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  1. They all sound great, but they need to throw a nuclear wasteland one in the mix...then it'd be complete.
  2. I created a NPC for my group that was a mix of both of these. He was more brains than brawn, and went after bounties that included data recovery, stolen artwork, credits or mapping transactions, and tracking down people where the client just wanted to know their wherabouts, such as a political figure looking for their estranged son.
  3. Currently GM'ing for my group, I have bought everything so far in the EotE line, my favorite of the line to play in. Will probably buy the AoR CRB at some point regardless if my group heads in the rebellion direction down the road. I might pick and choose career books out of that line that I enjoy. At this point, not interested in F&D, I'd rather enjoy the tuned down versions so far in EotE and AoR. Will probably purchase all the sector books that are released to add more flavor to the games. In my group, they all bought the CRB for EotE. One player bought Enter the Unknown, and is playing an Archaeologist. The Bounty Hunter bought Dangerous Covenants and tapped into the Enforcer spec. My Body Guard player plans to buy Dangerous Covenants when he feels ready to expand. And lastly my Smuggler Pilot player will probably hold out for the smuggler book when it is released.
  4. Excellent conclusion I don't have a copy yet, but the ones at my FLGS looked the bright red. Love it, and I agree. Does the color of your book affect gameplay in some way?
  5. This sounds like something I might consider in my group. I know there are 3 of my 4 players with some talents that remove setback dice that sometimes dont' make sense including with a check. Another I was consider having was allowing grenades to be thrown from medium range, and the talent in the Merc tree would increase it to long. It just doesn't make sense that you can only throw grenades when you are about 10ft from enemies, most grenades would destroy you if you were that close from the shrapnel.
  6. More Roleplaying less Rollplaying I think it would be better to decide on your character's history and backstory when raising certain characteristics. Example: A Marauder that spent their whole life of 35+ years on a desert planet, living in a group of nomadic hunters/forragers who follow a scrict warrior's code pertaining to anykind of conflict, might have a low Intellect and Presence since they didn't have access to formal education, or were exposed to a political or technical world. They would be socially awkward travelling the Galaxy, everything a new experience, and possibly have a more simple vocabulary as well. If you have a decent GM, they won't punish your character in combat with hordes of enemies because you only put 3 into Brawn so you could spread some to other talents that make sense for your character's history so you could roleplay them better such as Agility (Coordination and Stealth) and Willpower (Dicipline and Vigilance) But that's just my thinking I suppose. I wouldn't enjoy a 'one trick pony' character that can only just smash things, sometimes enemies. I'd like to be able to preform other feats.
  7. Wow, glad I haven't had any issues like this with my players. The only time that I've heard a droid with an attached weapon without any penalty was on a Prison Guard Droid (Begging for xp acutal play), and that was only a stun weapon, but it still followed the same rules in combat in that it needed to spend a maneuver to charge it before use, similar as if drawing the weapon to other players. This is your brother though, so a bit more difficult to handle easily, perhaps just explain outside of a session that some of these things make him overpowered compared to other players who all want to have fun, tell a story together, and have a chance to shine in each session. If it was a player that joined my group that acted this way, I would pass them a piece of paper and pencil. I would tell them to write up their Mary Sue droid fan fic and post it online where no one would read it, if all they cared about was how awesome sauce they were with no regard to rules of the game, logical sense, or the other players. *edited for typo
  8. Sounds close to my group. They started off stealing their ship from a Bounty Hunter named Borrowed Time. Had to change it about 6 sessions later when they modified their transponder for reasons of Imperial crimes, the final decision was the Centennial Chicken, with the Dirty Dewback as a close 2nd. Other names I've used for other ships so far, some I got from a list that I don't recall where from, Hungry Gundark Sun Stealer Amber Blossom Mind Trick Reckless Nomad Midnight Bantha
  9. Wow, I love this one. I don't currently have a Technician in my group, but perhaps my Gadgeteer BH would like a session involving this.
  10. Jimmy Eat World I presume? Great Band *Edit Take it back, apparently it's an older song that I was unawares of
  11. Gadzooks! This looks fairly familiar, was just about to post the group on this thread when I saw you beat me to it. I am GM'ing for these guys, been having fun so far. Was new to GM'ing, first it was just Leesa and Carnus and I, and I ran them through a modified Under the Black Sun adventure that I tied into Beyond the Rim Module. At the end of Under the Black Sun, the group stole the Nikto's ship the Borrowed Time. I had a NPC Pilot aboard, a Cathar female named Callista, that was all too happy to be working with a more professional team. Targin then joined our group that Reom had hired to assist and make sure they brought back any finds on Cholganna. After some time in the jungle, they laid a trap and assaulted the Imperials trying to capture them and Cratala. They blasted offworld and headed towards Raxus Prime where they picked up a new crew member, Dav as he likes to be called. He had been stranded doing random jobs from IsoTech while the anger of the betrayal of his friend and stolen ship consumed him. Their ship had taken quite a bit of damage and they feared the hands of the Empire would be after them. They left with Reom's ship towards the Roche System to meet up with Iso I. Had to do some parts gathering from a nearby system where a black market thrived, as well as hire a Ugnaught to install a 2nd transponder in their ship to create a new profile that the Empire wouldn't be aware of. They renamed the ship the Centennial Chicken. (Not sure if there are actual chicken's in SW, but that's the name they loved the most, comes with an emblem on the side of the cockpit of a chicken attacking a Jawa. The Dirty Dewback came in 2nd) Currently the group is heading to House Salaktori, where Carnus has been summoned by Jeslor Salaktori himself along with other hunters for what must be important, because it has been some time since this last occured.
  12. That is the correct link. It has been sometime since I updated this post, currently have 4 players and me GM'ing so it worked itself out, I chaged the name on the Facebook page to better reflect all 3 versions once they are release if we have multiple groups running.
  13. When I get the chance to play a PC, I'd enjoy more jack of all trades type to being just focused on only one aspect of the game. Probably not going above 3 in any one characteristic at the beginning. So even after a good amount of play time, I wouldn't be very super hero either, but able to do anything decent.
  14. Okay thanks. Seems like I'm on the right track. We usually do bi-monthly sessions.
  15. Sounds like some good tips. I already imagine after we are done with Beyond the Rim, that one of them might ask if they will be able to do anything about theirs the next session. It would be easier to work the Sponsorship into a session by having them locate an old temple on a planet they were on for some other reason.
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