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  1. From a different thread that is not mine (can't find it currently), here is a link to most of what you need. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZHR_RwY6tQXSyetPiXDnqVyuV2JBjaza?usp=sharing The Mandatory font doesn't look enough like the card titles to me, so I substituted Aero Matics Display (pretty close, and free). Also, the Legion font was missing the Operative symbol, last I checked. Otherwise, it works pretty well.
  2. I use the same basic approach as @ImhotepMagi - Vallejo surface primers through the airbrush, and GW Air (Mechanicus Standard Grey base color for the AT-ST, for example). I also use a small painting hood to catch overspray, which also has a filter to help with paint particulates in the air. Originally, I just sprayed into a cardboard box. I picked up three of the Vallejo primers from Amazon (grey, black and white) and find that the grey is a bit thicker than the others, though I use that color 90% of the time for my priming. The gotcha I found with these is that you really do need to let the primer cure... they don't have the "etching" effect of a rattle can, so they need time to adhere properly. I wait a minimum of 24 hours before painting.
  3. I have played with creating updated-text versions of Key Positions and Rapid Reinforcements cards in PNG format. Hopefully they will be helpful for those that might be looking to proxy a card that has the correct information. (The icon font I used for the unit rank does not have Operative yet, so the word is substituted for now.) Click on the image to see the full size version. I have not printed these myself, so I don't know that the card is able to be read properly when printed at the correct scale. Looking for feedback on that.
  4. My order for the two downed pilots came in, and I finally finished painting them.
  5. This is my idea of an objective that could be used in place of, or in addition to, other objectives. Downed Pilot Objective Setup: Choose two objective tokens to use as pilot tokens. Place the pilot tokens along the center line of the battlefield. The token must be beyond range 1 of the edges of the battlefield, and beyond range 2 of the other pilot token. All trooper units gain: "Capture Pilot (Claim the pilot token that is in base contact with your unit leader. Movement for the unit is reduced to speed 1 while the pilot token is claimed by that unit.)" Victory: at the end of the game, each player gains 1 victory token for each pilot token that is captured by one of their units. If the unit with the pilot token is in the player's deployment zone, that player gains 1 additional victory token. ---- Optional rule: Use two pilot tokens. Assign an allegiance to each pilot (1 Rebel, 1 Imperial) - for a mirror match, allegiance would be 1 Blue, 1 Red. Use these unit characteristics for each pilot: Wound Threshold 2, Courage -, Speed 0. Melee - none. Weapon: DL44 - 2 red, range 1-2, pierce 1. Red defense, no surge. Low Profile At the beginning of each round, the pilot receives a Standby token that can be used during that round. If the pilot is reduced to zero wounds, it is considered "stunned". Stunned units are not removed from the battlefield. The pilot does not have to be stunned to be captured. Once captured, the pilot is no longer able to use its weapon or take wounds, and it receives no more Standby tokens. ---- Thematically, this would represent an injured pilot with information useful to both sides. Since the pilot was injured in the crash, it has no movement of its own, but can be assisted by other troopers. The optional rule would create a unit that will try to defend itself. in this case, the pilot is intended to be captured for interrogation/rescue, and therefore is stunned and not killed when attacked by the enemy.
  6. I love the look of both of the downed pilot minis, but the gun for the Empire pilot seems... off. I can't really tell what pistol the pilot is supposed to have there. On the Rebel, it looks like a DL-44 variant. On the TIE pilot, to me, it looks like some kind of ray gun that doesn't seem to fit the SW universe. Can it be modified to resemble a hold-out blaster or scout equivalent?
  7. I see this was adjusted in the new version, thanks for that! I have found that on the iPhone Xs, when choosing options (gear, grenades, etc), the first option is getting cut off at the top. I can't scroll to see the full text. I don't know if this is related only to the XS or not, but I did not have this issue previously on my iPhone 6. Pic attached.
  8. I would like to request that the Actions list is realphabetized when new actions are added. For example, Arm X and Detonate X are at the bottom of the list. Not impossible to find, but it did take me a moment to figure out they are in the list.
  9. I found that if I checked "show only cards in my collection" in Settings, the copy option is not there for individual units. When I unchecked that option, copy was available again. Just a bug to be addressed, I'm sure. Awesome app!
  10. Late on the reply, but... I used several that I purchased for 40K, and found that they worked well for the AT-RT. Each weapon stem is 7/64" diameter, so your best bet is to use a 1/8" drill bit to hollow it out a little more, and then use a 1/8" x 1/32" disc magnet for placement in the body of the vehicle (under the hood, so to speak - pic 1 below). For each weapon, I drilled out a 1/16" hole, and inserted a 1/16" x 1/16" magnet (pic 2, though it is hard to see it once it is painted over). You have to be careful of which direction the magnet goes in, or it will push the weapon out instead of holding it. I included a third picture for comparison of the sizes mentioned above. You could also use the smaller magnets for the Airspeeder weapons (tow cable/ground buzzer), but those fit pretty tight to start. You can pick these up online almost anywhere. I personally use KJ Magnetics, as their cost is reasonable. You will pay more for shipping than for the magnets themselves, however. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps!!
  11. I did order these, and couldn't believe how SMALL they are. Talk about a painting challenge... but they will make awesome scenery bits. Great work @melminiatures!
  12. I have had several orders through MM, mostly preorder, and I have never had an issue.
  13. For both Imperial and Rebel armies, I have 3 of the standard corps (Rebel Troopers, Stormtroopers) and 2 other corps (Fleet Troopers, Snowtroopers). I am looking to expand both armies to 6 corps units, but I don't know if it makes more sense to do one specific unit over the other. For Rebels, is there enough of an advantage using the Fleet Troopers over standard Rebel Troopers? Z6 vs scattergun seems to indicate 'no'. For Imperial, does the same apply for Snowtroopers over Stormtroopers? Ready and flame vs Precise and DLT... I haven't experience a decided advantage in this case. I would love to hear thoughts on this. Thanks!
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