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  1. I really want the Empire to get the Troop Tranporter. Have loved that thing since it was a toy in the 80's. And now it's been on screen in Rebels. Jim
  2. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Going by the other books, looks like between 6-9 months is a reasonable estimate. Thrawn came out in April so probably you can expect the paperback around December or January. Jim
  3. What are your top 5 favorite fighters in Star Wars?

    1. X-Wing 2. TIE Interceptor 3. Y-Wing 4. TIE Advanced 5. Eta-2
  4. Star Wars: From A Certain Point Of View discussion..

    It's actually not really like that at all, with maybe the exception of the R5 story. Most of the stories are just about the people doing their own thing and noticing events in the background, for the most part. Stuff like the Devastator weapons officer who didn't fire on the escape pod working with the data clerk to figure out a way to cover his *** for not destroying it. Motti filling out an incident report on Vader choking him is pretty damned funny. So far (I'm about halfway through) it is far better than the cantina tales from Legends and written better too. Jim
  5. Star Wars: From A Certain Point Of View discussion..

    Got it yesterday also and am totally loving it. Favorite so far was the conversation between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. The Tusken POV story was really good as well. All the stories have been good so far, those two are just my favorites. Jim
  6. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Have to chime in here about my mom. When I was little she was an absolute saint when it came to me and Star Wars. Stood in a line that wrapped around the theater to take me to see the original in the summer of '77 (I was 8). Then for opening night of Empire she took me to the 10:30pm showing at a theater that was downtown in the closest city to us...on a school night, no less. For Jedi, she totally did the unthinkable and let me skip school, drove me to the theater it was opening at on her way to work so I could stand in line for tickets to go on sale at noon, then picked me up after. And of course, went to see it with me that night. And always when there was a re-release with a trailer for the next film she would take me and stay with me all the way through the credits to see the trailer for the next movie (the trailer was always shown after the credits back then). I have a great Star Wars Mom. :o) Now she watches the movies on dvd/blu-ray with my daughter too.
  7. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    The article I read about the new time slot said it was because it gets the episodes onto "On Demand" sooner. Jim
  8. I'd rather see Jaxxon and the Hoojibs make it into the nu-canon. The Vong can burn in the fiery pits of hell where they belong.
  9. I just want to complain (I demand answers!)

    You'd be amazed at what someone can accomplish with a nail gun and some duct tape. Jim
  10. The Sith Infiltrator is actually canonically present in the GCW time period now. In the Lando mini-series from Marvel,Palpations has it in his possession and lends it to a bounty hunter to use to find his stolen private yacht. So it would be just as easy to put into the game time period as the N1. Would be a fun ship too! Jim
  11. Rogue One Discussion Thread

    Disagree. "Ewok Celebration" is loads better than that new agey crap they put in the Special Edition. I'll always remember summer of '83...I was 14. Our local top 40 radio station had a request bit every night called "The Top 9 at 9" and Yub Nub was the number one requested song every night from May until September.
  12. Rogue One Discussion Thread

    There were a couple of good alien designs in Return of the Jedi: Quarren, Weequay, Twi'lek... Gamorreans, Mon Calamari, Sullustans, Rancor, Nikto, Ishi Tibs, Gran, Klatooinians, and the Hutt himself. There were FAR more well done aliens in ROTJ than those that looked like muppets. Even Sy Snootles was good in 83. The most egregiously crappy one was the singer that was added in the special edition when Lucas replaced "Lap Ti Nek" (which was good) with "Jedi Rock" (which was a pile of suck). 80-90% of the aliens in Jabba's Palace were very well done, IMO. Jim

    My Star Wars loot consisted of: Rogue One novelization 4 TIE Strikers U-Wing Lego Death Star (the new one) So, pretty good haul. Jim
  14. Carrie Fisher has passed away.

    I will miss her. What a great lady. Makes me so glad that when she was at Rose City Comic Con in Portland in 2015 that I shelled out the $ to get the photo op with her for me and my daughter. That will always be a great memory for us. Jim
  15. Rogue One Discussion Thread

    Very doubtful we will get missions that mimic the film. FFG has repeatedly stated that the Imperial Assault playable heroes and missions are about new stories, not replaying the films, that is why the OT characters are just Allies. Probably a decent chance of the Rogue One characters appearing in Ally/Villain packs though. Jim