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  1. Well it looks like there are parts that we agree on and parts that we differ on. First the parts that we agree on, the 200km for the DS II, but the part that we disagree on is that the SSD is 19km, I know that it is the established standard, but maybe it is because I am not an "expert" of figuring size based on two different ships that you do not know the distance between them and saying that it proves the SSD is 19km, the only time we know the distance is when it is touching the DS II and to me that is the only time that we can prove what distance there is so what size things are, and to me that proves that is it is not 19km long.
  2. So if I understand what you are saying (and it is very possible I am not understanding correctly) then you are saying that the crash we can not use to establish size? So to the best of my knowledge one of only two times we see two objects touch (the other is the A-wing/bridge) we can not use the know size of one object (the DS II) to establish that the SSD is not as big as they say it is now?
  3. I can see why some say that it needs to be big, however the scale that you see on screen does not look to be consistent. The SSD is supposed to be 19km long or 11.875 times as long as the ISD ans some images make it look this big, others to me do not. However the DS II is supposed to be 200km around or about 10.53 times as long as the SSD and it does not even look close to that size to me when it collides with it. Now if they stuck with the old size of 9km that to me looks more in line with what it looks like to me.
  4. And I thought that it looks to big, from what I remember (not very scientific I know) from the movies.
  5. Yes, maybe not the best track record but still a prediction.
  6. Because it has more than one title? I get at least one for every title so in an epic battle I can field every titled ship at once.
  7. Just adding some to what TTC said, Memorial Day is in memory of those who did not come home, Veterans Day if for all of us who served not just Pearl Harbor Survivors.
  8. All I was saying is that to you it is a major butt hurt, but to others (myself included) it would be a good day to hold it. Now I will not be showing up as not my region, but you may get some who could not have shown up on a different weekend.
  9. And yet if it was in my area this would be one of the only weekends that I could go, as I work most weekends so having it on the long holiday weekend would help several in my local play area be able to make it.
  10. Now I am not saying that I think the day after Thanksgiving is a good idea, but as it is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and generally more women like to go shopping, I can see a store thinking that maybe this is a way to draw more of the men in. Will it work I do not know but can see at least one reason for it. I have never gone to regionals as they have never been close enough on days that I could go, so what is the normal turn out? Or maybe ask what would be a low enough turn out to be shocking? I am not saying that I agree with this, especially for regionals, but I can kind of see why some would try and do it. This years our local store champion was from six hours away, the date was set and then someone (I do not know who, but guess the out of townees) asked if it could be moved from the Saturday to the Sunday of the same weekend, so the store did so. Our store championship game was just the two out of town players as none of the eight regular players could show up that day either had to work or already had other commitments. Now I know that the store champion rules do not say anything about it is supposed to be a local player or anything remotely like that, but I would guess if you polled that is what most players would like to see, having the out of town "ringers" go from store to store and take all the championships (I am willing to bet this does not really happen, but some times it does seam that way) and they at least in my experience do not spend any money in the local stores. So I guess what I am saying is I can understand why local players would want to do something like this, for the store championship I think it would be fine as at least by name it implies it is a local event. However for regionals that does feel a bit underhanded if that is what they are trying to do, on the other hand I can see at least one reason that they might hold it that day (comment number one above).
  11. Skipray blast boat
  12. You must be playing with a vastly different group than I do, even when we had a guy only bring TiE Fighters he still could have carried them all on one of the two ships that he brought to the battle, and I think that was the largest amount of fighters I have seen any single player ever field.
  13. Could Biggs be used to get by the extra point?
  14. I can not remember the last time I saw a TiE Bomber hit the table. In my local area for Empire it is the more multi-purpose fighters that see the table, or if they are going for anti-fighter fighters they use ones with some hull. On the rebel side it is lots of A-wings, but all of them hit the table now and then.
  15. I was talking more about this part. I can understand not getting everything for a game especially before you play it much. But it is just weird to me thinking that I am only go to buy a bit of this or that game and only hold on to it for a short time. Now maybe that was not what they were saying but that is how it looked to me and I just find that weird. How ever it might just be me that is weird, last time I played 40K was 3rd edition, but I still have all my stuff.