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  1. ^^This. I always ran the Shadow as the Shadow Dragon. It was an often complicating force that impacted the players plans, and tempted a few into power (shadow marks). The subtle poison, as opposed to Fu Leng's hammer.
  2. I took away a characters prized shatter rifle on a 2 despair roll. Dropped it when she was trying to hang on to a shuttle that was taking off while also trying to fight off a rakhghoul and push it off the ramp. The player was super upset.
  3. Raicheck

    A non Canon child...

    ^^ This. So much this. ^^
  4. Raicheck

    Finding the Miraluka race.

    Yeah, nothing wrong with adding that, though it's something you can just rule on the spot if/when it happens
  5. Raicheck

    Finding the Miraluka race.

    These are the stats we've been using. Species Abilities B 2 A 2 I 2 C 1 W 3 P 2 Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower Starting XP: 90 XP Special Abilities: Miraluka begin the game with one rank in Discipline or Vigilance. She may not train any of these skills above rank 2 during character creation. Force Sight: Though blind, Miraluka use the Force to perceive the world. This allows them to perceive their surroundings without needing light, and they never suffer penalties on combat or perception checks due to darkness or other environmental factors that affect vision.
  6. Another way to think of this and the Miralukan , the PC's and named NPC's are the force users. Let the rest of the individuals not be special. As far as being a good choice for force careers +1 WP, means they are already have a headstart on Discipline checks, which is a fairly must have skill for force users. It's for your game though, run it as you want. Me, I know for a fact if I let something with an inherent force rating into my game, almost every one of my players would choose it then take an edge career. Tells me it's broken.
  7. I personally think giving a whole species force rating 1 isn't a balanced ability. You can simply say they are all force sensitive which gives them easy justification for taking force specializations. Also, I don't think every Miralukan develops their potential to the fullest. Somebody has to file papers, pump gas, etc. I imagine the ones that do, are the ones that have actual force rating. As others pointed out Melittos have a pretty solid ability that works great for the Miralukan Sight, which is what my local game is using, we also gave them +1 discipline or +1 vigilance and they had 3 willpower and 1 cunning.
  8. My group loved Friends like these, though we were playing Rebels at the time. Haven't run Jewel yet, but planning on incorporating more elements of BtR in this next game.
  9. I'm planning on introducing something similar to them into my post RotJ campaign, as something the First Order is testing to help build Starkiller base
  10. Is there a blank sheet somewhere?
  11. Raicheck

    No Power Gamers Wanted

    Man, if it was any other day of the week. Sunday's are my regular game day.
  12. Raicheck

    Cyphers and Mask Now Shipping!

    Yeah, interrogator seems like it would be challenging to get it to work. And that first sig ability really needs the gm to work in a nemesis. Hope there are some good rules/ideas for working that stuff in.
  13. Raicheck

    Shi'ido Species

    Just reskin the changelings from No Disenagrations
  14. Raicheck

    New Thrawn book

    I suppose that is one way to put it, though I noticed several times he has taken equipment or borrowed it as he didnt have what he needed. Also, he has a huge blind spot socially which, admittedly something they focused on more in the first in this series. I guess my main critque of the entire series (new and old) is that it is difficult to show someone of his caliber without making folks around him seem like idiots. So it suffers some from that. I also feel there is a bit more ex machina than I would prefer. Overall though, while I wouldn't classify this as high art or stellar literature, they were fun reads/listens.