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  1. Hi Swedge. Yes, I play, but only the WWI version. There is also a group of 5 other people that play at our LGS and it's a group favorite. We had been playing X-Wing and so I brought in WoG for everyone to give a try. They all fell in love with it and on our normal Thursday night gaming session if we can't think of anything else we want to play it's pretty much unanimous they want me to bring WoG. Wish you were closer so we could get some games in. As was mentioned by previous posters, I do like the more strategic planning involved in WoG vs. X-Wing. Planning three moves ahead and trying to outguess your opponent is challenging. Plus - IMO - the planes are some of the best looking pre-paints I've ever seen. The game components themselves are high quality, the rules are easy to pick up and can be scaled to your preferred level of detail/difficulty. All in all I highly recommend the game. Get one of the Starter Packs and give it a try.
  2. Yeah... can't live with them, can't get them to game...
  3. Get out of here Mags! Back to the PP Forums and NO BACON FOR YOU!!!
  4. Hobbies I have... Gaming. I play X-Wing, Wings of Glory (WWI) and Flames of War. All moderately expensive. I would say on a monthly basis I spend at least $200 on them combined. I have a bunch of other games but they're sitting in the closet and I don't spend any money on them. I also play Star Trek Online and spend MUCH more money there than I really should. I have a subscription ($15/mo) but I also spend money to buy stuff (ships, upgrades, etc) from the "Store", on average about $75-100/mo. Archery. I go to the range at least once a week. $15/hour to shoot and I normally shoot 2 hours. My yearly spending on archery including range fees, equipment and all is probably around $3000. Girlfriend. My most expensive hobby. I'm afraid to keep track of how much I spend on her because I'd probably break down and cry. I also do a lot of reading but my friends and I pass around books between each other so it's hard to keep track of how much I actually spend there.
  5. "I am Gonk." Sorry, couldn't resist. If Gonk does supply a shield increase of that magnitude he should have some kind of limitation, and cost a significant number of points besides.
  6. I started BattleTech when it was BattleDroids (before Lucas made them change the name due to the copyright of the "droid" name), and that was 1981 I believe. I have first run models along with a lot of the "Unseen". Unfortunately through all my moves being in the military a lot of my stuff got lost or damaged. I've started re-buying books and models lately from Catalyst and IWM. I broke out my Federated Suns and Ghost Bears after picking up a copy of Alpha Strike. I highly recommend it for large battles. It strips things down so you can fight a Company vs. Company battle in about an hour or two (depending on mechs, terrain and how well the players know the rules). Unfortunately I can't get many people around here to try it. "Oh, BattleTech. Yeah I used to play that way back when. It takes forever and I don't have that much time to play." Says the people who sit and play Magic for 8 - 10 hours at a stretch...
  7. I wish FFG had gotten the license for Star Trek. At the time when both X-Wing and Attack Wing came out I was looking at both of them since they were - at their core - the same game system. I did research on both of them and attended some games and tournaments (as a spectator) prior to investing in either one. Two things that turned me off completely from Attack Wing were the horrible miniatures compared to X-Wing, and the whole "Prize Ship" thing at tournaments. I had played MechWarrior Clix when it came out and the whole 'prize model' thing totally ruined it for me. All it became was people winning the prizes then sweeping tournaments to get more of them to sell on Ebay as most of the prize models were woefully overpowered. I wasn't going to get suckered into that mess again with Attack Wing. Also I was dutifully impressed with FFGs overall quality of design and production of X-Wing. IMO I think a Star Trek game would need to be mix of Epic X-Wing and Armada. As pointed out in previous posts, ships in Star Trek don't move as ponderously as a Star Destroyer but they do have to worry about energy allocation. The scale would be more suitable to Armada, or close to it. And I think maneuvering would be more along the lines of X-Wing. It's an interesting idea think about.
  8. One of the main games that influences my X-Wing play is Renegade Legion: Interceptor (long out of print, but I still have everything ever made for it). Renegade Legion had rules for, more or less, inertia. So in a way you had to anticipate where you were going to end up vs. where your opponent was going to end up, much like X-Wing.
  9. I'm in New England (Rhode Island to be exact) and I totally support my FLGS's (there are a few in this, the smallest of states). Every Thursday night a group of us game at the corner (literally) hobby store that's about 5 minutes from my workplace. Ever since game stores started wherever I lived I've been going to the local one to play (that's been since around 1981 I think...). So in answer to the OP, yes the local store IS integral to my gaming enjoyment. I don't think I'd be gaming (other than online computer games) if I didn't go to the local store.
  10. My Eldar are long gone. I sold off all my GW stuff probably 10 years ago. I just couldn't take all the shenanigans any more, and saw the writing on the wall as to the direction the company was taking. I had fun at the time, but it was time to move on. Made a pretty penny from my stuff.
  11. I'm not against tournaments or tournament players. If you like tournaments, math-winging and what have you, by all means play on. "Fun" is different things for different people and no one size fits all. So there is no definitive definition of "fun", it's subjective. Yes, X-wing - and most other games - are competitive in nature. Playing a game for "fun" does not mean it's "non-competitive". It's a fact of life that there will be winners and losers in any competitive event. I think the thing personally that puts me off tournaments is the level of competitiveness that - unfortunately - has a tendency to bring out the worst in people. Now I'm not bashing tournaments or tournament players, I have played in a few for many different game systems over the years and organized them for a couple different games and companies (PM me if you're interested to now which ones). I've seen great battles and demonstrations of sportsmanship and I've also seen rules-lawyers and outright cheaters. The latter are what puts me off tournaments as I don't see as many of those in "casual play" because mostly I'm playing with people I know. I do think though that too much emphasis is placed on the tournament scene and not enough support is given to those that enjoy more scenario or campaign driven play. Which many people find more "fun" than just trying to blow up your opponent. At the end of the day though I think we can all pretty much agree that - tournament play or not - any time we can put our little toy spaceships on the table we're having fun.
  12. Back to the OT... There are very few GW games that I miss, BFG is one of them. The battles that my friends and I had were epic in nature, with many moans, groans and cries of victory. Hours of enjoyment were had. If there were any game that I would like to revisit, it would be BFG (followed closely by Mordheim). I really miss playing my Eldar fleet at times.
  13. I ONLY play for fun. I have absolutely no interest in playing in a tournament. I've been down that dark path with other game systems and it leads to fear, suffering and hate. I know people enjoy it, and that's fine, but it's not for me at all. Currently in our small little hobby/FLGS we have a group of 6 of us that play on a weekly basis, and its all for fun. We try goofy combos, build thematic lists, and even do <gasp> EPIC games. We're all also of the mind that FFG needs to do more to support scenario based play. How many tabletop games do you remember that had "scenario books"? FFG could put together a package of scenarios and scenery where you can play each mission as a stand alone or as part of a campaign. But I digress... When it comes down to it we're all a bunch of grown men and women playing with little toy ships going "pewpewpew! I got you!" How serious can that really be? For me, not at all. It's FUN, pure and simple. And that's why I play X-Wing, or any other game.
  14. I had a duty station while in the Navy that I hated and just about drove me over the edge. It was a ship that was a known "trash can" where the put people they didn't want anywhere else. They put just enough competent people on board to keep it afloat and able to do it's mission. It was four years of pure hell. When I left that ship I was so relieved that I was crying as I walked down the pier away from it for the last time. I also had two jobs I hated. One was the first one I got after retiring from the Navy. I was hired as the supervisor for a cleaning company and was posted at a nursing home. I'll have to say the people who were there were wonderful and always full of interesting stories for someone who was willing to take the time to listen and give them some attention. The staff was excellent. Unfortunately the company I worked for was not. I was overworked, underpaid, blamed for everything, subjected to unreasonable expectations, etc. They fired me for "failure to meet expectations". What ACTUALLY happened is they fired me because a.) I was making the higher-ups look bad by outperforming them, and b.) they caught wind that I was looking for a new job. The fallout from my firing was that the company lost the contract (quite a lucrative one too as the parent company for the home owned and ran about 6 of them in the area/state), and also it came to light that my supervisor was sexually harassing some of the female nursing home staff. He got fired, his boss - the regional manager - got fired. The day I got fired the regional manager was there (because my boss was spineless) to deliver the news and while doing it belittled me. I had the last laugh as I told him that the job I was getting was paying me more than HE was making, had better benefits, better working conditions and less hours. heh heh... The second job I had that I hated was working at Wally-World. The less said about that job the better. I still refuse to shop there. And I have one almost right across the street from where I live now. I don't care if it's convenient, I won't go there. I also worked as a security guard for two different companies and although I didn't hate the jobs, companies or staff, there were a lot of bad incidents while doing the job. On the good side, I have a great job that I've been working at for the last 12 years where I'm happy and don't get up in the morning going "**it, I have to go to work."
  15. @GroggyGolem and others - I also own Sails of Glory, another quality product from ARES Games IMO. Gameplay is very similar to Wings in that you use cards to plot your moves. There are many, MANY differences between the games of course because of the different venue (air combat vs. naval combat) however the rules are set up the same with Basic, Standard, and Advanced with Optional add in rules. So once again, you can play the game at whatever level of complexity you're comfortable with. Play time is comparable, with myself and three friends each playing a ship in our last battle which took about an hour and a half from start to finish. Note though that we don't play fast and also do a lot of table talk so your playtime may vary. It does lend itself a bit more than Wings to just straight up slugfests, but again scenarios are the way to play. I would say that Sails is a bit more difficult than Wings, as sailing ships take a bit more tactical planning both from a maneuvering (planning out your moves ahead of time, deciding how heavy of sail you want to set, etc.) and firing (reloading cannons, picking your ammo type, etc.). For me as a retired sailor, there's nothing quite so satisfying as pulling off a "crossing the 'T'" and unloading a full broadside into them. One thing with both games, ARES releases at a rather slow pace. So if you start playing either game you'll soon build up your collection and be waiting for the next release, rather than being overwhelmed with wave after wave after wave. If anyone has any in-depth rules or gameplay questions about either game I'd be happy to answer them.
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