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  1. Hopefully I'm going to make it to a Kessel run event this weekend. I'm looking for some advice on my list. I haven't played the game in a very long time so something easier to pilot would be preferable and I have never played with asteroids yet! I definitely want a 4 ship build and would like to have two y-wings (i just love the ships). If I was ultra competitive I'd probably go 4 x-wings (i have enough ships) but if i could get a list that would give me a chance to walk away with a 4th place ship while fielding 2 y-wings that would be perfect. So 2 Y-wings with Ions are y-wing (18) + ion (5) = 23 y-wing (18) + ion (5) = 23 Totals 46 points, leaves me with 54 points to field 2 x-wings. x-wing rookie (21) = 21 So bare bones I'm at 67 points, leaving me 33 for a hero ----------------------------------------------------------- Wedge Squad y-wing (18) + ion (5) + R5 (1) = 24 y-wing (18) + ion (5) + R5 (1) = 24 x-wing rookie (21) = 21 x-wing Wedge (29) + swarm tactics (2) = 31 The thinking with fielding Wedge is to have an offensively minded list with the X-wings. Kill the important ships before they can kill you. Wedge with swarm tactics will allow the rookie to shoot with him. Hopefully they can kill something important early. The R5's on the y-wings are there to make sure their ion cannons are never knocked out. I'm afraid though that if Wedge is taken out early then I won't have much offence. Is it worth taking Wedge without Biggs? If I fly slow with the y-wings and let them ion some ships, will this help defend Wedge? ----------------------------------------------------------- Luke Squad y-wing (18) + ion (5) = 23 y-wing (18) + ion (5) = 23 x-wing rookie (21) = 21 x-wing Luke (28) = 28 Totals 95 points. The thinking with fielding Luke is to have a durable list. The X-wings will draw fire, hopefully Luke can last a bit longer. There are 5 points left over to spend. I could give Luke R2D2 and a R5 on a Y-wing. I could give Luke swarm tactics with an R5 and give all the Y-wings R5s. I could give Luke R2F2 with swarm tactics to have the rookie shoot with him. But I think I need to focus with my x-wing so they can kill ships. ----------------------------------------------------------- Dutch and Garven y-wing (18) + ion (5) = 23 y-wing Dutch (23) + ion (5) + R5-K6 (2) = 30 x-wing rookie (21) = 21 x-wing Garven (26) = 26 This is a very thematic list! The idea is that Garven and Dutch give each other focus/locks. I'm worried about how hard it would be to fly this squad as X-wings and Y-wings have different maneuver dials and I would have to keep them close. Also their pilot skills of 6 means I'm getting shot by Wedge, Luke, Vader and their swarm tactics friends. ----------------------------------------------------------- Dutch Squad y-wing (18) + ion (5) + R5-D8 (3) = 26 y-wing Dutch (23) + ion (5) + R5-K6 (2) = 30 x-wing rookie (21) + R2 (1) = 22 x-wing rookie (21) + R2 (1) = 22 Here the y-wings take the bulk of the points. Dutch hands out locks and his astromech helps. The Gold Squadron has R5-D8 to keep him alive. The two X-wings have R2's so they can do k-turns and fly around. The drawback is that everyone has low pilot skill and may be dead before they can shoot. Also what strategy should I have in regards to movement? Keep them in 2 separate groups? Y-wings fly side by side and X-wings take off to hunt enemies? Or should they all be one big blob? Is it hard to fly ships with different maneuver wheels?
  2. I made a quick little squad builder for those of you who like using excel. Hope you enjoy it. It can be found on Boardgamegeek here: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/86090/x-wing-squad-builder-lite Some screenshots of what it looks like. The rows for non hero pilots are expandable/collapsable, so that helps in viewing your squads.
  3. Because i have to be online to use it, or use my browser. There was another older excel squad builder and it was great. http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/82149/star-wars-x-wing-miniatures-game-squad-builder-v2 I found myself using it all the time. But the guy who made it doesn't seem to want to make another so I decided to have a go at making one. An Excel squad builder has a superior layout to the html one imho.
  4. I'm making an excel spreadsheet squad builder that i intend to upload for the community when done. I have all the data entered and tables set up. However, I need help because I'm no excel pro and am having a hard time writing some formulas for data entry restrictions. For example, in dealing with Ship Modifications, there are 3 available but each ship is only allowed to take one. I want a formula that will restrict a ship to one mod. So how do i write the formula? Lets say that cell A1 is Engine upgrade, B1 is Shield Upgrade and C1 is Stealth device. I need excel to allow only one cell from A1, B1, C1, to have a maximum value of 1. I tried COUNTIF(A1:C1,">2") but anything under 2 triggers the error lol. I have a feeling this can be done with IF and COUNTIF functions but I'm at a loss as to how to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Parakitor said: Icedragon said: which can be used for knowledge and defense in addition to attack. Ha, i see what you did there! Yoda ftw!
  6. poloniumandrats said: It'd be pretty neat once wave 3 is out, assuming b-wing and tie bomber, to have a massive 1000point battle of endor, with all squads represented. Ya the battle of Endor would look pretty awesome with the right gaming table! Here are two Millenium Falcon vs 4 Tie fighter lists Escape from the Death Star Falcon (1) Solo (46) Chewy (4) Luke (7) Elusiveness (2) 60 pts vs Howlrunner (18) 3 x Black Sqd Ties (42) 60 pts Escape in the Asteroid Field Falcon (1) Solo (46) Chewy (4) Shield Upgrade (4) [they upgraded on Hoth] Push the Limit (3) [apropos for flying into an asteroid field] 58 pts vs Dark Curse (16) 3 x Black Sqd Ties (42) 58 pts
  7. Luke's Trench Run - 99 pts Luke Skywalker - R2 D2, Deadeye, Torps Biggs - Torps Wedge - Torps
  8. I took a look at shadowjack's old, and pretty awesome, post about reverse engineering the points for ships. Here's the link if anyone is interested. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=254&efcid=6&efidt=734236&efpag=0 It seems like 2 weapons, 2 agility, and 3 hull are a sort of basic starting stat for ships. At 2 weapons, 2 agility, 3 hull and 3 shield a 2 pilot skill ship costs 17.5 points, or rounded up is 18 pts, just like the current y-wing. Here is the math An FFG Gold Y-Wing (2 pilot skill): ‘Squad Points’ = 2 + 2 + (2 – 2) x 8 + (1 – 2) x 8 + (5 – 3) x 4.25 + 3 x 4.5 ‘Squad Points’ = 18 ---- Edited Y-Wing (pilot skill 2) ‘Squad Points’ = 2 + 2 + (2 – 2) x 8 + (2 – 2) x 8 + (3 – 3) x 4.25 + 3 x 4.5 ‘Squad Points’ = 2 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 13.5 ‘Squad Points’ = 17.5 --- Maybe nefring the movement or taking away focus isn't necessary for balance after all. It might be interesting to have cheaper y-wings with no ability to focus, like tie fighter spam for the empire? However, Shadowjack couldn't find a direct correlation between points values for ships and their abilities on the action bar and movement dial. Anyway here is a pic to show a comparison with the current y-wing, including nerfed movement (no points subtracted for nerfed movement, although one could argue to round the y-wing down to 17 points with nerfed movement) What do you guys think, does this feel more like a y-wing to you or did FFG get it right with the 5 hull 1 agility? They cost the same amount of points, which would you rather have?
  9. NewTroski said: I agree that it shouldn't be the same difficulty to hit as the X-Wing. For people using the video games as a reference, try approaching it from a different perspective: Think about when you're fighting against Y-Wings. They are really easy to shoot down, it just takes a while to get through all the shields and armor. Hmm… I think I'll load up Alliance and see how many Top Ace Y-Wings I can take down with a standard TIE True enough, they were easier to take down than other ships. I just remember working miracles with them in the game, but then again I was a pretty good player. See how the top aces do. I haven't played Alliance in a while, that was such a fun game! There is a skin mod floating around that redoes all the skins with more resolution. If you google it, you'll find it. My thinking for the y-wing was to limit their movement as opposed to agility and the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of removing the focus action from their action bar to limit their combat effectiveness. Maybe only named pilots should have the focus ability.
  10. >A pure bomber (not a fighter bomber) would not have any agility. Persoanlly I think and agility of 0 is more like a capital ship that cannot move at all. >They are not as good at dogfighting as the other fighters, but there aren't supposed to be. Agreed, and I've blown stuff up with Y-wings as well. I've tried to run all Y-wing lists (i own 3 of them) and it is very difficult to be competitive. The 2 attack dice limit their effectiveness as it is in a dogfight. The 1 agility ***** them. >Remember an x-wing has an agility of 2. There is no way that a y-wing is as easy to hit as an x-wing I thought about this too, and I agree that the x-wing should be a more nimble craft. That is why I figured on nerfing the y-wings maneuverability dial even more. In a straight up fight the x-wing would still have 3 attack dice vs 2 y-wing defence, while the y-wing hits back at 2 dice vs 2 dice. The x-wing has more moves it can pull off and so should win the dogfight. Or does the 2 agility make the y-wing too close to the x-wing? Maybe nerfing the y-wings lasers, saying that they can only inflict 1 damage max limits the effectiveness in a dog fight even more? I dunno. Currently I just don't like the y-wing as it plays. Or how about 2 agility but the y-wing cannot take focus actions, only target locks? That limits it's ability quite a lot.
  11. Where are you getting your hull ratings from? And if the y-wing should have a hull of 6, what should the falcon have?
  12. Agreed, the hull shouldn't be more than the other ships especially with 2 agility. FFG gave 5 hull for balance, not because of the movies or video game. I do think hitting the y-wings maneuverability dial will separate it more from the x-wing and a-wing as an older ship. The y-wing should be slow no matter what kind of pilot is flying her and the ion cannon's 360 degree arc should balance this out and make the ship useful. If the y-wing has 2 agility nerfing it's movement shouldn't be insurmountable but still an obstacle. So how about this. A slow ship that is not maneuverable but still a viable fighter. Does this feel more like a Y-wing?
  13. To be fair to our poor maligned y-wing one did survive the 1st death star battle and one even went into the tight tunnel of the 2nd death star. No b-wing went down there. The b-wing is a bomber, the y-wing is an old fighter bomber. As far as the computer game, once I got the hang of power allocation the y-wing wasn't so bad but it was always slow, no matter what. Personally I loved ion cannon missions. They were great because you could stun ships and stop newer waves from spawning. I use to play missions and kill everything that way, including star destroyers. Although still possible with x-wings, in some missions it would've been much harder than in a y-wing. Ties were no problem, it was just the faster ships that would always fly away that were a challenge like the Interceptors and the rare Tie Advanced. I think FFG overcompensated with the 5 hull because of the 1 agility. 5 hull does not feel like a star fighter. The falcon has 8 hull, only three more lol! And the falcon was taking on 4 ties at once lets remember. Is the Y-wing really 5 hull compared to an average snub fighter hull of 3? I would even be ok with the y-wing having 3 hull and maybe one more shield than an x-wing, or same hull and shields and say that the y-wing never takes a crit (if you want to make it a durable ship). The 1 agility takes away the possibility of the y-wing being a fighter-bomber because it cannot fight. Doesn't the 5 hull 1 agility imply that the y-wing is this massive ship that cannot dodge anything?
  14. I know the ship has sailed and the rules for ships are what they are, but does the Y-Wing feel like a Y-wing? Granted, in the movies all they ever did was get blown up (I'm hiiiiiiit), but in the x-wing games, once you got the hang of them they weren't too bad. Mind you Tie Advanced zoomed around them like crazy and Interceptors were a real pain, but if you were a good pilot, Y-Wings weren't the death boxes they are in our miniatures game and sometimes you had to take them for the ion cannon until the b-wing showed up. Even after b-wing, I sometimes would take a y-wing out for a spin just for fun. So in a perfect world shouldn't the Y-Wing have had 2 agility dice and be just really slow? Take a look at this. Maybe limit them even further by taking away their ability to turn 90 degrees at speed 3 and give them only 2 shields? What do you guys think, does this feel more like a y-wing to you (versatile fighter bomber) and less like a death box?
  15. Heyo Star Wars Fans, If you haven't seen this yet go take a look… To all the Canadians, have a Happy Thanksgiving and a good long weekend!
  16. Geek level 10 has been acheived! haha I use to paint a little back in the day and this X-Wing game has re-awakened the old hobby juices. Sadly more than HALF of my GW paints have dried out though! ! I was inspired by this guy's great repaint of Red 5 found here: http://buckaroo13.blogspot.ca/2012/09/x-wing-painting-red-5.html And so I said to myself, I could do that, and it would look so cool on the table. I gave it a shot, let me know what you think. I painted Luke, Biggs and Wedge. I researched how each fighter actually looked using google image search and, learned quite a lot about the X-wings used in Star Wars IV (like the difference between Piro Models and Hero Models). Another thing that really bugged me was the lack of Ion cannons on the Y-Wings. So I came up with a good solution. I took some Epic Eldar Guardians and chopped off their guns. I then used Epoxy Glue and tweezers to glue them onto the Y-Wings. After a night of drying I painted them up. They looked great, so I was really happy with that. I touched up the yellow and grey on the Y-Wings in places and gave some extra damage in spots. I also painted the brass piping as seen in the Y-Wing models. Generally I'm happy with the paint jobs and might go back and add some details, especially on the Y-Wings, but I thought I'd share these guys with you all as they are now. Hope you enjoy the pics. For those interested, here are the paints I used: Ship Colour - Komando Khaki and a little bit of Rotting Flesh Cockpits - Elf Grey Red on X-Wing - Blood Red Replacement Panels on X-Wings - Golden Yellow Used Black Ink to edge parts of panels, cockpits Y-Wing Piping - Dwarf Bronze Y-Wing Yellows - used Golden Yellow to darken areas, sunburst to highlight Y-Wing Turrets - Painted them with Komando Khaki and Rotting flesh mix. The applied a light wash of black ink. Then highlighted again the edges with the Komando Khaki and Rotting flesh mix. Wedge Red 2, Biggs Red 3 and Luke Red 5 Luke Skywalker close up. I even painted R2-D2. Love that little guy I dabbed a little bit of purple/pink in the engines. You can't really see it well here though. Red 5 top view Biggs Red 3 and his little R2 buddy. Notice the black outlines on some of the panels help bring them out. Wedge, Red 2, the best Rebel fighter pilot in the game Y-Wings Gold 1 and Gold 2 I added 3 "eyes" to this R5 astromech. I touched up some of the yellow and added damage paint chips. A Group shot. I feel like I can take on the whole Empire myself with these little guys!
  17. Imperials Tie Advanced Vader - Cluster Missiles, Determination Tie Fighter Howlrunner - Squad Leader Tie Fighter Mauler Mithel Tie Fighter Backstabber Tie Fighter Academy Pilot Rebels Y-Wing Dutch + Ion Cannon + Proton Torps + R5-K6 Y-wing Horton + Ion Cannon + Proton Torps + Proton Torps + R2 Astromech Y-Wing Gold + Proton Torps + Proton Torps + R2 Astromech This was my second game. I wanted to try out a Y-Wing list. My friend wanted to try out an elite Imperial list made of Ties and Vader. He is still getting the hang of the rules however and so did not use the squad leader ability once lol (he moved the Academy Pilot away from Howlrunner during the game). The idea with my Y-Wing list was to blast away with all my torps and take down as many ties as possible, then use the ion turrets to try to control the battlefield. Dutch hands out a free target lock whenever he acquires a lock. R5-k6 gives him a 37.5% chance to reacquire a lock (it only worked once in this game however). Horton gets rerolls at range 2-3 so Dutch would throw the lock over to the gold pilot. The gold pilot would take focus to increase his chance to hit. If one or two torps (4-8pts) could sink a tie (12-18pts) then I thought that would give the Y-Wings a chance. Instead of zooming at the Imperials the Y-Wings lined up in close formation and plodded along at speed 2. I wanted the ties to get into range 2 -3 and so moved very slowly. Once the ties were in range I started to fly at speed 1. Howlrunner managed to zip right up to my Y-wings into range 1 and so escaped torpedo fire. Vader and the Academy pilot swung to my far left in an effort to flank me. The Y-wings got a volley of torps off as they passed the swarming ties. Two ties blew up, Mauler Mithel and Backstabber. The Imperials (and Vader flanking with his missiles) decided to shoot at Horton and blew him up while he still had unused torpedoes in the tubes. That really sucked I tell you. Rolling 1 Green Die sucked more. Even with all those shields and 5 hull the Y-Wing went down pretty quickly. As the 3 remaining Ties started to bank back around behind the Y-wings Dutch shot back with his ion cannon, giving covering fire as the squad set up for their next attack run. Vader and Howlrunner were hit and stunned as the Y-wings made Koiogran turns in close formation. Seeing that Vader expected the Y-Wings to slow down for their next pass, Gold Leader (Dutch) ordered his wingman to "gun it" at speed 3 (lol) and flew out of Vader's targeting arc. Gold squadrons' targeting computers locked onto howlrunner behind them and Dutch's ion cannon pot shot delivered the death blow to the elite tie. So it was Dutch and Gold 2 vs Vader and an Academy Pilot. The Ties concentrated on Gold 2 and took him down. Then Vader almost collided with Dutch and this confusion gave Gold Leader a chance to finish off the academy pilot at close range, which the Y-Wing pilot duly did. It was down to Gold Leader vs Vader… With no missiles my only hope was to hit Vader with an ion cannon and keep ionizng him. This is very hard to do. Ion cannons have 3 attack dice, Vader has 3 defence. Plus Vader was always taking evade and focus actions. I tried my best, I ran, I koiogran turned, I used my rerolls with my target lock but slowly Vader started to land shots. Soon the shields were down and then a critical took out Dutch's ion cannon. That was it - not being able to shoot Vader outside the Y-Wing's arc was the death knell for the lumbering ship. Vader said "I have you now!" and finished off Gold Leader, then banked away victorious into the void. It was a really fun game. I found it challenging to try to get those zippy ties into range 2-3 on my first pass. Using only Y-Wings, I now have a sense for what the ships can and can't do. They are not manoeuvrable and cannot hit hard - except when shooting torps. Even at range 3 Y-Wings are still probably going to take hits as they only roll 1 defensive die. The ion cannon is a huge asset when shooting flanking Ties. However, Vader must be targeted with torps if possible. A Y-Wing without torps will have a hard time if Vader takes evade and focus actions. I'm not sure if an all Y-Wing list can be competitive, but I so want the old clunkers to be! I'll try a similar list again sometime in the hopes of finding an all Y-Wing sweet spot. Here are some Pics taken on my phone. Sorry for the blur. Y-Wings Fly in close formation. Dutch is in the middle. The Ties Zoom in, howlrunner get's within range 1. One Tie is downed. Second Tie is downed and so is a Y-Wing. Vader unloaded on the poor guy. Y-wings break off to set up for their next pass. Dutch puts an ion on Vader. Y-Wings Kiogoran turn and set up for their run. Dutch rightly guesses what Vader will do and blows past him with his wingman. Dutch kills Howlrunner with his Ion Cannon. Y-Wings Kiogoran turn to face the remaining Ties. Gold Squadron Pilot yells "I'm hiiiiiit" and dies. Dutch Ionizes the flanking Tie. Dutch outmaneuvers Vader again. Vader flies too close to Dutch and must veer off. Dutch uses this confusion to blast away the remaining Tie Fighter. Now it's Vader vs Dutch, a literal Faceoff. Dutch doesn't maneuver well and is still in range of Vader, but he dogded the incoming fire. Again they fly past each other. Focus and Evade on Vader are difficult to overcome! Dutch gets a lucky shot but Vader drew on the Dark Side. Dutch is slowly losing his shields. Dutch bolts from Vader at speed 4 but takes a Stress Token as he's pushing his old ship to the limits. Dutch runs out of table room (asteroids ahead?) and can't koiogoran turn so has to make a sharp turn instead. Vader says "I have you now." Dutch lost his Ion Canon and tries to fly by Vader but Vader will have none of it and finally puts down the Y-Wing. Vader flies away as Dutch goes down in smoke.
  18. This is great! To sum up: Target lock or Focus = 75% to hit Benefit of Target Lock, slightly better chance of critical, if you don't use it will stay on target. Benefit of Focus, can be used on defence as well as offence Taget with Focus = 93% to hit
  19. Ha ha. That's really well done.
  20. Is it better for an X-Wing to take a target lock (re-roll any attack dice) or a Focus (all eyes become hits) action? When I was at range 1 with Luke I decided to take a Target Lock action instead of a Focus on a Tie. I figured I technically could get to roll 8 dice and take only the hits. Was I thinking correctly? A focus is only 2/8 per die. A hit is 4/8. What is the best move statistically?
  21. crimzonteerz


    cleardave said: I think we've all gotten the X-Wing fever and just craved playing these larger matches to try all these combos out. The supply of expansion ships should start to come back in the next month. Personally, I'm not looking to ever have more than 2 TIE Advanced, because I like the swarmy nature of the TIE Fighters, possibly lead by that one elite TIE Advanced (usually Vader), and for the small numbers, elite team, I like going for the Wedge/Luke/Biggs team for its thematic connection to Episode IV. Lots of quotable movie moments come out of that one. Well I definitely have the Star Wars fever. I'm a sucker for theme too and that's why I think I'll only ever have 1 tie advanced (it'll always be Vader). I really want to try the 8 tie swarm though. It seems like a fluffy list that is also powerful… But that would mean i have to buy more figures… *shakes fist at FFG*
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    Strombole said: Empire is not soo tough, lol. I beat my brother the last 2 games using rebels ( at games of 100 and 130 pts- he wanted 130 to take the stuff he wanted to take) while the first 2 games I played against him using rebels I lost both. I have played games against others using both factions with mixed results but I consider my brother a better opponent than most of the other ham and eggers I play, lol. The combo that shocked the piss out of him was Wedge with swarm tactics in close formation with a Rookie Pilot and Luke on the other side with swarm tactics and another rookie pilot. I blasted the Y Wing straight at Vader to give Vader the juicy target of the Y Wing up in his face and then Wedge and his rookie 2 pilot both shot at skill 9 and took out a Tie then Luke and his Rookie took out another tie at skill 8 and he was down 2 ships right off the bat and he was speechless… He was looking out for it next game but I still won that game as well although I only used WQedge with a rookie 2 and swarm in the next game… but it is very potent combining fire at skill 9 with 2 X wings, especially when one of them is Wedge with his agility gimping power and the fact that the he will usually draw out the evade, etc. Those are great strategies. After reading posts on this forum it seems to me that combos are the best way for rebels to deal with the higher amount of imperial ships.
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    Strombole said: I'm from Toronto. Just picked up the game on Sunday from Meeplemart and they were sold out of Y-Wings! I need that ship. I'm from Brampton but I did pick up probably a little over half of my stuff from Meeplemart as well. My initial batch of stuff though came from X planet games in Mississauga where I had him hold aside a core set for me first day and went into the store when it opened which is a good thing I did because the store opened at 11 and all X Wing stuff was sold out by like 11:45… but I did get a Y Wing there right off the bat along with a tie advanced expenasion I think… well I can't remember anymore what I got where but I now have 2 core sets, 2 advanced Ties, 2 X wings (on top of the 2 from the core sets for a total of 4, a Y Wing and another Tie (for a total of 5 including core sets… so I have 4 X wings and a Y Wing, 2 advanced Ties and 5 Tie fighters so I have some flexibility for list building, at least when it comes to the Empire, lol. That is a pretty good haul. I have 2 Core Sets, 1 Tie Advanced, 1 Tie fighter and 2 Y-Wing expansions.
  24. Played my first full game last night. Tried playing Luke vs 3 Academy pilots on Saturday night. Unfortunately I couldn't finish the game. I was forced to be a good friend and go out, I had to be another sort of wingman that night lol. So last night I made an effort to finally have a game with my good friend. To set the mood we were listening to a Star Wars Music CD all night. It made the game much more enjoyable. We grew up with Star Wars and it totally felt like we were a kids again. He was the Imperials, I played as the rebels. Here are the combatants. Imperials Vader - Cluster Missiles, Determination Howlrunner Academy Pilot Academy Pilot Academy Pilot Academy Pilot Rebels X-Wing Wedge - R2-F2, Proton Torps X-Wing Luke - R2-D2 Y-wing Dutch - Ion Cannon, Proton Torps I have to say it was very intimidating looking at all those Ties across the table. I think I heard Wedge say "look at the size of that… fleet" I scowled at the model and told him to cut the chatter. So we zoomed right at each other. My plan was to light up Vader with all my Torps asap. Dutch is great at handing out target locks. He gave Wedge a lock after acquiring it on a tie (vader was too far). Luke locked on a Tie as well. Vader zoomed in and locked on Wedge, took a focus and then fired his missiles. We played Vader's target lock that he could reroll any dice during his attack, so he could re-roll any of the 6 dice if he wanted. But the Focus would only effect one batch of dice (the first 3 dice rolls or the last 3 dice rolls). Vader ended up getting 6 hits! Poof Wedge was dead. Before Wedge died he fired his torps at a Tie and did 1 point of damage. I forgot to lower the Tie's agility though but that's fine, we were forgetting things here and there. For example, we forgot to use Howlrunner's ability all game. So after Wedge died I was thinking this was game over but played on. Luke and Dutch managed to take out another tie, Dutch needing just one hit and blasted it with his Ion cannon. Then it was 5 against two. I kept Dutch and Luke close. My plan was to give Luke Focus and Dutch was to give Luke target locks. It worked on the next couple turns as Luke used focus and target lock to take out a tie and Dutch fired his torps and blew away another. Then it was Vader, Howlrunner, and an Academy against Dutch and Luke. I couldn't believe it, I started to hope. But alas, the imperials all shot at Dutch and he was blown up in short order. I don't think he managed a single evade lol. That 1 agility die is just brutal. It was Luke against 3. I should have lost quickly but my friend made some poor maneuvers and I managed to get some good rolls. R2-D2 helped a lot. He healed 4 shields at least. I managed to take down Howlrunner who had just made a koiogran turn and so had a stress token (no evade or focus to help him). It was Luke against Vader and an academy pilot. I made some lucky rolls, and some great koipgran turns. I hit Vader once taking his shields down. Vader is hard to hit, especially if he takes evade and focus at the same time. Finally My friend made a fatal move, a 3 "banked in" and he landed right in front of Luke at range 1. Luke rolled 4 hits (!), vader one evade, used an evade token but rolled no focus to help him. He had 3 hull left and ended up taking 1 hit and 1 critical to his hull. I held my breath as the critical card was drawn. Vader had determination and could discard any pilot result. It ended up being a double hit to his hull. Vader asked "What?" and was promptly blown up. At this point my friend conceded the game as Luke had full shields and there was one scared academy pilot left to fight him. It was a great game but I definitely shouldn't have won. Had my friend made better maneuvers he could have gotten Luke by bringing more fire to bear on him. We both enjoyed the game a lot and were impressed by the intuitive rules and fast play style. I think the opening solvo from a tie swarm can make or break a rebel player. If he can take out a tie or two, he's in a good position. If the Imperials manage an early kill, the swarm is that much deadlier. Here are some pics taken on my phone. The camera isn't the best, sorry for the blurr. Luke and Dutch are taking on the tie swarm to avenge Wedge. Luke and Dutch are feeling confident… Dutch is blown away, Luke is by himself. Luke is in a tight spot and Vader has a lock! Btw, before rolling any dice for Luke if you say "use the force Luke!" and then roll, you'll get very lucky results. It was working for me all game. Luke has taken out Howlrunner and is going after Vader. Luke does a nice koiogran turn and lands behind the ties. Luke is still alive dipping and diving, the force is with him. Vader cut in front of Luke. Luke can't believe his luck. Final dice are rolled.. it's just like shooting womp rats. Vader get a critical. I love the cards and production value on this game. FFG seems to have done it right!
  25. Zoso said: I can't wait to get my hands on these! I feel like a kid again, waiting for Christmas. I remember before I had the Millenium Falcon toy, I would use a round throw pillow (for the body) and a flashlight (for the cockpit section) together and "fly" it around the house dodging asteroids. Good times. Too bad adulthood had to come along and screw it up… Ha ha! That's great.
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