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  1. If you had a time machine would you go back and kill Hitler before he came to power and committed some of the worst atrocities this world has ever seen? This seems to be the option that Luke faced in Ben/Kylo, when he realized how Dark he was. Faced with the option of stopping something like his father before it began, he was momentarily tempted, but in the end decided not to. Too late, unfortunately. Such is life.
  2. Honestly I think people overanalyze everything to the detriment of their enjoyment. The original trilogy is and will always be my favorite. And while I may have enjoyed thinking and suppositioning about the Emperor or the Clone Wars or whether or not Darth Vader was Luke's father it never detracted from my enjoyment of the movies as they came out. For me the new trilogy works because it is creating new characters and situations to go forward while putting the past behind it. And I would prefer this be with new characters rather than carrying on the Skywalker legacy.
  3. I can understand disappointment. One of the reasons I don't care for the prequel trilogy as much as the original is because it didn't meet my expectations. Personally I have learned to temper my expectations this time around, which is why I enjoyed TLJ so much more than I might have had I invested too much in many of the theories. My theories for the PT had about 20 years to percolate. I like that the new trilogy is tearing down preconceived notions. Hopefully to build new ones, but we shall see.
  4. Seems to me people are just setting themselves up for disappointment again.
  5. What a great popcorn munching, beer drinking thread. Personally I hope they end the Skywalker legacy in the next movie. Time to move on. Kylo is not beyond redemption, though. If Anakin can be redeemed, Kylo can be too. But what do I know? I actually enjoyed TLJ and TFA.
  6. The movie is on track to make over a billion dollars after two weeks. I don't think Disney is worried. Besides, these movies are more about the merchandising. That's where the real money is.
  8. This made me laugh. There is foul language so beware.
  9. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  10. I don't find Rey to be anymore of a Mary Sue than, say, Luke or Anakin are/were. The new trilogy is about the passing of the Force torch from the old guard to the new one. And she is the new Luke with bucket loads of natural talent thus making her the new hero. I mean Luke was deflecting blasts blind after one lesson and corn-holing Death Stars in an X-wing from nothing. They are the heroes because of their innate talent.
  11. Ah an ascetic issue. I can relate. Could it have been done better? Possibly, but it got the point across for me. Armchair directors, I am sure, could come up with a better scene. The entire series has scenes which could be better.
  12. See I have no problem with that Leia scene. It goes toward showing the Skywalkers are talented innate Force users. I think the training put forth in the prequels is more for the status quo Force users. Whereas the Skywalkers have innate ability that doesn't need much training. This is why Anakin could start training later and eclipse other Jedi. It is also why Luke could become a Jedi with little training. Rey is also very much an innate Force user. They all were able to use the Force with little to no training. So Leia, in a life threatening situation, was able to instinctively use the Force to save herself.