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  1. I'm just pointing out the issues. It takes creativity, imagination, and recklessness. Plus it is also supposed to be able to take passengers if the main ship can't land. Those were interesting vehicles, especially when up armored with the rear facing turret. Saw a bunch of those in Iraq used by the police and line units.
  2. I would have to disagree. At minimum, it should be able to defend itself as well as flee should it be necessary. In addition, in the case of the Brute, it should be able to act as a bridge. Like it has been noted, it can also be built up as a reliable escort for the main ship. In that case, it can be extremely useful.
  3. 1) It would depend on the complexity of the task, droid is trained in the skill, environmentals, and time. 2) Talent in the box says when directing NPC droids, Chapter says when the players directs a non-player droid to perform. In this case, I would say it would depend on the leadership check as explained above. So it would be one droid/minion group of droids unless the check is extremely successful. 3) Just for the current time length, whether it is for a round or a scene. I don't think you realize how useful the talent is. As is, the talent can deal with three other droids for a Maneuver. When additional ranks of Speaks Binary are added, it can deal with additional droids, on top of which you also add the boost from Speaks Binary. Second, you are replacing the skill ranks the droids have with your own. If there was a combat skill that you had and the droids did not, for example, you would be giving them your ranks in said skill. Likewise, Mechanics skill for a PC would usually be higher than the droids. Giving a non-minion NPC droid a boost there will make repairs go b a whole lot faster. One thing I noticed that was mentioned was the Separatist Commander. Has anyone checked hat out and consider the implications there?
  4. I did. They covered the Senator and then jumped to the signature abilities.
  5. I wished I had known about this. My big questions would be about the Separatist Commander. What was the thought process behind the Separatist Commander Specialization? Were there any thought about adding a prerequisite to the specialization? How does it stack with Droid Tech and Droid Specialist? How would someone take all three specializations? Any recommended species for such an endeavor?
  6. I didn't see the answers for your questions, so I am posting the timestamps and answers. Order 66 Podcast 123 Species: Why the decision to make Geonosians flyers while Toydarians are hoverers? If you were redoing Toydarians now, would you have made them flyers? 41:04 Negative. Career: Why did you choose to grant the Clone Soldier career Medicine as a career skill over Melee? It seems like and odd chice to me as all clone soldiers carry combat knives, but only a few are medics. 52:00 Starship: The Arquitens-class Light Cruiser from Dawn of Rebellion has a crew of 750. The Arquitens-class Light Cruiser from Rise of the Separatists has a crew of 100. Is one of these an error (and, if so, which one)? 1:33:05 Rise is in error. Starship: The Arquitens-class Light Cruiser from Rise of the Separatists has Limited Ammo 3 for it's concussion missile launchers (which, with Linked 3, means it has only 3/4 of a single salvo), while the Arquitens-class Light Cruiser from Dawn of Rebellion does not have a Limited Ammo rating for its concussion missile launchers (which is a trend previously seen in larger ships with launchers). Should the Arquitens-class Light Cruiser from Rise of the Separatists have the Limited Ammo quality removed too? 1:33:40 Rise is in error. Adversaries/Gear: As the Vulture-class Droid Starfighter and the Hailfire Tank show that Separatist droids are available for purchase, what Price/Rarity would you assign to B2 Super Battle Droids? What about the rest of the Separatist Droids? Would you consider making a table listing the Price/Rarity for these droids for inclusion in an errata? 1:42:25 Cost for Battle Droids of similar types. It isup to GM Fiat and Discretion. Adversaries/Gear: What Price/Rarity would you assign for buying Kaminoan clones (of Jango or other types)? 1:26:00 Sketchy Territory. GM fiat and discretion.
  7. Thank you, I a going to need it. That could work. By my guess, I should use a strip of magnetic tape for the C-ROC and drill out the peg/hole for the Shuttles?
  8. Ok, I have done quite a bit to the C-ROC. I will post some pictures once I edit and make them smaller. I first had to take the lower "wing" of the C-ROC off. This unfortunately lead to several pegs breaking as they were not coming loose at all. After that was removing the cargo containers. This was by far the easiest part. The shuttles as they are can sit in the back and first full openings. I recently bought some poster tack as a rough idea for my plans. The idea is to get a rough shape for the planned "upgrade".
  9. I was asking HappyDaze, NOT YOU. You want to step into this, fine. But if I ask someone for the book and page number, it's A) I couldn't find it in three CRBs and B) If they say no but without giving evidence, it is on them, not me. Getting told no and not having anything to back it is annoying and ridiculous. As for the developer saying anything, it was never covered in ANY of the books since then. Having a FOUR YEAR OLD comment cited doesn't bode well for me, at the very least. Second: EXCEPTIONS MAY BE MADE FOR ATTACHMENTS SUCH AS WEAPONS, HOWEVER. The docking system has more in common with weapons than a blanket mods such as armor, engines, and command modules. The argument can be made for that and the fact that such as the cargo system used by the C-ROC are similar to each other. Frankly, I wasn't asking for reason why it can't be done. I was asking how it can be done as well as how others would get it done.
  10. Every little bit helps The Hangar mod is a bit extreme and doesn't fit the vision I have for the carrier. If anything, it would be the same system used by the Ghost for the Phantom I and Phantom II. If anything, it would be a modification to the cargo doors as well as possibly bulking up the wings to accomodate the extra weight. Honestly, I wanted to use C-ROC because I just gotten my hands on the model. As for the RPG side, Imperial version is decidedly more noticeable and recognized as an Imperial version. Plus, the docking system used by the Imperial version is used for the TIE based ships. That is not needed for the Vulture droids and represents some issues for the Shuttles. I just looked at the rules for mods. There can be multiples of the same attachment, but it will have to change something else and doesn't stack unless otherwise stated. What does your GM have against docking ships? That was something I was thinking about and have come to a possible fix. The VCX-100 uses a specialized docking port for the VCX-Series Auxiliary Starfighter. I am looking at the Phantom II modifications, which gives quite a bit of firepower and support capability to the shuttle. Being that the Rebel Alliance probably know how to modify the ships, it wouldn't be out of the way to set this up. At least, to me. I am looking for that right now. I did find one that was mentioned for home brewed, but it seems to be a bit much. Especially for something that would require dual modification to both the C-ROC, shuttle, and fighters.
  11. I recently started looking at the C-ROC and the Phantom II shuttle for idea. Right off the bat, I can fit one to two shuttles on each side. In addition, it is on the second and fourth cargo slots that a shuttle can fit, with the third cargo slot barely hindering the shuttles. The problem is that only removing the cargo pods would not let the shuttle to be removable as the peg goes right over the C-ROC wing. The biggest modification would be removing the cargo pods and the "airlocks", then rebuilding the wings and bays to accommodate the shuttles. As for the Vulture Droids, the docking points would most likely be in front and behind the escape pods. This might be a simple drill and then install a peg, but I doubt it would be.
  12. The idea is that the C-ROC would be a patrol carrier. I figure it would require replacing the cargo system on top with the airlocks and connections needed for the shuttles. In regards to the shuttles, I am going for the Phantom Mod, as it looks cool and also provides some much needed tech support. This is the biggest reason. As a GM, I am willing to help a group out. As a player, I like the idea of my character creating a small, elite force used to deploy troops to hostile zones.
  13. The Math and Build Post The placeholder for the math and build to be displayed as the topic goes.
  14. I have a game on Monday. How quickly does Fantasy Grounds setup? Also, how do I add the Star Wars Modules to it?
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