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  1. In game terms, he could have been facing a minion group and just rolled really well. A weapon with a high enough Pierce or Breach would mean he only needed to do 20 wounds. Or, given the blast quality, only needed to do 5ish wounds to each.
  2. Awesome work. Did anyone ever create Max Kanata's species?
  3. This pearl was in the description in the new book. The design has been such a success for MandalMotors that the Fang is produced at several factories. Each of these plants is run by a different Mandalorian clan. and while they are not aggressive toward each other, the clans are rivals. Managers had their in-house design teams tweak the Fang's capabilities to try and one-up their peers. When this was uncovered, the board of directors ordered an end to the competition and standardized the Fang fighter's performance profile.
  4. We agree on something! LoL I was just thinking the same thing when I read the table of contents.
  5. What Dante said. Plus, imagine all of the story complications you can throw in. "So and so of your khadjiic wants you to do this". Or being targeted because they are a relatively low member of a khadjiic, and a rival Hutt wants to send a message. Etc Man, I was really hoping one of my players was going to follow through with his Hutt pc.
  6. While I am generally of the eye rolling "This again?" crowd, I am curious, how many other Scadians are actually here? I saw a couple posting. I'm another former crazy *** "stick jock" though the particular household I was part of was informally referred to as the Heavy Metal brigade given our penchant for steel. At any rate, I really did take advantage of the way my plates were formed and layered to turn "hits" into glances.
  7. One of my players has a flair for the comedic. He named a Corellian corvette the Inane. He also christened their heavily modified yt-1750 Incontinence and his personal starfighter was christened Emperor's left nut , and their crowning jewel, though it was during an older d6 campaign, was the Star Destroyer they renamed Imperial Incompetence He was quite overjoyed by the thought of Imperial officers having to announce that one of their ships was killed by any of the above.
  8. Doesn't mean we don't exist. 😛 I know of a few groups in town that are playing it, and several more people who are at least buying the books, at least as many who bought CoR based on the sales from our LGS Not saying that it proves any particular point for or against the debates currently going on, but I have noticed that RPG's tend to go through boom and bust cycles. Star Wars has always been popular to a certain segment regardless of the form the rules have taken. D&D in it's various incarnations has been the gateway for a good number of the new players I have introduced, simply because it does have a cultural awareness. Star Wars is usually a good second choice. I run all three systems, and while I like D&D, I prefer the story mechanics and the give and take of my lucky charms. 😛
  9. I really dread when the gambler/gunslinger/modder activates his unmatched fortune in my games. It's kind of crazy the crap he pulls off. One shotting the big bad due to a 150+ crit on the first round of combat because he was able to trigger his crit results 12 times is just one example , all with just a single point of damage getting through. Lol It is extremely potent in the right hands. Of course, so is everyone in the group. The guardian soresu defender/colossus and the mando gadgeteer/dwc. Both are just as nasty. Fated duel to force the fight, then **** near impossible to kill. And the mando can make 5 attacks in a single action. The demolitionist/gambler is almost as bad as the gunslinger. But he just wipes out large groups of minions with a few rivals thrown in. Usually he and the gunslinger have an agreement, where he let's the gunslinger activate spitfire, before he smokes everybody else. It's all in how you play it. ****, I watched a colonists marshal use unmatched expertise to great effect during a combat before, he was shooting the big bad with a simple roll.
  10. heh, answered this on Reddit too. a) yes, the vi, not the x1, but they have stats for a good number of other tie fighters, including the aggressor, the defender, the interceptor, the phantom, and others. http://swrpg.viluppo.net/transportation/starships/category/41/ is a good, though outdated resource. b) Starfighter combat is deadly. I tend to recommend you pick up Stay on Target, and use Squadron rules as well as the astromech rules from that book. Yeah, there are a couple of talents, one of which makes it impossible for a single target to not hit your fighter, but that doesn't stop a bunch of other fighters from smoking your hotshot. c) highly recommended that a crew works together in combat, yt-1300's and the like are very durable ships, and letting the pilot focus on piloting stuff and the gunners shoot, and an engineer angle shields, or fix system strain, and a com operator jam coms, a slicer try and confuse fire control etc, are all fun things to do. d) anything with several linked weapons is nasty. X-Wings, Tie Interceptors, etc. For boss fights, give the boss wingmen. Most fighters don't have large amounts of hull, so a single good shot or two can cripple a fighter really easily. Freighters have the benefit of being more durable, but usually less tricky targets. As with anything in this game, there are several talents that break the generalities. Squadron rules are in short, having a pair of wingmen for each of your pilots, which can act as damage shields for the player's fighter.
  11. I've had at least one in every game I have run. Including the completely force based one I am just wrapping up. That being said, I already have 2 players looking at mando's based off the Mandolorian for my next campaign. I'm really hoping they at least bring some mando culture in this time.
  12. Personally I tend to follow the rule of cool. Extrapolating from the current dual weild rules, I let them do so but with the increase of difficulty for each gun. I very rarely saw the Xexto gunslinger in my group do more than fire two guns, even though he had two pairs of matched guns. IIRC, the only real time he did so was when he got into a standoff with a bunch of angry jawas who had tracked him down to Nar Shadda, then had to run for his life as he realized just how many Jawas there were. He was trying to shoot as many of them as possible to try and escape.
  13. Totally support this stance. Once per session talents are powerful, but that's the point of the once per session tag. It helps once then it's done. So what if the guy is across the battlefield.
  14. For my local group's post RotJ campaign, we have pc's from every core book. We have a thief, a gambler, an ex imperial trooper, a gadgeteer, an ex rebel engineer, a steel hand adept, and a fringer/scavenger. We had two more players, but one had their schedule change, the other unexpectedly moved out of town. Every one is using obligation except for the force user, who is using morality.
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