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  1. What would you say the smallest size for it should be to not cause these issues?
  2. The prospect of playing a protracted game of TI4 and using Armada rules with the ships in each fleet is a tantalising one.
  3. TI Unit - HW2 Unit - Model Size Flagship - Pride of Hiigara - 2.5" tall Warsun - Dreadnaught - 2.5" long Dreadnaught - Battlecruiser - 2" long Cruiser - Destroyer - 1 1/2" long Carrier - Carrier 1 3/4" long Destroyer - Flak Frigget - 1" Fighter - Interceptor 5/8" I think those sizes would probably be good.
  4. Warsun tech is, lore wise, alien tech to every race but the one that made the ship design. It is also old tech that is rediscovered. So thematically it works great. As for ship size. There would have to be some adjustments. It wouldnt be true scaling within the Homeworld scale. Similar to Armada's scaling, were it isnt all the same.
  5. Use the Dreadnaught as the Warsun you mean? Yeah. That would work. Means more Battleships on the field too.
  6. It might, the other option would be the Flak Frigget, though it might compete in size with the Missile/Ion Frigget and confuse things.
  7. My thoughts on that would be: Flagship - Pride of Hiigara Warsun - Battleship Dreadnaught - Destroyer Cruiser - Missle Frigget Destroyer - Gunship Carrier - Carrier Fighter - Interceptor Personally. I would use them not for a full conversion of the game, but specifically for the Ghosts of Creuss species, as their special rules fit somewhat themeatically with their wormhole creation ability and the Homeworld folding space ability.
  8. Wow! @Foba, I absolutly love the Hiigaran Battle Cruiser! Its such a beautiful ship! Another consideration... scaled down models for Twilight Imperium.
  9. Thing is too, while those others are out having a private conversation, everyone else could be plotting their demise around the game board.
  10. Orange for Hazardous, White for Industrial, and Purple for Cultural. Could keep the same symbols, just switch the color.
  11. If you want TI3 over TI4 buy TI4 and I'll trade you even for it, I have the base game plus both expansions and iv e kept the game in excellent condition.
  12. Or they could just release card sleeves with all the different faction's emblems on them so those of us who purchase multiple copies and paint the plastic can put the extra decks to proper work.
  13. You can always use the standard set up outlined in the Rules Referance if you don't like the preset maps.
  14. They say their just waiting on their supplier and don't know when they'll be in. So it could be next week, it could be the week or two after. Hopefully sooner than later, but at least that gives me hope that I'm not going to be waiting until Christmas for them to be in! Thank you for your input everyone.
  15. The Rebel and Imperial SquAdron packs have been in stock on FFG's website for about a month now but my local game stores still don't have them in stock. What can I expect for a timeframe for how long the process of a local game shop getting product from their supplier after that product hits the online store on the FFG website. I'd just order it from FFG but between exchange rates and shipping costs it just isn't worth it to basically pay double the cost of what I can pay at my local shop.
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