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  1. Alright it says in the rule " This shield can be damaged just like normal cover by damage that exceeds the shield’s Armour Value (see page 229)". And the rule for the cover are "Whenever a hit strikes a piece of cover and deals damage that exceeds the cover’s Armour points, that piece of cover has its Armour points reduced by 1. Cover that has its Armour points reduced to 0 is destroyed and off ers no further protection." So let say my Psyker with a effective PR of 6 makes a telekin shield. The shield's armor will be of 3. Now let say the psyker is striked twice by a chainsword (dmg 1d10+2, pen 2). 1st strike how many damage? 2nd strike how many damage? I can't figure if the pen count as damage for deducting the shield point of a cover ... Thanks again for the answer! M
  2. The Telekine shield, TS, use the rule of cover, knowing that: When a TS is striked by a weapon with a armor penetration equal to the TS armor, the caracter takes the damage as if there is no shield but is the TS destroyed? or does it lose one point of armor? Exemple: Let say a caracter uses TS with an effective PR 6 so with 3 points of armor is striked by a weapon: with pen 3. The armor TS shield is ignored (3-3=0) and the caracter takes the damage but for a next strike what is the TS shield level? 2 or has it been destroyed? thank you
  3. When you use a psy power under your base PR, it is said in the rule book :" By minimising the amount of power he draws, a psyker can reduce the chances of horrible side-effects such as Psychic Phenomena or Perils of the Warp...", but i can't find any rule about it which tells if there is a bonus to use a psy power under the base PR. exemple: I have a PR 4 and WP40 and i use a psy power with an effective PR of 2, so two les than my base PR. i roll a 22 so it's a success but i trigger a psychic phenomena. How the fact that i use an effective PR two points below my base PR is represented? do i have bonus of -20 on the psychic phenomena table ? thank you
  4. Hello, "If a gun rolls 2d10 or more for damage, and both come up with tens, do you roll once or twice for the extra damage?" In my opinion you reroll once. It's a plus with a 2d10 damage weapon, you have double chance to have an 0. "If a weapon does d5 damage, does it fury on just a 10, or a 9 and 10?" don't know i do on 10 only. "Can psychic powers cause righteous fury? My guess is yes if they roll to hit, but no otherwise due to the rules on this." For me Yes you can make a WillPower to valid the first roll. "Do npcs/enemies get righteous fury?" Yes they can for boss or strong one, in fact they have destiny point too equal to their willpower bonus. S
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