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  1. Tomdidiot said: On a slightly unrelated note - will there be people from the Stoke Meta travelling to Stahleck? Do many travel over from the UK ? It looks like a good weekend, something were thinking about doing next year.
  2. Save Ned and clog up your draw. Then pay a small fortune to bring him back into play. Works with Kyle and that's about it for me.
  3. " You may put back into your hand, then, choose and discard a card from your hand " At least then it will stop the draw frustration whilst still retaining the negative drawback of having to pay for said card again. Wish it was better myself as I only play Stark.
  4. Could of been just a good Targ deck he was playing or bad luck on your behalf. If it was stupidity I kind of guess you may have realised it by now, as by stupidity I take it that you mean general mistakes, ie, missing key opportunities, etc. How many games did you play, (although you got battered as you stated) if you only played, say, "best of 5" it could of been that he just had a good night where everything fell. Or it could of been your build. Without knowing yours and his build, no one can really say without a degree of speculation as to why. And even with the latter knowledge at your disposal, it is at the least, hazardous to fore-see an outcome with any steadfast certainty. In my opinion. Post the decks up and I'm sure some members will give you some helpful input.
  5. kr4ng said: Your objectivity--your telling the community that "clearly someone has an axe to grind"--your maturity--is not wanted here. " -Krang Since when did this site become the DC Meta forum ?
  6. Ive actually been on a lot longer than 12 days but I rejoined as Endhill again as I could not get into my account due to not playing for a few monthsand forgetting my PS. My name was Endhill before and if you go into the past posts you will see me in here around 6 - 10 months ago'ish. There is no conspiracy. Im not sure why your being funny with me, I assumed by some of your other posts in the rules thread that you were new to the game and as I know from experience new players can miss things like Terminal Effects. So I hope that makes things better your end and apologies from me if your not a new player. Cant say anymore than that. Anyway I think the original poster has enough to go on for a bit. thanks.
  7. AGoT DC Meta said: dcdennis said: Endhill said: dcdennis said: Flame kissed only gives the minus two if the card has no other attachments. That is what people are referring to. They are referring to Targ Burn in general and I was just highlighting the fact dupes wont save you against FK as its a terminal effect. Read up terminal effects dennis. Its worth knowing mate. Thanks why exactly are you calling me out here? what did I say that was incorrect? Oh that's right, NOTHING. What dennis was trying to say so lovingly, is that FK has the text "if attached character has no other attachments" which is something I know I personally overlooked when I was a new player. So a card like Risen from the Sea will actually not only save and give +1 STR, it will remove the burn and terminal effect from FK as well when RftS is attached. If you try to use FK on a character with attachments, it is a wasted card until you can discard the other attachment(s). Yes mate I know this but the original poster was looking for help in general and I was just making him aware that dupes wont save a character from a terminal effect. Dont forget that the Targs have ways to take attachments, Meerenese Brothel springs to mind. Not sure why Dennis is upset, I assumed by some of his other posts he has been typing in the rules thread that he was a new player to the game. I didnt mean to upset him with my reply. Thanks
  8. dcdennis said: Flame kissed only gives the minus two if the card has no other attachments. That is what people are referring to. They are referring to Targ Burn in general and I was just highlighting the fact dupes wont save you against FK as its a terminal effect. Read up terminal effects dennis. Its worth knowing mate. Thanks
  9. Dont forget though the dupes wont help with Targ cards like "flame kissed" as there effect is terminal. Im sure the Targ player has a good few terminal cards at there disposal. I think "Kings Pavillion", stopping str reducing, higher str characters and attaching attachments is the way forward. Be carefull with dupes as there still prone to terminal effects and you could see yourself losing x 3 character. try not to play low str characters. Did you say you play Stark, if so you have the option of the Boltons who have a load of characters that cannot have attachments and are high in strength. You can also get to there influence locations that they need to kneel a lot with "frozen solid" and "freezing rain". Plots wise, "Power of Blood", "Threat from the North" spring to mind.
  10. Ah, would Brienne of Tarth work, PoS. I dont have her at the mo but how does that fare with the fact that I cant cancel Keywords.
  11. Ah, I know Ambush cannot be passive as opponents choosing when to trigger, got a tad mixed up typing the question, really should re-check what I type. Have had a smoke prior to posting so hold my hands up to feeling a tad on the mashed side, no excuse though. You got what I meant anyway. Hmm, that Flame Kissed is a sneaky sausage. Trying to think of a way to stop it as a cancel response as all my str inducers seem to be player actions which tend to leave me too late if he uses FK in conjunction with other event reducers he has. Im assuming as its a terminal effect I cant really save the character. Bugger. Thanks
  12. Can Maester Vyman cancel ambush " Flame Kissed " if the target chosen is a Stark. Funny one because I'm sure Ambush is passive (keyword) and cannot be cancelled, but that said Ambush is a triggered effect as the opponent is choosing to trigger it. Thanks in advance.
  13. dcdennis said: I wonder if they would ever consider starting over. Same game, same rules, fresh card pool. They could continue to run both games. Maybe something like a pre-book1 game with all historical cards and figures. It would be a ton of work but would totally rejuvinate the game. Cripes !! No, no no. Are you playing the same game as me ?
  14. Good read, You can add another 5 players to the next Regionals.
  15. divinityofnumber said: Afro said: I guess I was asking if there was a direwolf deck that had good results in a competitive environement. No. But, all the more reason to make one! AGoT LCG has a pretty large card pool now; no doubt someone could cook up something direwolf-heavy that would get some surprise wins. Shadow Wolf deck has been holding its own in comps. Very effective, soaks up claim, quality str reducing mechanism and with the right plots can strike almost at will throughout the round.
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