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  1. Any weapons, equipment, and ships in the book?
  2. Eh, it's a power balance and opposing force problem. Usually, Force Users can do things a mundane character can't do. Likewise, the enemies that could give a Force user a equal challenge might destroy the mundane characters.
  3. That's my reaction as well to some of the campaigns. Especially when a non-Force sensitive would be useful.
  4. Arda is also very brutal, where the first arc is extremely focused on combat, the second is about investigation and the third, while the last just crammed in with little for the players to do. Friends is a bit better done, with a mix of combat and social for the first two parts. The third can let the tech specialists and faces shine, especially if your group has specialized. The last arc is a bit cramped and is extremely open ended.
  5. Does anyone know how to get rid of Corruption by the book?
  6. Not really. I haven't been to Detroit in a while.
  7. Could there have been issues with the Spy Career Book?
  8. Species: Great selection for the species. Having another "Medical-focused" species is great and useful for players looking for variance in species without rebuilding. Specializations: Droid Specialist: I had done a comparison between the Droid Specialist and the Droid Tech (topic link here) when I noticed how much the two specs provide assistance to each other. Was this intentional? Has anyone in the play test campaign combined the two? Has any Droid PCs been used with testing the Droid Spec? I get the feeling the Droid Tech is support while the Droid Spec is combat support and droid nullification. Would this be accurate?
  9. For me? While they might have a bad time with combat, it can also encourage them to branch out. Unless I am mistake, most if not all of the "non-combat careers" have at least one combat specialization. Whether that will be enough or not will be dependent on them. Now, with three players, it can be troublesome. However, one being "like Yoda" is a bit vague and wide ranging. That one can easily become a bit more of an adviser and support for the two "faces" of the group. When it comes to combat, he can easily be the melee bodyguard. Also, until there is a fourth or fifth player, consider letting them acquire an "npc" to help them out.
  10. Yeah, that is my issue with the Report. No new RPG stuff, though there appears to be at least one non-career source book for each line that is supposed to be out by now.
  11. Has anyone heard if there was any RPG news? It seems like there was only X-Wing news in it.
  12. Personally? Edge of the Empire is easier to GM and run than Age of Rebellion. In addition, an Edge group can be upgraded to Age fairly quickly. The reverse isn't quite so easy. Plus, it the two lines can do a decent amount of cross over, especially for the out of career specializations. For me? Stick to Edge until you have a handle with the core game mechanics, then slowly add the Age mechanics on.
  13. Do you want another player? When/where are you playing?
  14. Ok, you're talking about the droid PC. Which is a nice idea anyway. I'll have to check other sources. However, like you mentioned, a Bodyguard Spec is good to have in order to help out the Tech/Specialist. There's is that, but there is also the Leader abilities that can also be useful. One thought that recently came to me for a player character is a Toydarian who works on the old Separatist droids. He rebuilds them and uses them fro security and mercenary work.
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