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  1. I currently have the Core Box, and a handful of ally/villain expansions: Han Solo, Chewie, C3P0, R2D2, the Royal Guard Champion, Boba Fett. How useful are the other expansions though, either the ally/villain packs or the big boxed expansions. Would they get much use right now, or are those later ones really going to be more useful when we get more content in the app?
  2. I can't help but get frustrated over my own screwups. I swear, ever game we've played well over half of my own ships overlap with something (I'm normally playing Imperials). Any recommendations? I'm almost to the point of just going with super-elite ships with lots of upgrades so I don't keep tripping on my own feet.
  3. I'm reintroducing my 9 year old to Star Wars Armada (we tried a year ago but it was too advanced for him at the time). After diving right in, even with minimal upgrades the 400 pt game was too much. So we did the starter scenario and it worked well. He even won! (tricksy Rebels). I'm trying to figure out the best learning curve to go with. I have most of the ships but I don't know much of the ins and outs of the game. The main question I have is if there are any ships that really do need upgrades (at least one or two) in order to be reasonably effective. I'm not looking for crutches, but for instance, it seems that taking the Interdictor without a gravwell generator of somesort seems silly. Suggestions?
  4. My 9 year old son is a huge Star Wars fan (introduced when he was 4). I've got the AoR Beginner Box and am thinking of introducing him to RPGs with it. How does the game run with a single player? Any suggestions of tweaks I should do?
  5. Been thinking about Imperial Assault again. We played the original campaign at the beginning of the year, and I was the Imperial player. I had fun, but I found that it was really tough, especially after about the halfway point, where I was forgetting about all the little intricacies of the Imperial units. It was almost as if there were too many moving parts and I couldn't keep track of them all. So I'd forget about _this_ thing that makes this unit good, and then this _other_ thing that makes that unit good, etc. Which made it tough to give the players a good challenge, because they were intimately aware of what their characters could do, just because there's a limited set of abilities...and (probably most importantly) that barely changed through the campaign. Any suggestions on how to keep everything straight?
  6. It would have been legal as long as all of the other adjacent systems did not have Imperial loyalty, or any Imperial units.
  7. My rule of thumb for rules interpretations is: Thou shalt not create additional rules. For your interpretation to be correct, you need a 'trigger'. There is no provision for triggers in the rules. Therefore, you're creating a new rule. Therefore, the other interpretation is favoured.
  8. Hi Arcane I may have misunderstood you so sorry if I have. You don't get to move the base AND move units to it, its one or the other. I think the OP realises that. He or she specifies that is how they WERE interpreting the card before realizing it allows more flexibility. Yup. This. I thought it was used JUST for moving the Rebel Base (or at least preparing to do so). I didn't realize it could also be used to move units TO the Rebel Base, without moving it.
  9. I just thought I'd point out something that I'd misunderstood about the Rapid Mobilization mission. It's not just used to move the Rebel Base. It's also used to move up to 5 units from one system TO the Rebel Base without having to be adjacent to it. I'd assumed that you got to move the 5 units to the 'new' Rebel Base when you move it (so that it wouldn't be empty). Suddenly this card is going to be getting a lot more use in my games. :-)
  10. Yes. The Death Star is no longer there, so the rule that the Death Star prevents the Imperial player from retreating no longer applies.
  11. Yeah, an iOS version of this game would be soooooo, sooooooo sweet.
  12. You can say you don't like the game. You can say it's not for you. You can even say it's too pricey for you. But saying it's not playable, and tons of stuff don't work is simply, utterly, objectively, incorrect.
  13. Remember, Vader can attempt to block the mission to get into the system. But yes, if Vader isn't there, he can't play It Is Your Destiny. As for your second question there, no Vader couldn't do that. The text again is: ""Use during a mission after a leader is rescued. Caputure 1 leader who attempted this mission." The mission refered to in the second sentence is the mission in the first sentence. Therefore you need to us it _during_ that mission.
  14. This can sometimes have significant consequences even in later combat turns and even the game as a whole. As the attacker, even on subsequent turns, you still have more opportunities to get timely damage blocking cards. Sure, on turn 1 the defending player may have been able to draw a blocking damage card he can use in turn 2, but the attacking player now has two opportunities to do so before the defender gets his. But even moreso this could mean the survival of an important unit, as happened in my last game. The Rebels had a Mon Calamari cruiser and were fighting in a space battle where I had attacked using a Star Destroyer. He'd gotten the 6th hit on my ISD...but I had just drawn a damage blocking card in that final round of combat (where I had destroyed his Cruiser). My ISD ended up surviving the battle, and thus was able to continue to rampage across the Outer Rim.
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