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  1. Conversion kit doesn’t have the bomb tokens so those will most likely have value to players converting into 2.0 w/o 1.0 cardboard (like myself) obstacles in the core set are 3 asteroids and 3 debris fields. And all 1.0 asteroids and debris fields will be tournament legal so some players might want to buy those as well
  2. Informant is listed between Hera and Jyn, maul isn’t listed
  3. When the contents of the rebel kit were spoiled I immediately noticed the lack of maul. I knew he was in the scum kit from the livestream and I knew rebels could use with Ezra. I was upset because I didn’t want to have to spend 50$ on a conversion kit for a faction I don’t plan on playing. After reading a lot of the outrage I can see I wasn’t alone. But I think I figured out why he is absent from the rebel kit. He is going to come in a rebel ship pack and ffg has the foresight to give him to scum players in their kit so that they do not have to buy a rebel ship or rebel ship upgrade pack.
  4. Ffg: Hey China can I order 7 rebel aces? No? Ok.
  5. It’s going to remain in 1.0 till it comes out for2.0. The developers said it will eventually come, but it will be awhile.
  6. They will probably announce clone wars after the redo epic play.
  7. Hopefully it isn’t a viable build since conversion kit comes with only 2 2000s. Getting a little 3rd might be difficult lol
  8. I’m glad probably going to order from a local store (I don’t have an lgs) since we don’t have an answer from online retailers...
  9. It’s from the core set not conversion kit. I haven’t seen anyone suggest selling separately
  10. Does anyone know if online retailers (miniature market / coolstuff) will be able to give out the preorder damage decks? I always hated the baby decks and will probably preorder 2 cores just for the full size decks. Also do you think it will be one per customer ? (should I split up my preorder?)
  11. It’s crazy that people seem to be so opposed to the app just because it’s an app. It’s like they don’t see the benefits and only the potential problems, most of which will most likely be hot fixed asap. We can all gripe and complain about 2.0 (and the app) but why not wait until it is actually out? I dunno maybe I’m just being glass half full and it’s all gonna come crashing down in August ?
  12. More excited. Really hope we get the app soon (before gencon) so that I can play around with list ideas.
  13. I guess I am just looking at it as a great way to fix the game and get new players and some returning players back in the game. I understand and your frustration, but I am glad they decided to make this change. They could have done a wave by wave conversion kit (4 of each ship from each wave in a box) or they could have seen the way the vocal minority reacted and said no conversion kits you just have to buy all new ships. Or they could have offered print on demand pdf but you have to go to kinkos and print out your dials and ship bases. But that might gut be more than 1.25 per ship like the conversion kits. Maybe they should have done 1 of each ship @ 25$ per conversion kit but then we would have to buy more kits.
  14. I think for all the content in the faction conversion kits 50$ is more than fair. Not only are you getting the pilot cards and medium bases but you are also getting all the upgrade cards from those sets. From the view point of someone that left xwing because I was sick of buying ships for upgrade cards I am super excited to be able to buy a core set and conversion kit and maybe some ships from people that rage quit to get back in the hobbie. To the peole saying when aos and 40k released new editions they didn’t force you to buy a conversion kit. Actually they did. 40k 8th releases with indexes. Imperium 1 and 2 , chaos, Xenos (alien races) 1 and 2 . Each index is 25$ some people bought all 5 most just the one for their army of choice. You also had had to buy the rule book 70$ So that 95$ to convert 1 army. Vs 90$ to to convert 1 army in xwing. When aos released they completely destroyed the world. The 5 page rulebook was free. But they removed points. Most people rage quit. Because of this. They fixed the points issue with the general handbook but they charge 40$. Both games also also have codex/ army books 50$ which are needed for your army when they release. .
  15. Racking my brain. Hopefully I figure something out. I plan on running 2 squads of them. Gw skulls. Zombie bits are from warlord games zombie kit.
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