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  1. This looks really neat! I love the scale of the ships and the atmosphere. You've obviously put a lot of work into that.
  2. You can involve him in some quest for a lost artifact, from the time of the War of the Beard. This item is buried somewhere near the Blackfire Pass, deep in the dwarven territory and the Loremasters of Sapphery want it back, beacuse... reasons. Maybe it's value is simply symbolic, maybe it can bring the apocalypse. Alternatively make him a bodyguard to someone, to whom he is honor bound - like a human, who helped to save his life. It could make for very interesting interracial interactions.
  3. When my players arrived on Malfi, they've quickly established themselves in the planet's underworld and started making connections within various gangs. It was a great demi-adventure, and it opened many opportunities for other quests.
  4. On the plus side of this the game within the Core Book has ties into Purge the Unclean as well. And it is quite a good one as well. "Shattered Hope" was very nicely written for an introductionary adventure.
  5. The mini-campaign book "Purge the Unclean" has a couple of cool adventures and can be used as a source of inspiration for your games. Try it out.
  6. Surprise your players at every step. Don't turn your game into a bolter porn session. Also be careful with certain classess in DH 1Ed. Some of them can be outright broken and destructive towards your game. I know this from experience and, sadly, it put me away from Dark Heresy for many years. Read Eisenhorn and Ravenor, they are perfect source of lore and atmosphere for your games. The Emperor protects fellow GM.
  7. Since they are taller but thinner than the human norm, you could probably just average those two things out and go with human weights. Also their diet is lighter and better balanced than your average human's. There was an art from a RT book, depicting a Rogue Trader, dealing with a Kabalite. The Dark Eldar was visibly higher but also less robust and stocky than the human.
  8. It's possible to give PC's a few bonuses to their characters/rolls, depending on how well they've managed to fought during those battles. Besides, even if they'd won the battle, the narrative could state that: "altough you've wont the initial engagement, the Archenemy rallied its forces and...". That way A) the players will be rewarded for their effort witht the battle and B) the storyline won't get derailed. Unless you want it to.
  9. Question: will the PC's be vulnerable? You may want to make stats and rules for them. Also the Apostasy Gambit, if I recall correctly, had a "set in stone" outcome of the final fight. Will you be changing that? Anyway - very cool idea and it reminds me a lot of WFRP 1/2, where you could've add narrative battle reports to your RPG games. Great stuff!
  10. That's a helluva job you've got there. IoM is famously racist/cruel and outright disturbing. Still, playing RPG's is one of the best hobbies for young people, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Are you going to make it challenging for her (i.e her character is not immortal), or are you going to run it safe? Good luck with your effort!
  11. Thanks! Its lots of work to get it all ready for action but I am slowly making my way there. In the end it's always worth it, especially when you see the joy on your players faces.
  12. I like those ideas. I'd go with more religious themes, like the Solkan-worshiping elder or that khornate lady (very cool idea!). The cannibal encounter is a perfect filler between the adventures. Good luck with your game!
  13. I know that feeling. Many times I was running an investigation-heavy adventure, when suddendly all hell broke loose and it's fighting time. The joys of running an RPG group, I guess.
  14. Another great read, thanks for that! It's a shame about your player, but you can always try and fish for more.
  15. That work was stunning. Thanks!
  16. I second that. Great read and truly in the spirit of WFRP.
  17. I will definitely use this stuff when my group returns to DH.
  18. I love the last two ones. I'd make a dark twist on the pig case, in that the pig turns out to be mutated. The Necromancer one is great for a zombie survival-like adventure. Board them up in an abandoned village and make them survive the night. Thanks! When I started working on Bretonnia I thought that it would mostly be about the nobles, but the more I think of it the more fun ideas I get with the peasants. And a mutated pig would be a fun addition. It would create a sort of dillema for players. Should they bring the pig back to the village or burn it? After all Chaos is contagious...
  19. I love the last two ones. I'd make a dark twist on the pig case, in that the pig turns out to be mutated. The Necromancer one is great for a zombie survival-like adventure. Board them up in an abandoned village and make them survive the night.
  20. I'll PM them to you later today.
  21. Calling a noblewoman "Skank" would be grounds for immediate termination, unless the PC in question is a noble himself. Then it's a duel. With a big, burly champion.
  22. Stunning work and truly helpful for both players and GM's alike.
  23. One of the best summaries of Warhammer 40,000 that I've ever read. Well done, good Sir.
  24. You can always add the Thousand Sons, for that extra tzeentchian goodness. They also love to plot and scheme, and their agenda is usually more complex, than just "Kill, maim, burn!". They're after knowdlege of all kinds, and don't have to necessarrily burn whole worlds to accomplish their goals.
  25. Well excluding the WFB mess from WFRP is a nice move, altough I do incorporate it in my games - as a far away background. Of course, I tend to concentrate more on things like politics and social problems. "1K Thrones" is probably the best campaign that I've ever GM'ed. "The Enemy Within" is kind of a legend among the WFRP community, but I don't think it aged that well.
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