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  1. Yup, been down that rabbit hole - which is why I'd like the lazy solution
  2. Good points (especially to @svelok) - I appreciate the discourse I was kind of in the thought process that the paint set would be something useful to Legion players and also to X-Wing players. Considering that the the majority of star-ship colors could be consolidated into a single set - it could be a 'Vehicles' set for Legion and find alternate usage in X-Wing / Armada (and Armada does have some unpainted tiny ships that could benefit). While I know the appeal to many is that X-Wing is pre-painted, as many examples on these forums (and the tournaments I've been to) show, a fair number of people like to do customizations (along the lines of what @theBitterFig mentioned - some people like to have a matching squadron). While I have well over 200 little paint bottles, there are times I just want to add some extra details amd I'd love to have some colors that match their pre-painted ships without me having to manually mix them Wishful thinking, but it never hurts to toss it out there. That is pretty awesome - thanks @Transmogrifier (love your forum name)!
  3. So.... when do we start to get some X-Wing paint sets? I know I'd buy the heck out of the Rebel/Imperial/Scum sets If the colors are good, they'd likely attract purchases from the modelling community as well.
  4. Got a link to that group as well? Thanks - in advance!
  5. For the 'medium' and large bases, why not have them be more like an H instead of a square? So the maneuver templates would dip into the space of the base. Really do hope for the card pack so I don't have to repurchase all these ships again New dice types would be cool - in addition to colors, could also see adding more sides (d10, d12). Would like to see a rebalancing and options for higher level pilots to defer initiative (maybe - would have to try that out).
  6. I've been waiting for a while as well Really hope they reprint both expansions some time soon
  7. If someone ever gets it reposted - I'd be happy to assist with generating the cards
  8. Truly awesome work! However, the link appears to be broken again
  9. Page 1 post 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4 sheet, ready for print: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5303298/X-Wing/A4.pdf Background-free version is available here. Single cards, vetcorized (scalable): dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5303298/X-Wing/single.pdf Background-free version is available here. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. I'll shoot him a quick e*mail and see what we can do! j/k
  11. JustinKase

    cutp Re-Paints

    That bit of curved light grey is really sharp looking - it that following panel lines, or just your own design? (Haven't gotten mine yet)
  12. Wizkids playtests? Huh. Who knew. Certainly doesn't show in X-Wing's sister game over there
  13. JustinKase

    cutp Re-Paints

    Many thanks for that! I think the lined and cleaned panels look much better
  14. JustinKase

    cutp Re-Paints

    Do you recall the Orange(s) you used? Awesome work
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