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  1. I just want the lasers from my TiE's that three of them will cut a CR90 in half, and one missile/bomb will take one out.
  2. This was my first thought as I started to read this, with out looking at the wording of the rule.
  3. Like the others have said I think it is deliberately vague, for me I like to think of them as what you see is what you get for numbers. So one for the large squadrons are one per and standard are three per. It makes it feel more like what you see in the movies. For example in a new hope when the falcon is fleeing the death star and are fighting the four TiE fighters it is a fight that the falcon is not sure that they would win, but if you had a entire squadron of 12 the falcon would be in for a tough fight. In Armada I do not think that the falcon has much of a chance of losing to a single base, and a chance of taking on three or four stands (if you think three per or four per stand, but the thought of the falcon taking on thirty six to forty eight even basic TiE's I can not believe, but maybe it is just me).
  4. I am not selling because of the app, I am just 100% sure that I will not be getting back into the game because of the app.
  5. The points are on the app, so if I just want to throw down some ships and go at it I can do that without the app, but that is not a way to play a semi-balanced game (semi as no balance system I know of take player skill into) I make a lot of my force lists for game at the store, where I do not have access to electronics (I do not have, nor do I want a smart phone, tablet or anything like that) I have a home computer, I play tabletop games to get away from electronics, and do not want them in my games. If you want to use them when not playing to come up with force idea's, do research on what is good/bad what ever that is fine (I do some of that, like being on here), but I do not want them at the game, I do not want to be required to have them (and I do not know if I even have anything that could use them).
  6. According to Wookapedia MC 80's in general are between 1200-1500 meters, when you look up the specific versions Home One (MC80A) type between 1200-1300 meters, Liberty type between 1200-1500 meters, MC80B (legends only) about 1200 meters, and MC80 Evacuation (legends only) between 1200-1600 meters. Now the MC80A and Liberty type are canon lengths, however Home One and the others are legends only, but even then Home One is listed as standard length of 1200 meters with some individual ships of 1400 or more meters.
  7. Now was X-wing 2.0 not well received or was it the App and stuff that went with it that was not well received? I have nothing to base this on except my thoughts as my group stopped playing X-wing well before 2.0. But the app and stuff that goes with it means that there is a zero percent chance that I will ever get back into the game (I am trying to get rid of my stuff and this is the only game in my life that I have sold off my stuff for.)
  8. And if I remember correctly is not the MC80 about 1200? What size is it again? Right large, not saying the Venator should or should not be large as looking it up in Wookapedia says it is between 1137 and 1155, but where is the cut off? Is it right at 1200? I do not know.
  9. I find the stats of the AF are good, but it is just so ugly I can not stand to have one in my fleet. So it is not a case of me thinking it is a total waste, as it is a very good ship, that I will not own.
  10. I think this is a personal decisions to some point. For example using me, I feel that every ship is worth getting one of for each title that there is for that ship class. With the exception of the AF Mk II as it is just so ugly I will not have a single one in my inventory.
  11. I also find it overrated the space battle visuals were good, until you look closer at some things. The hammer head hitting the ISD so hard that parts of the ISD break off and pushing with such force that it cuts into the other ISD, but it takes no real damage, after its shields and engines are taken out by three Y-wings. If the Y-wing is that so powerful that three can 100% disable a ISD what is the point of the other fighters. This is in addition to what others have said, but with the general dumbing down of the enemy (Stormtroopers and all that) just redoing the same failed tactic over and over, then the super mary-sue of Rey have made this the last Star Wars movie that I have watched as at least to me the quality has taken a nose dive from great to bad. Still love the universe but not the movies, and have never really read the books so it is just Armada for me now.
  12. Now I have very little knowldge of the the expanded universe, and Rogue One was the last movie that I watched. Having said that I can only think of one movie where you have a ship show up in the middle of the fighting and that is Rogue one, where Raddus has the ship inside his, but in the same movie you have the empire having a ship (Vader's ISD) drop out of hyperspace right in the middle of the fight. Would this not be the same but different?
  13. 1) I prefer more clicks on the first. 2) I value them in this order Red/Blue/Black, range is the most important factor in their value to me, second is accuracy. 3) Scatter is 0/10 it never works either it is locked down by an accuracy or it is a little hit, with a larger ship about to shoot you (who locks it down). Brace 10/10 the best defense in the game. Evade 4/10 very nice at long range, but sucks at short range and most ships I use that have it are short range ships. Redirect 7/10 OK on its own, but really shines with a Brace. Contain I will go with a 4/10, but I am just starting to figure this one out and the more I use it the more I like it, so maybe higher but not sure. Full disclosure I am mostly an Empire player who goes with the theory of slow and steady. I rarely go faster than speed 1, I think I am somewhat cursed with Scatter/Accuracy's and like to fight at long range.
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