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  1. I found the biggest problem for me with Jinteki was that the opponent had no need to run at my cards until I put counters on them. I decided to try and change that: Ice (21): The weakest part of the deck. If these were stronger I could see playing cell portal, but a lot of the time the opponents 2nd pass through isn't going to cost enough. Cell portal is also pretty terrible when you draw it late. 3 Ice Wall (3 Influence) -> One of the most effective early ice. 3 Wall of Static -> Worst Ice in the deck 3 Enigma -> Limited value here with no Biotech ice 3 Neural Katana -> Very few sentry options here, this one works well for the deck. 3 Wall of Thorns -> Unexciting 3 Chum -> Very cost efficient ice, particularly in combination with tricky stuff. 3 Data Mine -> Largely for combo with chum. Very underwhelming otherwise. Revenue Generation (6): 3 Hedge Fund 3 Adonis Campaign (6 Influence)-> Sometimes worth guarding with a cheap ice, or setting up in a main remote server early to be replaced by an agenda later. Agendas (9): 3 Nisei MK II (One of the best in the game) 3 Private Security Force (awful but no other option) 3 Priority Requisition (no other option) Upgrades (4): 2 Sansan city grid -> Force your opponent to run at a snare since you can complete Nisei and Sec Force from 0 to done in one turn. 2 Akitaro Watanabe -> Might replace these to get more ice, but this is somewhat cost efficient and can represent SCG. Deck Manipulation (3): 3 Precognition -> One of the best cards in the game, lets you do a lot to time agendas, traps, and tricks. Ambushes (6): 3 Snare! 3 Project Junebug Thoughts? Ideally I'd like a way to be able to complete agenda's in 1 turn to force an opponent to run at my deck, but I think this version can at least force an opponent to run at a snare if you have 3 credits up and an upgrade in server.
  2. I miss nothing about the mechanics of this game. Loved the show, played the TCG, one of the worst TCG's I've played. Good riddance. 4-player games with inconsistent tourney politics make for terrible tournaament support. Might be ok as a social game, but to be honest, I'd much rather play boxed set Trek or something dominion-like for a casual game. Deckbuilding is a highly competitive mechanic, and it doesn't fit well with the lackluster competition this game offered.
  3. I want cards in Jinteki that force a player to actually do something about a card face down with no counters on it. Currently the strategy against Jinteki seems to be to only run on face-up cards or cards with counters on them, drawing a 6th card to run on a card with 3 counters if you can't infiltrate to check if it's a junebug. It's really frustrating as you can build a successful strategy that ignores the deck, hand, and cards without counters against them, just building up in preparation to hit agendas (possibly multiple times if necessary). Either some way to accelerate advancement, or some 3 cost agenda is sorely needed.
  4. Data Mine is useful strategically in spots, but as a corporation, I seldom want to 1 for 1 the runner while giving the runner tempo. Most of the runner decks I've played run enough card draw that they often come at Jinteki with 7 cards in hand, I prefer ice that has a lasting impact and recurring costs to the runner.
  5. Every deck I've played runs into card draw issues. I've played a lot with fewer numbers of wyldside and diesel and I always want more. 2 Wyldsyde feels wrong to me, both because of the lower chances of getting it early, and also because I often play it in a pawnshop deck where once you've accumulated a diesel or the ability to replace it after a few turns with 4 actions you typically throw it away for a while, and get extra actions for some running turns. Sorry about the incorrect title, the faction is criminal, although the content still stands. I agree Aurora is bad and would replace it if I had the spare influence. Even if I cut to 2 Wyldside and 2 Diesel, I'm adding 2 Pawn Shop before any of the other stuff, and that already gets me to 14. 2 Wyldside 1 Diesel 2 Pawn Shop 1 Gordion Blade is perhaps manageable although I'm giving up a significant amount of draw compared to other factions. This is fine if I can make up for it in other ways (faster resource generation), but a problem if I can't. I'm also missing out on the power of Medium which has been good enough for me that it often ends up in Shaper (despite the 3 influence cost): a medium with a few counters often means you can afford to run at R&D once every three turns in the late game, which completely changes the entire economic structure of the game. The two most popular archtypes right now seem to be one that's focused on single completion of agendas, and one that's focused on dealing net damage. Running with 7 cards in hand is an effective way to deal with the later, while making it impossible for the opponent to draw the last agenda is quite strong against the former. I never feel I have the same level of power in criminal at later stages of the game.. this deck feels very much like win early or bust. As for power level of the 2 cost runner cards: I often feel like Inside Job is the worst of the three. Marker's mark is a triple effectiveness run on R&D, and the trash ability on demo run is effective for taking away ice from hand, or removing key piece(s) of the top of the deck. On those dig or bust turns, Demo Run lets you make multiple runs on R&D removing any misses for free. Combined with medium I've had turns where I see the top 15 cards of someone's deck. Paying 2 to skip the first ice, but not being able to use any special effects (bank job, sneakdoor, etc..) for 1 run is very good in some situations, but plays more to attacking agendas that are readying for completion in play, something the metagame doesn't seem to do a lot of right now. Note also that misers pawn shop or Wyldside has issues when you do account siphon type missions because you're often planning to end the turn with an opponent having 0 credits but you having 2 tags. Gain, Gain, kill resource can be painful in that situation if they are hitting your miser items.
  6. So far I've found the game favours the runner, but for very different reasons from what you said. The runner is slightly better at generating credits because of having more options (pawn shop, armitage, modus operandi, etc.) while the corporations tend to have a smaller set of really good cards. The runner can also mulligan more aggressively, it's hard to mulligan a 0 agenda hand with no credit generation as the corporation for instance. The runner needs to be because ice tends to be expensive to beat compared to rez cost. (An ice that costs 3 to break with a program that costs 4 to play when the ice itself costs 4 to play is going to be fairly expensive over the course of the game if you use that program 4 times on 2 similar pieces of ice in different locations the runner is paying a total of 16 and the corporation is paying 8.. the runner is taking 5 actions (1 install 4 runs) the corporation is taking 2 (laying 2 pieces of ice). Admittedly the runs have other good consequences if successful, but while the runner is inherently better at generating credits, the math tends to favour the corporation. Toll booth for instance is quite effective in terms of the numbers game, costing 3 to encounter and 4 to break with gordion blade (considered the best code gate breaker). I've generally disliked criminal because HQ is often the worst place to run… unless the board situation or a read tells you that the person might have 2 agendas but only one reasonably safe remote server. Even then, there is the issue of whether you're getting bluffed, as Jinteki a lot of the time it makes sense to represent snare or junebug rather than leave an agenda in a small hand. When more and better ice are available through expansions snare becomes easier to splash and a likely card in all sorts of decks. Also, this bluffing play is even more common against criminal who are incentivized to run at your hand. For me one of the early game nightmare cards (on the corporate side) has been forced activation orders, which often puts you in a credit poor situation or forces you to lose an early game ice. Many of the good early game ice cards are only really good as surprises. It's also really frustrating if they catch you running an ice you can't pay for out there to discourage running, since then they get a 1 for 1 that takes out a valuable card. I find in many matchups I have to guard R&D on turn 1 because of the threat of medium. I have not yet won a game where the opponent played medium and ran on R&D 3 times successfully as their turn one. Unless you are able to destroy medium it often creates inevitability: if they are able to run on R&D once every three turns they see enough cards to get your agendas before you do.
  7. Has anyone had any luck making the cyborg faction work? I find every deck I play wants 3 Diesel, 3 Wildfyre and 2-3 Aesop's Pawn Shop which is too much influence for Cyborg. The extra draw is really important but you want ways to get rid of Wildfyre when you're making key runs late, because you want the extra actions for many of the powerful Heimdahl style of ICE. I think this will get somewhat better when you have decent ways to break code in faction for Cyborg. This is what I've come up with so far: Programs: (10) 2 Aurora 2 Ninja 3 Sneakdoor Beta 1 Femme Fatale 1 Gordion Blade (2) 1 Crypsis Hardware: (4/14) 3 Desperado 1 Lemuria Codebreaker Locations: (6/20) 3 Wyldside (9/11) 3 Crash Space Event: ( 19 / 39) 2 Diesel (4/15) 2 Special Order 3 Infliltration 3 Sure Gamble 3 Inside Job 3 Account Siphon 3 Easy Mark Resource: (6/ 45) 3 Bank Job 3 Armitage Codebusting To be honest I'm struggling to find the last 5 cards, Lemuria Codebreaker is unreliable and some of the 3 of's that can't be duplicated I'd rather have 2. There are some cards I like a lot here, but I dislike having only 2 diesel, not having pawn shop and the serious lack of options to round out the deck. If Cyborg ever gets a good code gate breaker they can get the extra diesel in and a few more solid cards would make the deck interesting? How do you handle what was considered the weakest faction at gencon?
  8. Looking for players or stores to work with for organizing events. Happy to play at 401, HarryT's (north), or elsewhere? Willing to get involved as an organizer and build a community if enough players are interested. I think this game is phenomenal.
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