd have to either roll near max damage on Unfettered or Push the power, making the needed damage easier to achieve, which I almost never do considering the risks. As mentioned previously, I am capable of playing a single character for a long time. I almost never fail my Focus Power test since my WP is at maxed at 70 and my PR is 5 so I will be successful in casting. However, the enemy is capable of dodging my Smite making whatever damage I can do a moot point. Not to mention at rank 5+ gameplay any non-mook we fight has force fields as well. I've only had this character for a few sessions, and my kill total with Smite has been less than I have fingers on one hand. The Smite may jump but everything we face is spread out, rending that aspect moot. It may seem odd, but I'm not about to accuse him of lying about dodge or shield rules, I trust him to be honest. The biggest issue I had with powers was actually with Iron Arm in DW being changed to the Iron Arm in OW. They are only the same in name only, and I much prefer the DW version. I don't view it as overpowered as I cannot use the arm for ANYTHING else but Parrying. I admit the OW version has it's uses as a more overall defensive ability, but as I was beginning to come into my own as a melee Psyker with a MC Force Weapon, it hits me in a bit of a soft spot. Again, I enjoy his games but I do critique changes when they don't add up.
  8. I'm the Librarian in this scenario. My previous character was a Techmarine and then Forge Master that I had played for about 2 years. A couple of months ago I had made the Librarian. Anyways, the situation is that we are on a Necron Tomb World, outside of the tomb and facing an army of Chaos soldiers ranging from cultists to vehicles to Bloodletters to Berserkers to a Khorne Daemon Prince. We were in a bad spot with our 2 Terminators and 1 Dreadnought being slow to retreat to our fallback point. To buy time, our second in command for the mission challenges the Daemon Prince to a 1 on 1. It was an honourable fight, with neither side interferring. Our Tactical barely survived and took some attacks from the Chaos army, despite them not actually having Initiative. Our own guys had higher order so we're not sure exactly why we were skipped in this situation. More detail is that we had prepared to move the moment either lost. GM hasn't given any reason why but after arguing a little bit on it, he's going to accept that we have a chance to save him. His view is that we have to kill everything on the Chaos side in one turn. The only way to survive is as stated previously. I have a plan that won't require all that, and I have kept it to myself and the Tactical Marine in order to keep it a secret. I do side with the fact that he can be killed still, as burning a fate point does not make you immune.
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