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  1. As I stated before, if this is anything like the Star Wars game, very few, if any, direct responses will be forthcoming from FFG personnel. No I am pretty sure I know how it's supposed to work.
  2. And you will probably never get a consensus. Not a big deal. Never met a game that appealed to everyone. Personally I enjoy the range bands. In Star Wars, which favours ranged combat, they work well for my group. LotFR tends to favour melee, as it should, so has more close in range bands, thus allowing maneuvering and some tactical thought. In Star Wars you are either engaged in melee or not. Actual concrete distances come in second behind fun stories. No need to worry about diagonal movement or exact positioning, just maneuvering for the best position in a more abstract form. There was a learning curve for some when Star Wars came out, I imagine there will be one here too.
  3. The only relationships you need to track are the ones that are actively interacting with each other. Say the unicorn in your example decided to shoot arrows at the goblins moving to engage the dragon instead of the group moving up on him. They are at bow shot range so that is their range. You seem very tactically inclined, but with range bands you just need to be generally aware. So do your players. This shouldn't all fall on you. Players need to be aware of who they want to interact with, if anyone. This is a collaborative game. And not to worry, it's the internet. I have very thick skin.
  4. If Star Wars is any indication then no they are not actively on here partaking in conversations. They do follow them though, to a certain extent.
  5. Sometimes movement doesn't affect your relative distance. If the goblins are at range 4 from the unicorn and dragon and the dragon moves away 3 bands along the road that is not that far. He would still be in bow shot. If they are going to move up on the characters but split into two groups then you only need to concern yourself with how each group interacts with each character. I understand that tactical players can misstep because they are used to more concrete information. But the game is more about telling fun stories than tactical combat. I am more confused about why the goblins would move up. Do they not have bows? The entangling terrain would give them advantage in melee due to their sure-footedness. They would be more likely to shoot at the unicorn and then the dragon if he didn't approach.
  6. They did the same with the Star Wars boxes. Some people like visuals.
  7. Much like critical strikes were simplified for the beginners boxes for Srar Wars, I think the same has been done here.
  8. mouthymerc

    Dice App?

    No biggie. Glad to hear you found it.
  9. This is an encounter so there are some things that need to be known. What is the initiative of each character? Were the goblins surprised by the two characters emerging from the forest? What is the intention of the dragon character? Just to get by or something else? How far into the field are the goblins? Are they a sword length from the road (range 1) or bow shot (range 4)? This is important information as it will help determine certain actions such as shooting bows or moving to the road. As to accessing who is in what terrain you have already stated what terrain each group is in. The two characters are on the open road (open terrain) and the goblins are in the field (entangling terrain). As to their distances from each other, as GM, you decide such matters at the beginning of the encounter. Just like any other game. But, instead of actual distances you use range bands. How does the encounter play out? Depends on the initiative and actions. Let's say the goblins are a bow shot (range 4) from the road. The two characters gain the upper hand with initiative and act first. The unicorn stays back and shoots his bow at the goblins, so he is firing at range 4. The dragon moves down the road. He makes a fitness roll successfully and is able to move 3 range bands away from the unicorn. He is still 4 bands from the goblins in the field, as was determined at the beginning of the encounter. One group of goblins pull their bows and fire back at the unicorn at range 4. Another group moves toward the dragon on the road. They too must make a fitness roll, but only succeed in moving two range bands. Luckily for them entangling terrain does not affect them. Now they are at range 2 from the dragon. They can move again next round to spear range if the dragon stays close enough or shoot their bows. And so on. Now the dragon could keep moving away from the goblins or stop to confront them. Ranges will change as the narrative changes. Hope this helps.
  10. mouthymerc

    Dice App?

    There is a dice app.
  11. I use them as they were meant to be used, narratively. This was a big one for many people to wrap their heads around back in the beginning for Star Wars. Many people came in with a more tactical mindset. It should be more about the story rather than exact measurements. Many have switched to using more tactical range bands and I believe there are a few threads over in the EotE forum. I don't know how successful they were but if that suits anyone they should maybe check them out.
  12. mouthymerc

    Wait. No dice release yet?

    The ten dice should be enough unless you get lucky with your exploding dice and want to roll each separately. There is the dice too.
  13. mouthymerc

    Beginner Game

    Can't remember where, but I was sure I read that all the characters were specifically designed to be played in whatever gender the player would like.
  14. mouthymerc

    Beginner Game

    Am I disappointed in the beginner box? No. It is a good introduction to the game in that it conveys the mechanics of the new system and the feel of the setting. It very much is a railroad but I find for what it is doing it needs to be. The additional adventure expands on the first and opens up some more. I couldn't care less about a couple of editing errors. Never met a game that didn't have them. Point them out move on. Ask for clarification if need be. None that I can see right now.
  15. mouthymerc

    Starting the rpg

    The rules are just basic rules for running the adventure. No character creation and some things have been simplified. No advanced critical hits, no disadvantages, etc. You do get ten dice, five skill and five ring. No pdf as yet, but I am sure it will show up on drivethru eventually.