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  1. For all German speaking Dust Warfare followers I'd like to point you to http://dw-fan.de. Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!
  2. LannisterCrimson said: You are still doing an excellent job, and the force builder is in daily use over here in Germany.. I think I found a mistake, but I'm not 100% sure because I don't have the rulebook at hand. In the force builder, you can't pick a MatrioshkaBabushka as a 4th section for a Red Platoon. I *think* it should be allowed according to the rules, however. Keep up the good work! It's provided by the rules: "The KV-3 Heavy Walker is available as a Support Unit to SSU platoons that may field "Any KV47 Walker" as a Support Unit" (DW: CH, p.37)
  3. I need same clarification about special orders and reaction markers: "Fire for effect" - the issued unit (with artillery strike ability) gains a reaction marker (CR p.88) "Smoke screen" - the command section gains no reaction marker (CR p.92) Question: "An army of one" - who gains/gains not a reaction marker?
  4. What about Units with the "Fast" ability? Can they cross a minefield without any effect when they take a march move action (= 18" = outside the minefield diameter)?
  5. Hi folks, short question: Does the penetrator special weapon ability only count for attacks against vehicles or also against soldier units? Thanks, f.
  6. I agree that some colours look not that good. Rhino look like toy and the green of the "Sturmpionieren" didn't come out as expected. I don't want to repaint them 'cause there are more miniatures from the 1st edition waiting to be painted next. But I'm unsure about the colors of the axis infantry whether I should stay with the bilious green or choose another scheme. I'm most satisfied with the "Hell Boys" and plan to choose that scheme for the allied melee squads. I then will alternate those colors for my mid-range squads like the "Death Dealers". @TallDwarf: I use the original Dust Decals for both the miniatures and the crates. I'm also satisfied with the bases. It was easier than expected and really helps to bring out the miniatures. Now I'm looking forward to finish the "Death Dealers", "Heavy Laser Greandiers" and the walkers… (I ruined the "Black Hawk" a little bit when I applied the GW Purity Seal)
  7. "Lara" and the "Heavy Flak Grenadiers"
  8. I'm completely noob when it comes to painting. But looking for a new hobby I dive into painting Dust Tactics miniatures. I ordered the Revised Core Set and also found the original Core Set for cheap. Now, I like to share some of my results: Let's start with the "Hell Boys":
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