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  1. I have a different take on some of the ships, however I also play different than just about every other Empire player that I have seen. It is very very rare for me to go speed two, and you can count on one hand the number of times that I have gone faster. ISD - 5/5 A good all round ship (looks to be made even better with new options coming out). Has nice amount of red dice (best in the game), good shields, AA, and hull. For me maneuverability is not much of a issue (do to moving slow). VSD - 4/5 Also a good all round ship (looking forward to seventh fleet title) Biggest drawback is the lack of AA. GSD - 3/5 This is probably the ship that takes the biggest hit with my always moving slow, I rarely use titles, when I use the GSD it is normally for AA support, with a bit more firepower than the Raider. Raider - 4/5 I love this little guy, but I use it as mobile AA support/picket ship. Arquitens - 3/5 Not a bad ship, and likely I would rate it higher if I used it more. Nice amount of red dice out the wide side arcs, just takes some work to use well and I have not put the time into using it to get the most out of it I think yet. Quasar 4/5 A great way to push squadrons and as you move forward a couple of extra red dice against ships, and/or one to pick at squadrons at long range. Interdictor 0/5 (Can I go lower?) It has so much potential but fails on almost everything, mostly by just being so expensive for what you get. Gozanti - 1/5 Good for extra activation's, but at least in my area the Rebel players all play small units so they will still out activate you, so I think it is better to go with more capable ships that can stand up to some damage (also does not help that I have never been able to use the scatter, not even once).
  2. Highest Aspiration?

    This is a dream that I can get behind.
  3. Title ideas

    That very well could be the issue I think, I have never had a Z-95 miss shooting at squadrons, and have had six hits enough that it is not something super special. I think that the Z-95 is one of the best anti-squadron fighters in the game and would be a good value at tens points each. For me it is all about the red dice as they are in my opinion the best overall. Now I normally play Empire, but when I play Rebel I do use Yavaris a lot, but when I look at this I see this hands down so much better that Yavaris is not even a second thought. The free Rapid Launch Bay (never use so a wash), but letting me get two free fighters that are some of the best anti-squadron and this on top of my already maxed out fighter list with the Rebels having the best fighters in the game, but that may also be local meta's as lots of time mine is different then others.
  4. New FAQ

    OK this makes sense, something that I had never thought about. This one, maybe it is just me but I can not come up with how the targeted hull zone could be obstructed, but another one clear? With squadrons needing to be so close and most of them also only having one anti-ship die, what am I missing?
  5. New FAQ

    Now I must be missing something or have been doing it wrong (also very possible) but what is the point of the Quad Laser Turrets "When a ship with this card equipped performs a counter attack, the ship’s owner chooses which hull zone the attack is performed from." It is not like one hull zone or another will affect the number of dice. Also a counter attack does not forbid an attack from the hull zone later does it?
  6. Title ideas

    So to get people to not use a 5pt title you are going to have them spend 10pts and get 10pts free (at lest with out adding the cost of things with out listed value like Rapid Launch Bay on a ship that can not have it, or going over the squadron limit)? It may just be me but that sounds like to much free stuff, yes Yavaris is a nice title and sees lots of use for Neb-B's (not that the see the table lots). So on one hand I think things to make them see the table more is a good idea, but I think that this would be better at about 6pts (same cost as the Rapid Launch Bay) and then have the fighters cost extra, and/or limit the fighters to only being able to be given squadron commands by that ship. This brings the cost closer to the cost of the Yavaris title, and does let them get the Rapid Launch Bay on a ship that can not use it, also allows them to get fighters above the squadron limit, but does not give so much free stuff.
  7. Title ideas

    Does this come with the Z-95 or does it allow you to buy two extra Z-95's? It sounds like it come with them so for ten points you get fourteen points of fighters (that do not count to you limit) and a free rapid launch bays (I do not know what it cost, do not ever use it and do not have stuff with me right now? That sounds like to high of a savings to me, but if it only allows you to buy or forces you to buy two extra Z-95's that sounds OK.
  8. Disney and Fox On/Off Talks

    But being able to use the terms that they have for years in the comics would be nice, and the X-men need a reboot badly as they are so far off from the comics. I could see putting it in the same universe and just limiting the crossovers if nothing else this would be nice for some of the characters that appear in both (only need one actor, and can actually appear in both).
  9. Ships Worthy of More Than Two Of

    I should have been more specific, that is for the Empire I was doing this with the Rebels but then the released the most butt ugly model (AF MkII) and I will not buy a single one of them so I stopped with the rebels kind of. I have not yet got any Hammerheads (I plan to, just not yet) so I can not say how many I will get, I mostly play Empire and the Rebel players in the area have never used more than two against me. So far they have not impressed me much so not sure how many.
  10. Ships Worthy of More Than Two Of

    I get one for each title so for some (Interdictor) I only have one, others (ISD) I have three. The only time that I have issues making lists is when I am supplying ships for more than one player (and the Interdictor is still never used).
  11. At least for me with the Interdictor it is the Empire tax that we pay for the ability to use its abilities. It is not a bad ship, just cost so much to use that at least in my area (local meta) it never gets used, as for the points it is generally take it or another ISD (or several smaller ships), and we just go with the other option.
  12. I do not have exact examples, but it would be more like a full campaign where the forces do not know where each other are, and the forces may or may not be equal forces, and so in that situation the Interdictior being able to pull/keep units from going into hyperspace has value. I see it kind of like having a supply ship, in battle not that much use, but in a more strategic game has much more value.
  13. In a lot of ways I am there with you, I do not love the Interdictor but do agree that for this game it is over costed, for a more campaign driven game it would be worth its weight in gold. Using your B-17 example yes it would suck in a dogfighting game, especially if it cost about 1/3 of the points that you had to play with. But switch the game to a more strategic one and now it has much more value. I have found that the Interdictor can be fun if you are just playing for fun, but my local group has not found that it is a effective ship if you want a well built fleet, but maybe that is just us.
  14. So if we are talking about the "Worst" ship in the game, when are we going to start talking about the Interdictor?
  15. At least in my area the complaint is all about its cost, as it is so expensive that it end up being forced to be the "flagship" due to not being able to afford a second large ship and/or fighters. If it was not for the cost it would be used as the stats are OK, but not for the cost as you are paying at least in our thought to steep a premium for the ability to use the experimental upgrades.