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  1. But I'm coming back in, and plan to obliterate Rebel scum faster than ever! However I need some help :b I'm planning on buying the Lambda, and TIE bomber when I go to my locals on monday, however, before I do that I was wondering if there was a wiki or a webpage that shows every detail about certain vehicles? For example all of the stats, wheels, etc, if I look up a specific ship? Just so I know what I'm dealing with when I play with it on the spot. Also I was wondering where main sources of information come through? Is there a specific site that puts out information on tournament results across the nation / world that I can look at specific builds that are topping? Any other information I should know? Limitations and so forth? Any help is so much appreciated! Thanks! -Michael
  2. https://www.facebook.com/tatesgaming On Monday the 16th (4 days) Tates gaming satellite right next to their comic shop, will be giving away a free Lambda shuttle (IF at least 6 people come to open play) We are trying to start a league going so we can hopefully do tournaments for X-wing! Tates is located in south Florida, hope to see some of you there! -Michael
  3. This will probably be the stupidest question you've ever seen I'm sure, but it's something that is dreadfully bugging me. Besides the possibility of an inside computer that's linked to a camera outside, how does the pilot, pilot this ship? If you look at the front, the nose is completely blocking the cockpit, and it's not even curved down or lowered to give him any noticable vision at all. The only vision is if he sticks his head out of the window to look through the side. All of the other ships so far have a reasonable way to view out the cockpit (except the milenium falcon imo I don't know why it would be on the farthest side of the right on such a large ship but hey a skilled pilot knows better than me). Does this bother anyone else? I'm not dissing the miniature or the ship or saying it won't be playable, I'm just curious as to how one could actually pilot it.
  4. I absolutely love sonic the hedgehog, and I've got to say you've done an awesome job.
  5. Just because the problem isn't solved, doesn't mean covering it up doesn't fix the problem if cheating or your opponent telling what you have isn't fixed, because that problem is fixed after you cover it up. About you thinking my post was rude, sorry but I don't care, I was being honest to someone going over the top about the smallest issue possible.
  6. First I would like to say, since no one else on the forums really seemed to notice this, you kind of just ruined it for a bunch of people, and most likely just gave a ton of people a new way at cheating so congratulations on that. Second, if something this small is going to bother you so much than yes. Quit the game, because god forbid you buy a random X-wing mini and it's engine is slightly tilted I'm sure you will flip a biscuit. Third, if you really can't find a super easy solution, such as putting even a strip of paper over them, or using a trust system, this game can't possibly be the game for you.
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed the video, although unless that video is based on real pilots, then I don't think we could use her :b
  8. Rumors have it Wave 3 will contain upgrade cards. That being said I believe they will maybe only release the TIE bomber and B-wing with wave 3, and hopefully a senators shuttle, proximity mine, and astroid models, just for giggles.
  9. Sounds awesome, I guess I'll beat you.. I mean meet you then. The store is also rumored to have a star wars day sometime soon, where they will be demoing star wars the card game, and maybe even other games as well. I will probably be there demoing this game hopefully attracting a crowd.
  10. I'm glad to hear weeknds are the best time for you. I am there almost every Saturday. I am usually not playing X-wing, but I am WAY more than willing to play X-wing on a saturday if that works for you. I usually arrive there around 2 PM.
  11. Harleequin

    2 YT-1300 lists

    I was waiting for someone to do this, and I wasn't going to buy another falcon until I get store credit from my locals, and they get more in stock :b. However I think the idea is great, you can intentionally fly behind your enemies and still shoot them, while getting tons of actions per turn. And with 2 ships being tanks, and heavy shooters on top of it, you're pretty much guarunteed to survive every round while taking out 1 or 2 ships.
  12. If you live in the South Florida Area, me and the store I frequent are looking to grow an X-wing Community. I bring some friends who play with my pieces there often, but I'm looking to grow the community so we can eventually start hosting tournaments. Of course to do this we would need possibly 8 different players (I'm sure we could do 4 even for a small tournament! ) If you are interested in coming down I will put a link to the store, which has it's address here http://tatescomics.com/gaming/ and just leave a message if you think you MIGHt be able to stop by. I think it would be a great experience, and I really want to see this game pick up, it's hard to find a community for this game at ANY local store.
  13. I'm a bit curious to this as well. But as it is more of a planning and you have no idea whether or not you CAN perform the action, I would assume yes. I would like some other confirmation (rereading the rule book in a few days) as to whether or not you can. But I don't think you would lose your action if you measured it or not.
  14. I'm kind of hoping Wave 3 is just 3d Model Astroids, upgrade cards, new pilots, a Y and Z target lock, and maybe even that senators shuttle… Very nice by the way, extremely jealous :b
  15. I was not able to play any X-wing today to draw more conclusions, I was playing DnD instead (not my initial choice :b ) however I completely agree that only time will tell. I personally feel the slave 1 is way to dependent on upgrades and takes up a lot of space for imperials when they "seem" to need a swarm to win against rebels. (It's dead obvious that 1 on 1 TIE vs Rebels, rebels will usually win). I'm thinking of only using one interceptor in the team, as my squad leader for swarm tactics with a bunch of Tie fighters, and maybe one more Interceptor at the end, until I do more testing however I don't see the Slave 1 as a viable option in my swarm.
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