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  1. Saw it last night. Not a fan of Alden but thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the supporting characters and the world building. Always enjoy new set pieces. The inclusion of the Imperial infantry was very nice. The train robbery was great for ideas. Rio and Val, along with Beckett were awesome. Lando and L3-37 were both great, especially her. Always enjoy seeing new droids that enthuse me just as much as R2 and C3-P0. The heist aspect was fun. Much like Rogue One was a fun war movie. Could have done without Maul. Couldn't have been too much longer after this that he met his end in Rebels. Han definitely shot first. Overall I enjoyed the movie. Will probably return to see it in 2d as I hate 3d.
  2. mouthymerc

    End of the World-Genesys?

    Anyone looked at doing this with Genesys? Would probably work pretty easy. Zombies right off are there. The other scenarios might take some work but could be done well enough.
  3. mouthymerc

    Magic & Genesys

    Talk about immersion. If I could actually play a spellcaster, half the fun would be coming up with the actual spells and keeping an actual spellbook of them. Kind of reminds me of those early days of D&D and learning about Bigby, Mordenkainen, and the other magic users. You get to become your legendary wizard in your game and create actual spells.
  4. mouthymerc

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    There is a Terrinoth adventure on the player resources page.
  5. mouthymerc

    Magic & Genesys

    Aren't the guidelines already in the core book? As to expanding magic it does that. Adding two new casting skills, magic based talents, implement materials, and a whole new magic system. Again I ask why the list of spells? Is it difficult to cast spells without them. Or do you feel it is a lack of flavour?
  6. mouthymerc

    Magic & Genesys

    So I have been seeing a lot posts here and elsewhere about the disappointment that there wasn't more to magic in RoT. Kind of a head scratcher for me. I like generic systems like this where you add the colour and themes to the mechanics. Now Rune magic was added, which is a big thing in Terrinoth I gather. There are talents which ease some of the casting modifiers. So what more are people looking for? I've seen spells mentioned. In what form? Like lists of them like other games? We already have spells, they just don't have specific names. You can always name a particular spell action combination you use regularly. With the Signature Spell talent you can make it easier to cast. What other tools are needed? The system's generic nature is what makes it so useful, but it seems some people want more restraints. The Terrinoth book has a lot of fluff which should enable you take make the magic as distinctive as you want.
  7. mouthymerc

    Grapple rules?

    Rules for grappling are left for the GM to decide on. 3 advantage to give your attack the ensnare quality would work.
  8. mouthymerc

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    There are orcs with sub-races. There is a deep elf sub-race. No definitively evil races though as any race could be treated as such. If you want undead I would use the revenant from the steampunk setting in the core book.
  9. mouthymerc

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    Detailed spells? In what way? There are talents with spell-like names that make casting easier. There is a map. How definitive it is I can't say. I am not familiar with the board games.
  10. mouthymerc

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    Much of the book is fluff. Three chapters. The second are the mechanics. The third is where the NPC stats are. Chapter I: Tales of Darkness is about 36 pages. This is fluff about the world of Terrinoth. Chapter II: Call to Adventure is about 76 pages of mechanics. Chapter III: Lands of Magic is about a 130 pages of more fluff and NPCs.
  11. mouthymerc

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    There is a Terrinoth adventure for free in the Genesys product page.
  12. mouthymerc

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    There are different talents which allow you to add effects without the upgrade in difficulty. There are also implement materials, which can also affect your spell casting. Nothing specific on rituals. It is a good start for running games in either of those settings.
  13. mouthymerc

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    Yes, runemaster is a variant of the Mage career. Envoys are your talky career, while scholars are characters that focus on "secrets of the natural world". Scholars have Alchemy and Runes as career skills. Magic skills can only be invested in only if they are a career skill. There are talents that give them as career skills such as Templar (T1) and Bard (T2). This means that you could have a "paladin" by having the warrior career with the Templar talent giving Divine as a career skill. Or you can have a "skald", warrior taking the Bard talent thus giving the Verse skill. And so on. Whoops missed one of Heroic abilities. There is 11. Thought there was 10. That's what I get for looking too quick.
  14. mouthymerc

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    Nothing new there.
  15. mouthymerc

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    I am not familiar with Terrinoth, so how accurate to the setting it is I have no idea. Verse and Runes are new magic skills. They work much the same as the other magic skills. There is a table which shows which magic actions can be taken with which magic skills. Depending on which magic skill you have you may be able to use some magic actions but not others. Whether you choose to follow it is up to you. Implements are a big deal in casting magic. Runebound shards have their own section separate from the information on implements so there is some detail. There is information on Gods, music magic, spiritspeaking, and eleen magic, but it all appears to be more fluff. Disciple, envoy, mage, primalist, scholar, scoundrel, scout and warrior. Human, elves, dwarves, orcs, catfolk, and gnomes. All the races (except humans) come with sub-species so they are expanded on compared to the generic versions in the core book. No reason you couldn't use the other three versions of humans if you so choose.