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  1. Hello, Anybody know where can I find the character folios from the box to download and print. I would like to run the game for different groups and I am no fond of writing on original folios as the adventure progresses and still I find the Tech Tree and all info on the folios very informative for beginners … Thanks!
  2. I have a similar problem, but the coutry it says is Brazil and I am from Brazil, but it won't accept XXXX nor posta codes, and we don't have Zip codes here
  3. Great, But this raise a few more questions. As an example. Medium don't have the HOSTED tag on it. Are it's tokens Purged as result of a Purge Virus Counters ? And about Medium again. When the Runner use Medium to reveal R&D cards does he reveal cards up to the tokens amount and expend those tokens or they stay in the card for a next incursion on R&D? How should be the behavior since the HOSTED tag is not present ?
  4. Hi there I think I lost something. In the FAQ it is mentioned that the Parasite can't destroy unrezzed ICE. So, if the Parasite was installed I am assuming the ICE was rezzed. In which occasions Corp can unrez ICE ? When purging virus counters, as I understand, 3 clicks purge ALL counter on a card. Is it true regarding any virus of any card (Parasite, Medium, Datasucker, or Crypsis) ? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi there! On Runners's heap all cards are face Up ? When, as a Runner, I suffer net/meat damage or have more cards in the grip than allowed (due initial limit or brain damage) should I discard my cards open so the Corp knows what I had ? Or can I have face down card in the pile as well hiding my strategy or possible events that I had intention to surprise my opponent. ? Thanks in advance !
  6. Hello everybody, I need some help in a few cards. I will start with Crypsis: Several cards says that Strength enhancement lasts for that run, turn or have some other limit. Crypsis is not one of those. This means the the enhancement lasts for the whole game, can I start strengthening it from the moment I install it or this enhancement will vanish on first ICE encountered (supposing I don't trash it). Is there anything in the rulebook that tells the default behavior for such or similar situations ? Thanks Guys!
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