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  1. I use the lid of a large storage container. The lip keeps things from sliding off.
  2. I have been playing a similar list. Darth Vader - daredevil, engine Soontir Fel - push the limit and stealth 31 point shuttle (pick one) OGP - rebel captive, engine and advanced sensors OGP - rebel captive, gunner and FCS Yorr - gunner and FCS Vader and Fel are very maneuverable, but they are the targets and will go down to focused fire. The shuttle needs to put out consistent firepower at range to help, so I have been tempted to run a heavy laser cannon. Overall I am 2-2 with these lists. It is fun to play with Vader though, and Yorr can help him with not getting stressed when he uses daredevil.
  3. Dang R22, you have better eyes than I. The third upgrade card in has a dot showing I the name field, as does the R5 unit. I hope the package contains two non-unique droids and two unique droids. Hoobie's ability allows him to do something after acquiring a target lock. Jek's ability allows him to do discard... when he receives damage.
  4. That is the highest resolution I can scan too. The photo on the back is not clear. Even with a magnifying glass I cannot tell what the abilities are.
  5. Here are the unique X-Wing pilots Tarn Mison - PS 3, Hobbie Klivian PS 5, Jek Porkins PS 7 ept, Wes Janson PS 8 ept. I scanned the two page article and the back advertisement. https://www.dropbox.com/s/em791c9h6re5ey4/GTM%20Large%20Ships_0001.pdf
  6. Yes, it is the latest game trader magazine. There is a two page article with not much new info. The ships have their own damage decks for front and aft, a well as three new actions. There are four new unique pilots - Jek, Jes, "Hobbie" and Tern?. That last one was hard to make out from the back picture. I know it looked like Tern.
  7. When playing furball at 30 points it does make it hard for the Imperial side. It only leaves the Advanced, bomber and interceptor to play with, and really only leaves the named interceptors until the Imperial Aces pack comes out. If you are tired of having too many unique pilots, then you can lower the point limit to 25. Regardless of the point limit, you really do need to allow an option of two tie fighters to give the empire armies some variety. At my local store we have run a 30 point furball free-for-all a few times. The first player to get to kills wins. In a few months I will run this for a quick demo at a convention using 25 points. I will have 8 ships set up around the 3x3 playmat and have players controlling one ship. They can jump in at any turn and play until they are destroyed.
  8. Locals and I bought a few sets of movement and range templates. Mirrored blue, red and grey are great. I am very happy with transparent orange, though I wish I had painted the indents before removing the paper. I was not too happy with the transparent green and red though. They are very dark and just look black when laying on the star mat. The fluorescent green and orange really stand out on the black mats. Very hard to lose those.
  9. Are you doing anything with the NOVA convention in August?
  10. Alarum, I might be able to do that. I'll see how many more oversized cards I can get my hand on. I have two right now, but maybe able to get some more. Shipping a card or two in cardboard to AUS should not be too much.
  11. PM sent pitsch. Ozzy - my Boba and Han have the regular attack symbol too.
  12. My local group has extra cards to trade. We would like to trade for the fall prizes of Luke Skywalker / Darth Vader if possible. Does anyone have extras of those?
  13. I would say C, A, B. The tournament rules say that if there is a tie (on total tournament points) then you go to who beat who. After that you use the sum of opponents' tournament points. Like you, I do not understand why they say in the Scoring section "These points are used to determine the winner of the tournament,…" and then in the next sentence mention win-loss records. I've found the tournament document to be very contradictory in a few places. Just discuss it with your group and determine results how you want. Just make sure it is clear before the event. My group just held a tournament and determined results based on Win-Loss record and then strenght of schedule (sum of opponents' wins). We did not use FFG's scoring system at all.
  14. There is a 100 point swiss tournament on Sunday June 23 at Mega Gaming and Comics in Gainesville FL. The address is 4000 W. Newberry Road Gainesville, FL 32607 Please show up at 1:30 to pay the $5.30 entry fee and get your large Han Solo/Boba Fett card. We will play four swiss rounds if we have over eight players. The tournament will start at 2PM and each round will last 1 hour. Prizes for the event are the acrylic target lock tokens from FFG and an acrylic range finder for first place. Mega's website is http://www.megagamingandcomics.com Our local forum discussion is at http://forums.gvillegaming.org/index.php?topic=1972.0
  15. FFG does not say you have to own the cards, just bring them to the event. Borrow them from a friend.
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