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  1. CDAT

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    Even in Empire at War I did not use it, not because of looks there but to me it just was not enough better than the Nebulan-B to justify the extra cost.
  2. CDAT

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    So fugly that it is the only ship that I do not have a single one of, and will never get one.
  3. I would trade energy hard points for my AC ones in a heart beat, right now I have mostly mediums (one dragon only heavy) and my best mech is my Vindicator with its PPC. Lightest mech that I am fielding but gets the most kills energy weapons are so much better than AC's in this game (table top I am the flip of this, love my dakka, same with jump jets table top love them this game stripped them all out).
  4. And I found it easier to read then a lot of the posts with all the abbreviations.
  5. I kickstated the game, and am looking forward to later this year the two new starter boxes for Battletech.
  6. CDAT

    Armada as Chess - Who is Who?!

    What about replacing X-wing with Z-95's?
  7. CDAT

    Combat Oriented Flotillas

    I could also see something like a fire ship for the rebels.
  8. CDAT

    Happy Friday which side to you play

    I play on the side of the legit government.
  9. CDAT

    Combat Oriented Flotillas

    Lets see if I get this right Rebel 2 on front, 2 on each side, and one out back. Hull 3 1 red on front, none out side (?), and 1 black out the back, with 2 blue AA. A turbolaser upgrade spot (only one?) Command 1, Squadrons 1 or maybe 0 (kind of like this idea), and engineering of 2 Cost 24 points or so. Speed two, two clicks at speed one 0/1 click at speed two. Titles A - enhancing anti-squadron B- trying to make it viable against other ships Well first thought is that does not look to be much of a combat ship at all to me, seven shields looks to be a lot to me. If the reason for not giving it any attack out the side is so that Ackbar can not give it red dice than you will not be able to give it a turbolaser upgrade or how do you stop someone from adding enhanced armament? The slow speed does not feel right to me for two reasons, first just does not feel right for the rebels, and second maybe I am looking at "combat flotillas" wrong, but I am looking at them as PT boats so should be fast. Empire Shields 2 on front, 1 each side, and 1 on the back. 3 Hull 2 blue dice on front, 1 black and blue on each side, and 1 blue for rear, with one black AA. One ordnance upgrade (again only upgrade?) A turbolaser upgrade spot (only one?) Command 1, Squadrons 1 or maybe 0 (still kind of like this idea), and engineering of 2 Costing about 26 points Movement, speed 3 1 click at one, 0/1 click at two, and 1/0/1 click at three. Titles A- negates flotillas not giving a damage card when overlapped B- something to do with squadrons. What do you mean "... negates flotillas not giving a damage card when overlapped" are you saying that it can ram and do damage? One time only, or all the time? This feels more combat oriented, but also just feels like it is trying to be a smaller copy of the other ships that they already have just less effective, a ordnance upgrade with only using one black dice does not sound that effective to me, but I am also all about the red dice so may be missing something with the ordnance upgrade. I am one in the camp of not liking flotillas right now, mostly due to the fact that they just do not feel like they should be include in the empire fleet, and the rebel ones should not be as effective as they are for as few points as they cost. I see the current flotillas as empire side a customs/coast guard cutter, and the rebels as converted super light cargo ship/fishing trawler so should not be able to do as much as it does. But as I said I do not like them so I am likely biased. I am not against the idea of flotillas but think that they need to be more different than they are. Maybe something like no shields or a one on the front only and with all the use once cards coming out now a special flotilla only combat card that it gets two or maybe three of to use to attack as it has no attack other than that, with maybe one AA dice.
  10. CDAT

    can we please call the mc30 a squid

    This does not look like a legal deployment. Most important reason for it is the ship on the bottom what is it, it has something sticking out of the top that I can not identify.
  11. CDAT

    FFG poll! Vote Armada up!

    One more with no social media, and not going to get it to vote.
  12. CDAT

    can we please call the mc30 a squid

    I can not say what forum members use, as I do not spend much time on many of the pages here, but I can say that in real world use I do not hear it called the shrimp by players in the stores. Now yes this is subjective as each may (probably are) be different just like each group is different, it is also much harder to track as you can not go back and count up how many time it was called A and how many times B, you have to go off of what you heard which may not even have been all the conversations (likely is not).
  13. CDAT

    can we please call the mc30 a squid

    I do not expect it to be official at all, but what I was trying to say with the official part is that if the powers that be came out and said it is the MC30 "toothpick" that would be the official nickname for it, now that would not mean we had to call it that just that is the official one. Kind of like the A-10 Thunderbolt II, more commonly called the Warthog, but officially it is the Thunderbolt II.
  14. CDAT

    can we please call the mc30 a squid

    When you put up a link to a glossary of Armada slang like it is the end all answer to the question, but it is only one thought on what the slang should be. And it is not an official slang so it is still in development or at least differing opinions are out there. That is what I was trying to point out, that the glossary of Armada slang is not official so just because someone put that the MC30 is called the Shrimp in it does not mean that is what it is really called any more than when I call the MC75 the boated puss pocket does not make it the real nickname for it (just in case you can not figure out I think the Mc75 is super ugly, stats are great but the model is to ugly to own).
  15. I went double reckless, and looking back maybe the name of the pledge should have told me something.