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  1. Mandalorians? Aren't they that ancient warrior culture that died out? Heard there was a bounty hunter running around wearing a remnant of their armour. At least until he ended up in the belly of a Sarlacc anyways.
  2. Remains to be seen what is true and what is not.
  3. Love articles like this.
  4. Regarding? Both paragraphs? First? Second? If the first, would the middle ground be giving all the characters 500 XP instead of some none and one or two others 1000? That would certainly take care of the disparity, but that is not what I think you meant. Games with power disparities aren't terribly popular with players. You can easily play this game with disparity although how enjoyable it would be for everyone at the table remains to be seen. Movies are meant to be watched and enjoyed. Games are played and enjoyed. A power disparity in a movie may work, but in a majority of games it does not. If the second paragraph regarding iconic builds, sure you can go down the middle, but I have never seen an iconic build that didn't invite criticism of one form or another. Whether at the low end, middle ground, or the high end, you can not please everyone. It is why FFG has avoided doing any. The one, Lando, that they did came with the caveat that this stats were only in regards to the current adventure and not a complete picture.
  5. I have never been a fan of big disparities between characters' power levels. Buffy and the Scoobies is not a game I would enjoy playing. This is why games predicated on this concept are few and far between. And I have never seen one become inordinately popular except as corner cases. Much as many gamers enjoy playing the adventures, growth of characters is one of the rewards they enjoy along with success. Early on in this games genesis there was talk about playing uber-Jedi with other characters and a vast majority of players had no interest. Most enjoy the equivalency of the current game. Not that you couldn't run a game with powerful high XP Jedi (Force users) and common low XP characters. It's just a matter of handing out different amounts of XP to the starting characters. So if that is your cup of tea then go for it as this game does allow for such concepts. When creating characters based on their movie counterparts you have two ways of doing it. You either do a minimum build so they are not all powerful and consider them characters that had a particularly successful night of roleplaying and rolling, or you overbuild so their characters have little chance of not succeeding at all their tasks. Personally I find the latter to be a bit boring. But many build characters in such a way to account for every action taken in every medium. Games are not preordained fiction. I like the idea of creating a representation of a concept rather than a replication, which, to me, is all but impossible.
  6. Oh good, a talent tree with cherry-picked talents. Never seen that before. Might want to do a search on Padawan trees for reference. First of all, you need to have agreement that a padawan is able to be replicated by one talent tree. Personally I don't agree with such thought. If you want a 15 year old padawan on par with movies/media/etc then they need to start with more XP and multiple trees, not one tree. Why is the tree so focused on lightsaber use? We already have lightsaber trees. Kind of makes taking those irrelevant. Especially with the added bonus of Force Rating.
  7. Oh FFS! FFG is taking advantage of something popular in regards to Star Wars. Whether by their own choice or through directives from Disney they would be foolish not to. Much like every other book that has been released people will either like it or not. Only time will tell. People are constantly wondering if the game is running out of steam, but I would say that there is still plenty to mine for the game. With almost all the career books out, bringing out books which combine elements all three lines is an awesome idea. It has the potential of drawing in those that haven't purchased all three lines. Anything that increases sales is good as that means more longevity for the game and, therefore, more books. Which is what we want. Much of the equipment and ships have been released already so I imagine we will be getting more than just stuff related to Rebels. Lots of ground to cover in these Dark Times considering they cover about 20 years compared to the OT's time period of about 5-6 years.
  8. I'd be surprised to see any "official" stats for any characters as FFG has been reticent to officially stat any characters from Star Wars to this point. I am looking forward to checking out this book since i am using Dawn of Defiance as my basis for a campaign.
  9. This was adapted from the stats in the EotE beta adventure.
  10. It has been a while since I saw a thread shut down by a moderator. And the same with banning. ErikB's previous avatar AluminumWolf may have been banned or deleted. Or just removed by himself. Not sure. And even at his worst he entertained me. Just as the theorycraft and armchair game designers do. Sometimes a good idea can come from a conversation, even a contrary one. So in the end I read, and if something catches my fancy, may comment. I leave it to others to decide on the weight of my comments and don't begrudge them no matter how they choose.
  11. Art is subjective. The Force Awakens entertained me and I have rewatched it both at the theater and at home, faults and all. Any of my disappointments with any of the Star Wars movies stem more from my own expectations than anything else. This is especially true for the prequel trilogy. I look forward to The Last Jedi and will try to keep my expectations minimal as I usually do. It does, by way of the trailer, look to be darker, much like ESB was. Nothing quite compares with that initial wide-eyed wonder I had back in 77 as a 10 year old boy, so while I always look forward to new movies, the first will always be my favorite.
  12. Don't know what the specs will be exactly, but each career will get its own book, just as they have in the other lines. We have already gotten three.
  13. Build your droid pilot using the rules as presented. Talk to your GM and see if you can swap the normal rolling/walking locomotion for the toydarian's hover mode of locomotion. You can always get an actual starfighter/ship later that you can link with. Since your equipment can be built in you can describe it narratively as you like.
  14. Here are some xml adaptions to be used with OggDude's generator. And here is a diary of my groups adventures so far. I've run The Traitor's Gambit and A Wretched Hive so far.
  15. The game is for emulating not replicating.