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  1. I didn't know that. Thanks for the head's up. If a reboot happens, I'm more than happy to give the game another chance.
  2. Meh. There will be no rewrite or sending it back to alpha. The game will be released in 6-12 months, with more or less zero impact from the beta test. The old fans will leave; the new, smaller fan base will cheer, and life goes on. I love FFG, but don't expect that our beta feedback matters. It's not as if they'll suddenly run and hire Jay Little or someone like that to come in and start fresh. And apologies for sounding bitter. After the grimdark mess of Star Trek Discovery (STD?) and the horrid drama behind the Aeon Trinity reboot, I'm just tired of another one of my favorite worlds being taken over by fanfiction writers who love the original content to death but cannot understand the core of what made the originals great. Enthusiastic fan fiction only goes so far, and frequently in the wrong direction.
  3. To each their own. I'm very happy this game is the right fit for some. I want L5R to continue for a long, long time. I'll wait out the final product, but the way it looks right now I'll stick with L5R 4e and the new Living Card Game. :-) (And yes, I can understand why more dice types can seem intimidating...)
  4. Disclaimer/Background. I'm a big fan of the old L5R rpgs, especially 4th edition. I've enjoyed everything from Trinity and Changeling to Numenera and Call of Cthulhu and Dragon Age. Currently playing Infinity the RPG. My all time favorite system has to be Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3e by FFG. I think my previous posts reflects how enthusiastic I've been about FFG taking over this property. And randomly, I can't stand percentile systems. So. I've read through the beta a few times, and I've ran it once as GM for my group. And one question sticks in my mind: why do we need this? I thought 4th edition was a brilliant refinement with great mechanics, a great world, and beautiful art. It suffered from a cluttered timeline and limited distribution & marketing. I own every book and have run some amazing campaigns with it. But I also love WHFRPG3E, and I thought the same type of mechanical genius and boldness in trying something new might be applied here. That hasn't been the case. WH3 has unique dice based on which stance you are in. Reckless is high risk, high reward. Conservative is slow, steady success. L5R simply has a little stance mechanics table. WH3 has many interacting dice symbols. Success and failure, fortune and misfortune, critical success and crisis, delays and stress/fatigue. A roll tells a story. L5R has a grand total of..... 4 symbols. On 2 types of dice. Why again do I need to pay for this? Why is it better than my old D10's and raises? WH3 has you juggling stress and fatigue, as well as critical wounds. If you want, you can add insanities, diseases, and mutations. Since it's Warhammer. L5R? It has you juggling.... your emotions. Seriously. I don't know, I could go on and on but I'm just disappointed. I had hoped for cool dice mechanics, but there's nothing here except emotional roll & keep with special dice... I had hoped for interesting, deep combat. I don't need Exalted 3E, but at least something with depth. Instead, I find a step backwards in tactics from L5R 4e. That's in addition to a lot of other little changes that rub me the wrong way, like how shugenja are no longer friends of the kami. They're magicians trading trinkets for power. I really, really wanted to love this game. But neither I nor my group can understand why we need this or why it is better than L5R 4e. In my opinion, they should ask Jay Little to do a complete rewrite of the core mechanics. No cosmetic fix or balance change in the Beta can change what is, at it's core, a fundamentally uninteresting core. On a final note, since I don't want to only bash the game without adding anything concrete, I do have suggestions on dice: Attribute/Ring Dice - Your potential. Skill dice - Ýour training. Stance dice - Aggressive or defensive. Honor dice - Honor is stronger than steel. Difficulty dice - How challenging your task is. Obstacle dice - Additional challenges to success, like weather, defense, or distractions. Let the dice results help tell a story. Give each bushi school, courtier school, and shugenja school a technique at each level to slightly bend and exploit the system in a thematically fitting way. Lion Bushi gain extra benefits from going aggressive, Scorpion with low honor can use honor dice if loyally sacrificing their honor for Emperor and Clan, Phoenix courtiers can neutralize Aggression dice, etc. FFG + L5R should have been so, so much more than what we've got.
  5. I am with you 100% on this. As much as I love L5R and the good work AEG did, there was a slippery slope where every new CCG expansion started to mean crazy new additions, big changes to the canon, and new Earth-shattering catastrophes with new über-supernatural powers. The whole idea of the Spider clan in itself is so absurd that it can only be included as a big of a wink wink nudge nudge joke, rather than as a serious addition to Rokugani canon. When my friends and I play the RPG, we dial the setting back to when there was a Hantei on the throne. Even with the 4 Winds scenario, we have it end with a Hantei on the throne, one way or another. Without a Hantei emperor, there is no mandate of heaven. There is no Rokugani empire. There is just another country, with people, with some swords. We have stretched it to include the Mantis clan, despite some objections by more conservative players. But Spiders and foreign colonies and maharadjas and 53 different dynasties and killing off Amatersu? Never. Reboot = the only sane option.
  6. I'm OK with the negative sides of the setting, too. The xenophobia against gaijin, feudalism, discrimination, militarism, and so on combine with the rest of Rokugani society to create a number of unique stories that you simply cannot tell in any other world. Not always nice and rosy, either. Not always with happy endings. Imperfect people in an imperfect world trying to do the right thing. That's what great stories are made of, in my mind. But. If changing the name Eta to Burakumin or some such will genuinely make the world a better place, I'd be fine with it. But let us not wash away all the dirty underbelly and flaws of Rokugan. Janny Wurts' To Ride H e l l's Chasm or Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn are some of my favorite stories, and both have characters living in very unequal, very unfair societies. The History Channel's Vikings show is pretty good, but it doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture of my ancestors.
  7. Three separate systems based on the same, core mechanics. 1. Combat. Lethal, meaningful combat. With options & tactics. 2. Iajutsu. One strike. 3. Social combat. Please focus on the fantasy Japan aspect of Awareness, Face, and Courtesy, (etc.) rather than the traditional D&D / White Wolf troika of intimidate/persuade/leadership. I'd be very happy if they used a dice system more similar to Warhammer 3E, and then heavily adapted it to Rokugan. I own every single 4e book, and many from earlier editions. I love Roll and Keep. But I do not need a 5th edition of Roll and Keep. To me, L5R 4th edition perfected that system. Most of all, more than anything, I desperately want the mechanics to support the world. I do not want Japanese D&D or Samurai Shadowrun. And I sincerely dislike generic systems. To me, the system has to make the players feel they are in Rokugan, that Honor is stronger than Steel, that bushido and duty are more than just words. L5R is/was nearly unique in that sense. Don't mess it up, please! Photo link: This is better than any dungeon.
  8. Okay. Taking out Android and Runebound as per OP's post. Below are a few settings that FFG owns and can run with to start with. Fireborn - Mythic/Modern setting playing ancient dragons reincarnated into human bodies in London. Better than it sounds. Small audience. Twilight Imperium - Galactic military spare opera. Based on the best-selling boardgame. Decent sized audience. Legend of the 5 Rings - Probably THE game for fantasy samurai. Insanely in depth lore. Dedicated fanbase. Midnight - Dark fantasy setting where evil won. Small audience. Tannhäuser - WW2 alternate history setting. Small audience, but a lot of WW2 enthusiasts. So I think FFG are going to be fine for a while. And they've got a lot of talented people on board. I'm sure they've got more ideas up their sleeve. And if they run out of ideas, they can always PM me. I've got a few brilliant ideas, as always.
  9. This is one of the headaches of a generic system. In a sci-fi game, you basically HAVE to go metric or it just seems out of place. Even most American sci-fi novels use metric. On the other hand, in a fantasy game, talking about kilometers and kilograms just sounds ridiculous and breaks immersion. Looking forward to see how they'll solve it...
  10. The Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd edition was one of the most amazing RPGs ever designed. Revolutionary. It crashed and burned for various reasons (including a massive sabotage campaign by 1st and 2nd edition Warhammer fans who couldn't stand change...). Star Wars RPG came out of the ashes, and has been a huge success. Maybe due to the lack of angry Warhammer grognards, I don't know. Either way, really looking forward to this. And if they release source books for Legend of the 5 Rings and Android, even better. My only wish would be if I could reuse some of my WHFRPG stuff. Not super keen on buying a ton of new dice and wound cards when I already have a ton.
  11. Fair enough. My knowledge of Japanese is so basic that L5R sounds like perfectly authentic fantasy samurai speak to me. But sure, I buy that the uncanny valley effect would irritate more fluent readers.
  12. Any chance that the rings will work a bit like Sensei cards did? You pick one to start with, and it modifies how the rest of your deck & strategy play out? A Crane with Ring of Fire in play goes more aggressive overall than a Ring of Air deck? I have no idea, honestly...
  13. I like the attempt at fantasy Japanese, even as the geography is a crazy version of China. Skyrim did the same thing utterly butchering the Nordic languages, but it was still great fun and managed to add a bit of Norse flavor into the game. Galmar Stennäve, Istar Rösebrytare, Ulfrik Stormmantel, Hjornskar Huvudkrossaren. Not sure if any of you have any passable knowledge of Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian, but the names sound utterly ridiculous when translated from Skyrim's English. Like something a very, very bad teenage LARPer at a viking convention on Gotland might name themselves. Nonetheless, it's undeniable that the people who made Skyrim created it as a loving ode to Scandinavia and Norse myths, mixed into the Elder Scrolls mythology. And it really, really works. L5R is exactly the same, in my mind. You have some good people trying to make a good game based on a mythic version of a foreign country they're only so-so familiar with. And it really, really works.
  14. I like this topic, and what it aims to achieve. You could change your profile pic to a Crane or Dragon mon without anyone arguing. I mostly try to stay civil and on topic, but every now and then something gets me riled up. Never worth it. Everyone gets dirty from a mud fight. Usually this is if I feel a game or person which I respect is getting attacked. Something which basically had me avoiding the Warhammer Fantasy RPG community like the plague, considering how toxic the feedback was from several of the 1st and 2nd edition fans to the wonderful FFG 3rd edition. But that's a separate topic, completely! I hope and wish for this FFG L5R community to be civil and friendly. This thread is a great step on the road there. I will try to do my part. "Wisdom can be found in many places, but you must always begin at home." - Tao of Sensei
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