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  1. The starter is sold out in my area, but the decks can still be found. What do you need from the starter to play? I don't want to pay the huge price for an online copy. Let me know.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/134808937128271/?fref=gs&hc_location=group
  3. Looking at the droids more, wish they could resolve together. Its it staircases down as they resolve separate. I dont think it is worth the cost when you will average 1-2 on each side, even with multiple activations and such.
  4. I looked back at the timetable FFG did the SOR event: Preview event announced: March 7th `About a month Preview Event: April 1-2 About a month SOR Release: May 4th Lets look at where we are now, If they announce it this Friday, March 7th was a Tuesday so maybe next week. The event would have to be Sept 9-10 or Sept 16-17 because Nationals in on Aug 31-Sept 3rd and they would not hold 2 events on same weekend. My thought is they may announce the event at or during Gencon, Aug 17-20. Of course all of this is just want I think and most likely is wrong.
  5. If the card states only one die, like Salvo or C3PO ability, you can only resolve one die.
  6. Nope. I hope they will do it. I heard a rumor that the SOR was only ran because of the production shortages and they will not be doing them again. I hope this is wrong.
  7. They could make the cards alt arts though.
  8. If the cards are ever reprinted in a new set then yes, but they will not include cards in a release just because they were edited. Have to wait and hope for a new printing.
  9. Yup, Had Qui-gon kill my fully healed FO Trooper in one turn: Played Jedi robes on Qui-Gon (had 1 shield on him) Robes Qui-gon had 2 shields showing on his die, Lightsaber on shield, and Makashi Training and Force Speed on Rey, both with shield. Resolved shield, then defensive stance.
  10. The only way i see making draft work is if you made custom packs. Make 3-5 with just non character cards then 2-3 with character packs. maybe do like magic with 15 cards a pack, 1 BF, 8 common, 4 uncommon and 2 rare. the 2 rare is just so decks can have an ok amount of upgrades and supports. You can also make "seeded" packs, a small (15-20 card) pack of cards that is directed at a certain color and faction, then x amount of packs. This again will be mostly seeded pack vs seeded pack. Test different things with your buddies and see what works.
  11. You can do that, but at the end of the day, 70% of the decks will be one of the starter, plus 2-5 new cards.
  12. Rotation does no mean all cards are useless. MTG reprints cards all the time and you can use the old ones. I hope FFG reprints some of the big cards in the Base sets and uses the Expansions to introduce new stuff.
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