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  1. JustinKase

    2.0 Ideas Depository and Ensuing Discussions

    For the 'medium' and large bases, why not have them be more like an H instead of a square? So the maneuver templates would dip into the space of the base. Really do hope for the card pack so I don't have to repurchase all these ships again New dice types would be cool - in addition to colors, could also see adding more sides (d10, d12). Would like to see a rebalancing and options for higher level pilots to defer initiative (maybe - would have to try that out).
  2. I've been waiting for a while as well Really hope they reprint both expansions some time soon
  3. JustinKase

    New handmade Teams

    If someone ever gets it reposted - I'd be happy to assist with generating the cards
  4. Truly awesome work! However, the link appears to be broken again
  5. Page 1 post 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4 sheet, ready for print: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5303298/X-Wing/A4.pdf Background-free version is available here. Single cards, vetcorized (scalable): dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5303298/X-Wing/single.pdf Background-free version is available here. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. I'll shoot him a quick e*mail and see what we can do! j/k
  7. JustinKase

    cutp Re-Paints

    That bit of curved light grey is really sharp looking - it that following panel lines, or just your own design? (Haven't gotten mine yet)
  8. JustinKase

    Playtesters and FAQs...

    Wizkids playtests? Huh. Who knew. Certainly doesn't show in X-Wing's sister game over there
  9. JustinKase

    cutp Re-Paints

    Many thanks for that! I think the lined and cleaned panels look much better
  10. JustinKase

    cutp Re-Paints

    Do you recall the Orange(s) you used? Awesome work
  11. JustinKase

    Star Wars .... paints :)

    Agreed, especially as each ship comes with a minimum of 2 tokens - though I think that would cut down on sales of the overall ship packs. Nevertheless, I'd be interested for filling out the ranks of scenario play
  12. JustinKase

    Detailed decal set

    I'm pretty **** excited about these as well
  13. JustinKase

    Skipray or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Boat

    Neat idea - would be cool to see a multi-faction kit come out. This would also make Mara a Multi-faction character (like the Fett and Kath)
  14. JustinKase

    Defect in the Raider

    Try Vallejo Game Color Ghost Grey (Citadel Ulthian Grey) with a light wash over it. You can test on the base under the template I wish FFG would just release a paint set for the base colors at least Edit: Go like the idea in the Wishingwell thread if you like, maybe FFG will respond if it gets enough hits https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/174413-star-wars-paints/