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  1. Journeyman Electrician + going to college for an accounting degree. Just to throw it out there,we could start one big company with all of this talent..... I saw someone was a composer and another guy was video editor which means an awesome commercials...
  2. have trouble spelling the word "standards"? I noticed it is formated different (copy and paste from google?) I have a hard time when I see bullies.... something inside of me wants to bully them and make them feel what others feel... I WILL NEVER JOIN YOU!....
  3. So, Ill be coming in for only the Wednesday/Thursday maybe Friday Xwing event since I was only able to score a ticket for xwing (really wanted one for Imperial Assault..... I am the only one from my local group that is coming up for this, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to room together to lessen costs. Side note, Who all is coming out now that Wave 2 players are added to the mix? btw I f5ed my way to victory. It was not the skill of my xwings, it was my skills on the computer and time management which provided a way.
  4. so I went to a magic tourny today... Anyways, I was witness to a player throw his opponents dice across the room, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a Local game store that have had incidents of anger/bad sportsmanship, and how they dealt with them. I've convinced the store owner to try some type of gamer rehabilitation program, but I was unaware of any in existence. Ive worked with a volunteer organization that has helped with similar problems. This is not the first incident with the angry player. The player base behind this game store is rather large, so these type of incidents happen often, which is why I am posing this question to the community so I can get in contact with a game store that is doing this sort of thing...
  5. .... or you can purchase everything on ebay *cough selfless ad cough*... though I do agree, being able to wait for the FFG products allows me more time to save up some money for my other account, which is usually just enough to cover the release of new FFG products...
  6. wrong? I saw a few conversions last year at nationals.
  7. The people from Pittsburgh is some of the greatest group of people I have met. I know they play at two game stores, one in Monroe, the other in Greentree. Best way to connect with them is through their Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/pittsburghxwing/
  8. You could either A. Do the target lock then boost then EI to perform an expert barrel roll, or B. EH Barrel roll, EI to perform a targetlock then boost
  9. is that 1 shower for the entire con, or 1 shower per day?
  10. Im part of the 1%! lol I brought a lambda to the final table.... a rather bad showing at the end
  11. I wonder if a rule change in the way we play is about to happen (perhaps changing something with big turrets is what I suspect). Making sure the rule change is balanced and the correct choice is the only delay I can think of. FFG usually released all FAQ/tourny rules at the same time, and current xwing rules dont need a ton updating
  12. lol, wrong game... coulda sworn this was imperial assault forum....
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