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  1. Based on responses, I was probably misremembering the crystal as a talent.
  2. Forgive me for poor search fu, but I thought I once saw a talent that increased the chance of severing limb on a critical, but now cannot find anything. Am I misremembering or can someone direct me?
  3. I also don't think the emotions are necessarily dark themselves, they just tend to lead to dark. When you are emotional are you sure you are thinking clearly? Are you sure that is the Force's will and not your own? The more emotional you are the more static there is between you and Will of the Force. All the power is still right there to grab, and you have the adrenaline rush to grab a lot, but you can't see where it wanted to go. Passion, fear, anger, hate are great motivators, but help clear informed decisions they do not. That is where the Dark lives.
  4. You can love without hate. You can destroy without hate. A common everyday example is animal control people with truly abused dogs who are so far gone into aggression they cannot recover. Many love all animals but regretfully see the necessity of putting a rabid/feral/aggressive animal down. A good example is the Dresden Files. You use dark magic and the odds of stopping are small, the results are always damaging in some way and while often sad the darker practitioners must be put down.
  5. It was more 'why are we missing so much more?'
  6. I had a session tonight and my players ran into their first Nemesis, an assassin droid out of the book. The upgrades freaked them out and they were trying figure out why this foe was so much harder to hit compared to everything, and honestly I didn't have a good answer. In hindsight as a droid, I should have just said better plating but it raised a valid question that I need to prepare for. How do you describe how foes with Adversary are so much harder to hit? Only so many of them will experts of predictive dodging, skillful parrying and armor plated. What about the officers and scientists who just have that touch of plot armor?
  7. Personally, I feel like making anything labelled a 'weave' that is designed to be work over a large part of the body from anything hard sounds fairly difficult. Granted, I am not an armorer in any respect but making something tough, flexible and wearable sounds like a lot more involved a task than creating a shaped slab of the same thing that I can hold.
  8. That is where the conflict (pun unintended) lies. I do not believe the Force cares that way. If Palpatine were unconcious it would still be a conflict-worthy murder. I agree Yoda was justified, morally, strategically and tactically. Nuking from orbit would have even been worth it. He did still start a violent conflict. He poked a small hole in the tapestry of the universe to prevent a giant tear, but he did poke that hole. You seem to hold that the Force does hold an action's impact is based on what may happen in the future. If strong-arming a thug and scaring him prevents him from killing someone in the future it is acceptable and does not impact the Force. It leads to very low conflict games since it is easier to justify doing things for a greater reason. You should not get offended or defensive that many people disagree on fundamental Force theory. There are several approaches and which is accurate depends on whose table it is.
  9. Sorry, unauthorized as in unwanted. Against the subjects will. I agree Palpatine needed to be stopped, but that argument is like saying a surgeon didn't ACTUALLY cut you because he took out a tumor that would have killed you.
  10. Assault is defined as any unauthorized physical contact. While I would not argue that the Force would go that far, Bind (without any inflicting upgrades) is pretty close to the equivalent of forcing someone into a straitjacket, or using a taser, or one of those nifty hardening goo guns, or any number of less-lethal devices. While obviously less so than shooting someone, I don't know anyone who would argue inflicting such on someone isn't an aggressive, hostile act regardless of the necessity or justification.
  11. Not the important part of the post. It doesn't matter which it was, either was equally conflicting.
  12. Except that is not how this game works, Engaged covers both of you. Reach isn't a thing, if you can hit them they can hit you. Either way, Move or Bind, he still took an aggressive action toward them.
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