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  1. I've been toying with a VERY similar list that I'm still waiting to try. Take a look: [ EMPIRE FLEET (298 points) 1 • Victory I-class Star Destroyer - Admiral Screed - Admiral Chiraneau - Flight Controllers - Expanded Hangar Bay (120) Your flagship is set up as a carrier with Flight Controllers for extra damage and an Expanded Hangar Bay for alpha strikes. Admiral Chiraneau coordinates your fighters, allowing them to move whilst engaged. This synergizes with Mauler Mithel (see below). 2 • Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer - Engine Techs - Assault Concussion Missiles - Demolisher (81) Here we have a standard Gladiator Spearhead set up, designed to get in the face of your opponent and make him worry about it instead of your carrier. And he will worry about it. 3 • Howlrunner'' TIE Fighter Squadron (16) 4 • Mauler'' Mithel TIE Fighter Squadron (15) 5 • Darth Vader TIE Advanced Squadron (21) 6 • Soontir Fel TIE Interceptor Squadron (18) Here we have a good spread of Imperial Aces. The idea is that Howlrunner will engage first on a squadron command, position well for the following squadrons to take advantage of her ability, and fire her salvo. Mauler Mithel comes in next, engaging as many enemy squadrons as he can to proc his ability on them, dealing them all 1 damage automatically. He also benefits from Howlrunner's ability on his following attack. Next comes Soontir Fel. He also wants to be located centrally, to both take advantage of Howlrunner's ability, and also to put himself in engagement range of enemy fighters so that his ability will proc. Finally, Darth Vader enters the fray engaging as many enemy fighters as possible to protect Soontir Fel from being attacked with escort and thus allowing Soontir's ability to proc every single time someone is forced to attack Darth Vader and not him, causing them 1 damage automatically. Darth Vader wants to shoot at enemy Aces where possible, but prioritize your Escort Mission first. Keep in mind that everyone but Vader will be rolling an extra die for Howlrunner if you placed properly, and an extra die from Flight Controllers, in addition to receiving a reroll from Swarm. The alpha strike here is pretty strong. On your following turn, Admiral Chiraneau allows you to move Mauler Mithel around a bit to proc his ability again. You can mess with the rest of the fighter composition to add more protection for this combo in the form of TIE Advanceds if you feel you need them. There is enough room for 2, in addition to Vader. 7 • TIE Fighter Squadron (8) 8 • TIE Fighter Squadron (8) 9 • TIE Interceptor Squadron (11) This is Wave 2 of your fighter squadrons. You will be tempted to send them in with the initial strike, but don't. This is your fighter screen in case any enemy fighters get through the initial furball (unlikely) or go around. Use these fighters to intercept anything threatening your flagship. If it becomes clear that this will not happen, feel free to send them into the initial furball to clean up, or to distract enemy ships.
  2. You say the quality of the bases is really low. I say the quality of the sun is really high.
  3. Never assume anything. What, you mean like assuming they're not painted?
  4. Still waiting to hear how this stuff plays. See problems with 'overlapping.' But then maybe you don't know how it plays because you're too busy actually making and painting it.
  5. I think it's cool that you painted your stuff.
  6. I've had initiate every time (except for once) and loved it. I've won every game I've played except one, where I lost by a very small margin due to player error in using my squadrons. When I didn't have initiative, I found that the Rebs would move out of the way before I had a chance to hit them and it was nigh impossible to get into black range as a result.
  7. These forums are, in comparison, dead anyway. The real discussion takes place here: http://boardgamegeek.com/forums/thing/124742/android-netrunner
  8. Public Sympathy Neutral, Resource, Cost:2 Your maximum hand size is increased by 2.
  9. Astroscript Test Pilot said: Re: Pop-Up Window - that's selective comprehension. It also gives you (the Corp) a credit every time the runner comes through. And it costs nothing to rez. Add in shenanigans with Sensei and Chum and we have such a cheap, fun little card. Can't wait for it, personally. Ditto for me, I'll likely run three.
  10. Can't wait to see what that Shaper Virus does… Dedicated response team and Ronin are going to be nice additions, too. Looks like all those defensive runner cards we've been getting will start getting put to good use now…
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