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  1. Release the SSD already.
  2. So you are saying that you can not stand the CR90?
  3. I can not speak for all of us here in the US, but I have never gone to a Convention at all let a lone a big one, and personally think it is overall bad doing so, but it may just be me. I am right there with you, working three part time jobs, with no vacation time to use, I can ask for time off (with out pay) but this has to be done just a couple of weeks before so even if I wanted to (or could afford to) go to something like GenCon I could not as by the time I would know if I could go everything is sold out. As I said above I am not a fan of this, but I also do not have extreme feelings about it when you get to the larger tournaments. It is much more irritating when your local store champ is someone who has never been there before as they live a couple hundred miles away (this year ours was from about 250 miles away). Our local store set the time so that none of the local players could show up, and ended up with only two out of town players.
  4. I watched it and thought it was good for a pilot, I think it has lots of promise but I am worried that as it is a SciFy show on FOX that it will not get a good shake.
  5. What was really fun with our last game, we did not make you pick a side, so one player had both his sub-fleets Empire, I had both mine Rebel, and the last player had one of each (Gallent Haven backed up by TIE Fighters). We had a blast doing it.
  6. One of the things that one of my local groups has started doing with casual play is each player makes a number of 150 point fleets equal to the number of players. We then place them face down in the middle of the mat and one by one pick a fleet, after we have picked all the fleets we then build our fleet by combining a number of them that was determined before we stated. After this put units on table and play. So for example last time we played this there were three players so we each made up three fleets, after we had picked three we discarded one and had a 300 point fleet, with no commanders and went at it. Fun was had by all, but not even close to a tournament play game, but that is not what we were looking for, I could see using epic in things like this easy.
  7. I may be the outlier then, I play in four different groups, and as far as I know I am the only one that posts here (I think one more lurks) but most of them want larger games, and think that the basic game is just kind of small. I also think that the Epic format would be used much more with armada, now having said that none of the groups that I play in really do the tournaments, so if your group does that would be a difference but as long and as many people who have said that they want the Super Star Destroyer even if it does not see the table much (and I think it would see it more than you think) it would sell like hot cakes (I think anyway).
  8. I can not really say how well they are used in X-wing as it is very dead in my area (and good riddance as far as I am concerned, can not stand it), but they also do not really fit with the concept of X-Wing a fighter game with ships is very different than a ship game with bigger ships. So what I am saying is that I think they would be used much more for Armada than X-Wing. They may not fit in a standard 400 point game, but how often do you see people talking about playing games larger than that?
  9. OK, I am going to have to go back and read the last couple of pages. We are getting card packs now for Armada?
  10. OK, So not a Liberty class, but THE Liberty, thank you.
  11. I am missing something, how does a liberty class activate two squadrons via a token? Last I checked a token only lets you activate one squadron. So what am I missing?
  12. LCG, CCG?
  13. This so much this. How do I use all my likes on this?
  14. I have to say that I am not really surprised, I bought a bunch of stuff for Halo Fleet Battles, and overall thought that it was a better game than Armada as you actually had fleets, but it was so expensive that no store even around me would stock it. Played a couple times, but again due to the cost no one else would get anything, and found the customer service to be lacking, the plastic bases broke so much that I am not sure I have enough left to field a fleet for a single side anymore, when contacted them in effect was told to bad so sad, not our problem. So bottom line I am sorry to hear this as the only game of theirs that I played I really liked, but I am not surprised in the least due to it looking like the business model they were using was the 40K business model.
  15. I think that this should get a FAQ, as last night with my local game group I brought up this discussion, they went to the rules and every single member of the group after looking at the rules said that it was clear that by the rules you would be able to double command dial it. Now I am not a rule expert, so I am not saying so and so is right or wrong, I am saying that we have some who say it is very clear that you can and some saying it is very clear you can not. I have also seen that the player who got to help design the card said that is not the intent and again not disagreeing with him, but I do not know how much control he had over how FFG tweaked his design idea. So bottom line I can see how if it is allowed it is way to powerful being able to activate up to eleven fighters at one time, but if there is as much confusion as it looks to me like there is then tey should clear it up, and maybe it will be by the time it is released.