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  1. Personally I tend to follow the rule of cool. Extrapolating from the current dual weild rules, I let them do so but with the increase of difficulty for each gun. I very rarely saw the Xexto gunslinger in my group do more than fire two guns, even though he had two pairs of matched guns. IIRC, the only real time he did so was when he got into a standoff with a bunch of angry jawas who had tracked him down to Nar Shadda, then had to run for his life as he realized just how many Jawas there were. He was trying to shoot as many of them as possible to try and escape.
  2. Totally support this stance. Once per session talents are powerful, but that's the point of the once per session tag. It helps once then it's done. So what if the guy is across the battlefield.
  3. For my local group's post RotJ campaign, we have pc's from every core book. We have a thief, a gambler, an ex imperial trooper, a gadgeteer, an ex rebel engineer, a steel hand adept, and a fringer/scavenger. We had two more players, but one had their schedule change, the other unexpectedly moved out of town. Every one is using obligation except for the force user, who is using morality.
  4. Force Pike with the concussive property added.
  5. I know it's a long shot here, though going to ask anyways. Will we see other era books? What about more sector books similar to Lords of Nal Hutta, and Suns of Fortune? What does the future of the game hold beyond gear/species/Ship books?
  6. Check out the reddit thread on r/swrpg for pics of the trees
  7. Starting a 2nd Star Wars game, more EoE than the Force and Destiny one I am currently running. We're supposed to be sharing GM duties on that one, so hoping to play. Also play in an intermittent 5th ed D&D game. My group would probably kill for a 4th ed L5R game, but since I am the one usually running it, I've kind of burned out after running it through every edition since 1st ed. (Save the newest.)
  8. I looked over the system, and I feel it doesn't work well with certain force powers as you have it written. Ebb &Flow works specifically with the force points generated and taking advantage of the results as generated in order to impact the scene. Yours seems to let the player choose the results they are going after, which means the unique nature of Ebb and Flow is much more controlled by the player, and not the "vagueries" of the force. Ultimately, I won't use this. If it works for your table, go for it. Also, if you don't want critics to comment on your post, don't post it o the forums. Like most everyone else who had commented, I feel like it is trying to fix a non existent problem, and it has the potential to slow down play . Also, I tend to leave most of the emotional state of the characters to the players (except when influenced by outside factors) your system seems to put the onus of deciding what the character is feeling or experiencing emotionally in the game masters hands. That leads to disenfranchisment, which leads to frustration, which leads to hate, which leads to leaving the game in my experiences. In short you do you, and enjoy it if it works for your table.
  9. OSHA style safety rules? I kid. Honestly, just reworking and reverse engineering Gree and Rakata tech, or stuff like Center Point station would be awesome.
  10. There might be an upcoming book dealing with the era we saw them in, that has them listed as getting stats... at least their picture is in the midst of all the other species getting stats.
  11. Yeah, I loved the whole Maul story arc. I felt it was a throw back to Sion from Kotor 2, and the whole "hate and anger" keep me alive schtick.
  12. Any suggestions for stats on the Colossus? It's also pretty similar to the Sky Strike Academy, which would more than likely have a much larger fighter compliment, and less fuel. I was thinking as a starting point Sil 7 Hull 200 System Strain 100 4 twin light turbo lasers Armor 4 Spd 2 Handling -4 Shields 3/3/3/3 Navy comp Hyperdrive x2 12 fighters Hangar bays for quite a bit more Repair bays Salvage bay Machine shops Encumbrance lots Massive x2 Thoughts? https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Colossus https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Skystrike_Academy
  13. Because there is a small subset of individuals who want to make sure any games ran, are ran according to some holy bible of canon. Some of the old forums I was on for various games were notorious for that behavior anytime a lore discussion came up. I've been gaming for a quite a while, so it might just be a hard wired response to lore discussions.
  14. Y'know, the wonderful thing about TTRPG's, is that it ultimately doesn't matter all that much what anyone says who isn't at your table. Putting aside what is, and what isn't canon, we have an embarrassing amount of source material to work with. Between the EU, the Movies, the TV Shows, the Video Games, and the Nu Canon, we have the ability to pick and choose what we want in our games. ****, my own current campaign the setting pulls deep from the Kotor/Swtor material, some EU stuff, Nu Canon, and a liberally interpreted version of the unknown regions, all of which is designed to allow me to dip into the First Order/Resistance themes if I so choose to do so later on down the line. As a matter of course though, I do tend to avoid the major movie NPC's and plots as a matter of course, as the game is centered around the PC's as the primary protagonists. It's their story. So events that do happen, such as the death star blowing up, or mentions of Jedi masters like Luke Skywalker tend to be background filler, not front and center. So ultimately, it doesn't matter what Lucas or the Story group says. Make it your own story.
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