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  1. Tune in for some Armada goodness. We're playing with some house rules that got me excited enough to blow the dust off these ol' starships.
  2. Appreciate you tuning in! We did consider showing the hands, but we didn't have enough cameras to cover them all well. We'll try to remember to be a bit more clear in exactly what we're doing
  3. Really excited to do this! Me, my wife, and our friend Andrew will be playing for a good chunk of the day We're starting right now! http://twitch.tv/CastleMac
  4. We're kicking off this 4 part series right now! Props to MOTF for reminding me this exists http://www.twitch.tv/WWPDSteven
  5. I will have Leia painted for my next game (I don't stream with unpainted figures!) so if you want to give me a follow, check out http://www.twitch.tv/WWPDSteven and come hang in the chat while we play live! The first one is with my brand new Snowtroopers: The second one is with a Rebel gunline (3x AT-RTs with laser cannons).
  6. I can only assume this list is to drive controversy... The Z-6 should be #1 or #2.
  7. Come hang out if you'd like!
  8. Hey y'all, I am streaming some Legion right now!
  9. Hey if you use 1/4 of your army to fly back and forth and do nothing for a few turns, more power to you! I agree, the lack of real armored targets right now hurts it. I also play RvB, so it's only ever facing Imperials. I'm sure the speeder chews up AT-RTs.
  10. My problem with it is just how easy it is to bring it down with potshots. Don't even really need to concentrate fire on it. Random stormtrooper group here, volley from speeder bikes there and before long it's going down. The AT-ST only has 3 more health, but what it has going for it is standoff range. It can sit back behind the rest of your army and so is much harder to concentrate on. The compulsor move kills the Speeder, always having to move towards your opponent's forces. It has decent potential for damage, but one or two rounds of whiffs and it's 1/4 of your army sunk doing nothing. I have had a few matches where it was clutch, but it's not reliably clutch like Luke, or Stormtroopers w/ Dacon Lettuce Tomatoes.
  11. Tune in to watch Andrew and I play some Legion and discuss his awesome listbuilding site Tabletop Admiral. http://www.twitch.tv/WWPDSteven
  12. Come hang out :) https://www.twitch.tv/WWPDSteven
  13. Hey Thank you Kac! I did not realize that. As I said today, I need to sit down and give the RRG another read now that the game has hit the table a few times Thanks all!
  14. Gah! Sorry! I posted my Youtube link instead of the twitch link, oops! http://www.twitch.tv/WWPDSteven
  15. Come chat, and hang out General Veers himself. https://www.youtube.com/user/indierockclimber
  16. I've been back into the streaming game: http://www.twitch.tv/WWPDSteven https://www.youtube.com/user/indierockclimber
  17. Looks like I'll be streaming another one today at 3! http://www.twitch.tv/WWPDSteven Hope to see you there! Come chat!
  18. This was a pretty fun one. I am really loving Veers
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