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  1. I also find it overrated the space battle visuals were good, until you look closer at some things. The hammer head hitting the ISD so hard that parts of the ISD break off and pushing with such force that it cuts into the other ISD, but it takes no real damage, after its shields and engines are taken out by three Y-wings. If the Y-wing is that so powerful that three can 100% disable a ISD what is the point of the other fighters. This is in addition to what others have said, but with the general dumbing down of the enemy (Stormtroopers and all that) just redoing the same failed tactic over and over, then the super mary-sue of Rey have made this the last Star Wars movie that I have watched as at least to me the quality has taken a nose dive from great to bad. Still love the universe but not the movies, and have never really read the books so it is just Armada for me now.
  2. Now I have very little knowldge of the the expanded universe, and Rogue One was the last movie that I watched. Having said that I can only think of one movie where you have a ship show up in the middle of the fighting and that is Rogue one, where Raddus has the ship inside his, but in the same movie you have the empire having a ship (Vader's ISD) drop out of hyperspace right in the middle of the fight. Would this not be the same but different?
  3. 1) I prefer more clicks on the first. 2) I value them in this order Red/Blue/Black, range is the most important factor in their value to me, second is accuracy. 3) Scatter is 0/10 it never works either it is locked down by an accuracy or it is a little hit, with a larger ship about to shoot you (who locks it down). Brace 10/10 the best defense in the game. Evade 4/10 very nice at long range, but sucks at short range and most ships I use that have it are short range ships. Redirect 7/10 OK on its own, but really shines with a Brace. Contain I will go with a 4/10, but I am just starting to figure this one out and the more I use it the more I like it, so maybe higher but not sure. Full disclosure I am mostly an Empire player who goes with the theory of slow and steady. I rarely go faster than speed 1, I think I am somewhat cursed with Scatter/Accuracy's and like to fight at long range.
  4. So looking at what has been released for X-Wing but we do not have here are my thoughts for next pack. Empire Rebels TiE Reaper attack lander U-Wing TiE Striker Protectorte Starfighter TiE Punisher K-Wing Xg-1 Star Wing (AKA Assault Gunboat) Kihraxz Fighter
  5. I have nothing to do with X-Wing or Legion, so what issues do you have that you feel were fixed in those games with the upgrade card policy?
  6. Now I do not use the TiE advanced much (or really at all anymore) so there is that, but when she hits the field she is the first one killed so you are not getting piles of blue, with as I said I have never be able to use the scatter so it has no value to me (I have been playing since the game came out about 4.5 years or so now, and not one use). I know that others talk about how great she is, but I have never seen it, she is not worth the cost of two TiE's as she really does nothing more than a standard TiE, except draw a fire and die first.
  7. This is the main thing for me, with a semi-close second of the fluff (I have only seen some of the movies and so that is mostly what fluff I am basing it on). I feel that the X-Wing is the Base Line squadron in the game, so every other is compared against it (at least for me). So for example the Y-Wing, is a better bomber, but not as good anti-squadron so I feel it is worth it points, as you make the trade off points for ability, Luke is so much better bomber (due to his ability to ignore shields) that I he is under pointed, as I can not come up with any reason to not take him over a standard X-Wing with him only costing about half again as much he is way better than 1.5 X-Wing. On the Empire side the TiE Fighter it is just faster, but much more vulnerable, less firepower, and a much worse bomber for about 60% of the cost, I see it a just a bit over costed (I think it should be about 7 points). How about Howlrunner, she starts off the same as any other TiE Fighter then you add her ability and defense tokens for double the price. I think her ability is good, but is is 8 points good? No, how about he tokens brace on a three hull fighter is barely worth anything maybe a point at most, and the scatter is worthless as I have never be able to use one in all the years I have been playing, so I see her as very over costed.
  8. I would say tie-breaker should be what SSD it was. If someone is playing against a Executor II I expect it to be a lot tougher than a Command Prototype.
  9. This is a big one for me. I can not remember ever being able to use my Scatter on any of my TiE Aces, and so they died so fast they are not worth the cost to me, as I can get about two for one if I do not go Ace. The generics have twice the firepower and hull. However on the tougher (non-scatter) Aces I feel that they are much better than two generics. Another game that I play had a system so that you had common, uncommon and rare. You could have one a rare for every nine common/uncommon, and one uncommon for every three common. Now the Uncommon/rare could replace the number that they were. So example you have three fighters, you could have two common and one uncommon/rare, but could not take a second uncommon tell you had five or a second rare tell you had nine total fighters.. Using the fighters that we have now could even with a slight tweak make this system work, using TiE Fighters as an example the basic TiE Fighter is the common, the Black Squadron is the Uncommon, and all the named ones are rare. So any fighter that does not have a named squadron with out pilot name would just be one in nine for aces, those with them could have more of the lesser "Aces" (here is the tweak) along with standard fighters with out eliminating full Aces.
  10. My first one showed up today, just waiting on the rest to show up.
  11. I have never had anything but great service with battlefoam, but have also never done anything custom with them. I am also sad to see any game store/group go under even if I will not use them or trust them at all, because other have different experiences like yours. Also if they stick around maybe they will try to fix what they have done.
  12. Before I ordered I asked if what I would get was what was shown, as what was shown was an out of production model, the reply was it was. Then when it arrived it was not the out of production model but the newer one. When I asked what happened, they said then that they did not have the older model as they do not have the product on hand, they just order when I ordered it and had it sent to me, and the photo they had up was something they took off the internet not really what they had.
  13. I had the exact opposite experience with him. Order once, when it was not what I ordered it was my fault, never again supported them. He did offer me my money back (- small 10% restocking fee) if I shipped the stuff back at my expense.
  14. Sad to hear, but not surprising that they are going out of business.
  15. If it becomes the standard, then yes there may be other ways to play, but they are not the standard anymore. And yes there is nothing stopping you from playing at whatever level you want, however if you are normally playing a non-standard game (or house rules) it means that if you go someplace else you are not able to play (or at least not as you are used to).
  16. And here I think it would kill what little interest anyone still has for the game.
  17. The other question is would it still count as a large based squadron or as a flotilla? A E-2 Sentry has a max take off weight of 347,000lbs, compared to what is a large fighter the F-15 Eagle's 68,000lbs. Now I know that values of a plane today really has nothing to do with what they want to do but just looking at some ships that I am guessing would be flotilla's the WWII PT Boat comes in at 112,000lbs (or 235,000lbs less), a more modern version the PHM Pegasus comes in at 510,000lbs (or 163,000lbs more). So I cold see it as a large base fighter with no weapons (I do not know of a single AWACS that has any weapons) but the special ability, or a Flotilla again with no weapons (or maybe some if modeled as one AWACS with escort?) but a decent squadron value.
  18. One thing with the fighter direction is sort of as you said handled by the carriers, but sometimes by other aircraft such as the AWACS. You can have the AWACS doing this job by its self sometimes supporting ground control (common with units such as E-3 Sentry and the like), or supporting/forwarding for the carriers (like the E-2 Hawkeye and the like), but they can also be as small as helicopters (like the Sea King ASaC7).
  19. Yes, playing the game is good, but you also have to be able to get stuff for the game, and new stuff is nice to have as well. Only the die hard fans will stick around when three is nothing new for the game. Here I do not understand FFG and there lack of telling stores about what is coming out (or maybe it is just my local store I do not know) when they were pulling the stuff we asked and they did not know about the new campaign coming out, only the vaperware SSD.
  20. My local store tried to do the weekly game night for all FFG games for about the last year. But then today when I was there for a different game they were pulling what little Armada stuff that they had off the shelf. I asked and they said that as far as they are concerned it, the card game, and Imperial Assault are dead games and they are not going to stock them anymore. As far as Armarda (I never played any of the other games) it was the almost two years without stuff to sell, so why try and keep old stuff in for a game when the company does not support it. So one more area that is now dead as far as Armada goes.
  21. I was at the local store (last one with Armada) today and they were pulling what little they had off the shelf. I asked and they said that as far as they are concerned it, the card game, and Imperial Assault are dead games and they are not going to stock them anymore. As far as Armarda (I never played any of the other games) it was the almost two years without stuff to sell, so why try and keep old stuff in for a game when the company does not support it.
  22. I can not understand the hate for the scatter. I have been playing from day one, and can not remember ever being able to use it once. Now maybe it is just my luck that sucks, but every time they shoot at my fighter with scatter they always get at least one accuracy (or do no damage at all).
  23. This is definitely in the eye of the beholder, the CR90 has always been something that just totally looks wrong to me. I would say that the two most iconic ships in the game (and is is also probably to each there own) are the ISD and the CR90. From the opening of the entire experience the CR90 fits with lots of room to spare in the ISD hanger door. But the CR90 model is so out of scale with ISD that not going to happen, and then there is the super stats that they gave to the CR90 but that is a different issue.
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