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  1. In encounter phase...if i was forced to move to another location or street, can i pick up the clue in there or do i have to wait until the next move phase?
  2. Heartly, I dont really like the original phase chart since it makes new players get confused and bored sometimes. After the upkeep phase, why cant we just combine the movement, battle, ak encounter and other world encounter phase together for each player? It greatly boots the atmosphere and saves a lot of time...(everyone finishes his own actions in one phase then we get a miso phase and a new round! ) I posted our game sessions on other forums and its really easy to explain to the others what each player does in his turn too, for example, 1. Everyone Upkeep 2. Bob goes to black cave, he encounters a monster, kills it. 3. Miso Or we can even separate upkeep phase into each players individual turn, no harms done at all.
  3. Heirs of Numenor has two quests with difficulty level of 4 and 5. To me they are extremely hard comparing with those core set quests(i can beat core set and circle mirkawood level 5 quests at ease).
  4. The new shadow expansion packs come with a lot of enemies with 5 ATKs which is a nightmare for me. Plus most enemies have 4+ HPs and 2+ defense. How am i supposed to beat such those quests with 3 heroes?
  5. Thank you for your detailed explanation. This quest looks much clearer to me now.
  6. I really would like to help test all their games. I am sure i can do a much better job…Besides i have programming and engineering background, i was thinking about to make e-boardgames, which could be played by multi-players online someday.
  7. That is why i could tell FFG didnt test this quest. In the rulebook. it doesnt mention how to play this quest sololy at all.
  8. Now its your chance to get a big box to storage the coreset and expansions together!
  9. Then how can you play the new hobbit on the doorstep's 1st quest since it tells you to create a separate staging area for the 1st player. So there will be no players in the main staging area.
  10. When revealed it attacks the character with most posion attached. So what if no characters have posion attached? And when it attacks, does it engage the player? To me it looks like FFG is busying printing out their new products and has no time to test the game.
  11. Under these conditions: 1. shadow: if 1st player, attack +3 2. shadow: engage the last player 3. quest: 1st player creates a separate staging area in front of him
  12. One enemy's attack can kill the whole heroes party, this looks ridiculous to me.
  13. Then what will happen when i use Elrond with his ring to summon the top card arwen of my deck for free?
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