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  1. We know specifically that the Aeros can't ferry them. The wording on the platoon option is very specific: Tracked Vehicle or KV-47 (sans Aero). Also, any vehicle with Tank Rider automatically cannot ferry squads using the Tanko option. That rules out all existing SSU tanks. Thus: Can KV-3s give Tankos a ride? Can Grand'ma give Tankos a ride? Thanks in advance.
  2. Functionally, I found pre-Hades German very difficult to assault with. Multiple attempts to build a force capable of sustaining an assault without resorting to Zombies, Apes or Schwere basically brewed up beautifully. Part of the problem, after some play with SSU, is that Germans really have very few Burst or Grenade weapons. This single, cheap option to add Grenades to German units changes their meta sufficiently that it is a big deal indeed. And Allies get sticky grenade, which in a local game right after the players gotten Hades brewed walkers up beautifully. Since it was utilized on an Allied Assault platoon, the change from Grenade to Penetrator is negligible as the Flamethrower is still around… And SSU gets the C-type Grenade, which makes them more powerful in CC, both offensively and defensively. Hellllo Zombie. xD
  3. Just want to clarify. It's perfectly fine to take the Unit Upgrades from Hades (specifically, the Grenades upgrade) for Zombies and Apes? It's not that it's especially powerful (there are several restrictions between the grenades and the C weapons these two units have), it's just… heh, odd mental image. Undead Suicide Bombers, and just how are the apes going to wrap their fists around those standard issue potato mashers?
  4. Since this is a pilot-related thread, I might as well consolidate and ask. Ok, so, I can have Red Yana in a Natasha (nasty as heck first strike ability btw. All-in-One Fighting Spirit with Grenade Weaponry FTW, crapped two V4 Walkers in two separate games, quite reliable). That much is clear. What happens if/ when Red Yana decide to take a stroll outside the Nasty? E.g., Turn starts. Orders, Red Yana got ordered out of her Natasha. Unit Activation Phase -- Natasha and Red Yana activates separately? Advance AI routine on the (Empty and Pilotless) Natasha?
  5. Hi all, new here. The following question came up before a local tourney and would like to get an answer. A unit has the Charge special ability. It also has the Fast ability, but no other abilities. The unit activates and the player declares a March Move towards an opposing unit. 1. Does the owning player need to declare the free Attack Action that Charge grants as part of his action declarations? 2. At what point can the opposing player declare reactions? The reason for the question (at least, Qn 2), is that when we check up the various wordings, there appears to be (at least) 2 intepretation. 1. The March Move and the free Attack Action are separate actions, allowing the opposing player to react either at the end of Movement (due to Fast allow the unit to move from outside Reaction range) or at the Attack action (presuming the opposing unit is the target of any attacks). 2. The free Attack Action is part of the March Move action, allow the opposing player to react only at the end of the full March Move action. This means the acting unit would march in, attack, then the opposing unit get to react. The obvious implication is that ( 1 ) allows the opposing unit to react and get out of range/ LOS before the free Attack Action kicks in, while ( 2 ) allows the attacking unit to get hits in (especially with C weapons) before the opposing unit can run away/ attack. Hope the above was understandable…
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