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  1. Cut the Gunnery Teams, on a Vic-I they will not see much use for their cost. Especially since you may be lucky if you see more then a single turn where your black dice are in range. Make the Flag a Vic-II by cutting Black Squadron and gunnery teams off of your near naked Vic-I and move the Expanded Hanger Bay to this otherwise low priority vessel. This allows the ship with lesser range take control of the squadrons while the Vic-II deals out the longer punch. This is a simple change that maintains your pts at 392/400
  2. I also noted if at any point Whisper is near your TIE Advanced squadrons he is not going to get to use his ability to move after spending a defense toekn because he will not have to use any. Maybe just make him another standard flight of Phantoms and spend the pts elsewhere. Drop Flight commander, the Jumpmaster and bust Vader down to a standard TIE Advanced squadron and you could add 2 Lambda-Shuttles to your list. This will allow you to use relay to activate some of your key squadrons regardless of range from the commanding carrier.
  3. Well if you are loading it up for CC conflict you can only start with a single upgrade/ship so best choose an upgrade that allows you some use from its limited ability as a disruption cruiser. Just having a ship with the experimental upgrade on the table will allow you to stop the enemy from running late in the game, but you do have to be near the enemy to accomplish that (Distance 1-5). Maybe best to use the Glads exactly as you describe with the Interdictor trailing. So say your first upgrade is Targeting Scrambler. This fits the roll of the Interdictor following close behind the Gladiators. Because the ability of the card requires the defending ship to be at close range of the attacker, this fits the Gladiators role in a fight perfectly. Since the upgrade process could take awhile may I suggest the combat refit version for your fleet. The extra red dice will be handy to have. Currently the Blue crit effect does not really play to the Interdictors purpose. You would be better suited to seeing that on a Victory-II. Maybe in a later round with points to buy additional upgrades you could then decide the fate of the cruiser. Giving each Gladiator an Engineering team from campaign start will go a step further in recovering some shields from early ranged fire. Alternative is to outfit both Glads with APT or ACM supported by a Raider-II with Overload Pulse. With the 4 ships that still leaves you 92 pts after Admiral and upgrades. You can further buff your actions with a Gozanti-cruiser Dlotilla helping you get that critical effect you seek when you need it vs hoping the enemy plays into it for you.
  4. Currently I have only used him once and never did get to use his ability. Sorta turned me off. No ship needed it turn 3, and those that could have used it turn 5 were dead.
  5. My thoughts as well. Use the Star Wars Rebellion Game board for a different twist.
  6. I don't mind that idea. Assign certain base defence objectives to each base sounds great. Anyone ever figure out if that armed station was correct in its armament?
  7. Hey Diablo same goes to you! All is good. Been so busy with kid #2 and my job I have not been around to partake in much of this. Started a new Corellian Conflict last weekend though so here goes.
  8. I think the depth you are looking for would be better represented by your own rules all together. The Corellian campaign was never intended as much more then an excuse to have some linked games. In this regard it works great. It was also a good excuse to add more aces, also great. It was however not intended to be a complicated campaign system. Optional House rule #1: Limit each ship in the fleet to being able to purchase only a single upgrade card each campaign round. This will stop some of the very early hard hitting combo builds that require 3+ cards to make work. Those who keep those ships alive will be able to benefit from them in the late stage or final battle of the campaign. Optional House Rule #2: No repeat objectives on the same team. Excluding campaign objectives which are situational. This ensures a more wide range of objective choices to be seen during your games with a limited player pool. Hopefully it will result in some unexpected choices or situations that are not usual. This is not always agreeable as some fleets may not like their choices. You can always randomly determine who gets to pick first from a catagory if there is an issue. Suggestion for playing more games: If everyone is willing from the start of the campaign. Sit down and play multiple games during the day for each campaign round. This works better with 4 players, just requires more match making with 6. Pick your attacks as normal and resolve those games, keeping track of veterans/destroyed, and so on. At this point the locations fate has not yet been decided. Record the victory margin for game 1 at each location. For game 2 swap opponents and play again using your fleets in condition as they were at the start of the current round. You are going to play for the same territory your teamate just played for. So attacking Rebel becomes defending rebel and attacking Imperial becomes defending Imperial. Play this battle as normal and resolve battle score as normal, but do not count any Vet/destroyed results towards your next campaign round. At this stage Add your victory margins for both games together and compare to the opposing teams total for each location to determine final fate of the territory in question. This includes base destruction etc... This may mean you could win and lose a game for the same territotry and still walk away with it after the wreckege settles into orbit. Game 1 of each round still determines your campaign pts, vets and destroyed units that will need to be repaired or left scarred and such for round #2. The idea here is to promote more games in a single sitting for those who have to travel as my group does, or just add more games as we usually play more then one in an afternoon anyway. Also, this does help at times mitigate some of the inexperience that may be shown by some players in certain situations really lending to the team effort.
  9. Hey SentinelJP! I play both X-wing and Armada as well and I enjoy both. One thing I can say for Armada is that each wave generally added a new layer to both the rules and selection. My advice as always is to start with the waves in order of release. It will provide a pretty solid idea in how the game progressed. However if you start with the 2 big ships first, I suggest adding to your squadrons before adding more ships. Grab an Imperial #1 and Rebel #1 squadron pack next. If you really want to see some variation also get a Rogues and Villains pack. For your introduction to the game this should keep you busy for awhile. If you change your starting point a little as I suggest, forget the big ships in your first purchase. They are going to seem very over powered vs the core set only vessels. I would suggest a different approach of getting an Assault Frigate MkII and a Gladiator Star Destroyer expansion along with the first 2 fighter packs. This is both the release order of the products, and will provide a more balanced initial expansion for your game. I think the cost will be near the same as the 2 large ships as well as providing more options for your start.
  10. Well out of all four of those classes I can easily say I use the Arquittens the most. I find they are a capable gun platform and generally find 2 or 3 of them in my fleet with Dual turbolaser Turret upgrades. They are in my list to simply give the rebels that like to circle the toilet bowl something to think about so they can't just flank my larger slower Victory and or Interdictor with little care. I do find the Damage control officer to be of decent cost vs help as well when trying to keep these fairly fragile ships on the table.
  11. Hey all, we have had a decent little core of Armada gamers for quite some time now (5 regulars, several irregular). Looking to add to our local scene and enjoy games with new faces. A friendly group, almost all of our play is casual and or campaign based. We meet every Sunday except when holidays fall on them starting at 11am at the Sir Games-A-Lot game area in the Bayfield mall right off the 400 highway. Visit the facebook page (link below) for directions and information. Feel free to post or message me here on the forums for more information. https://www.facebook.com/Sir-Games-A-Lot-191148354230879/ As of next week we move into a new 16,000 square foot game area!
  12. That is exactly how ours works Yipe. Since a ship can only buy a single upgrade each campaign round.
  13. Imperial: Arquittens-class Command Cruisers Rebel: MC80 Star Cruisers
  14. Hey all, after playing several Corellian Conflict Campaigns my group noted it was very easy win or lose to get some serious combos rolling right after the first round of games was over. We tried this previous time around with a single upgrade card/ship/round allowance when spending your extra points after a campaign round. Each round saw ships emerging with unique talents, but also changed the very core of upgrade applications. Some combos that required a large amount of upgrade cards were earned over many fights, while some were skipped over in favour of a shorter term fix. Not a significant change to the overall campaign, but a rather fun way to see a high end ship develop or die trying. For future events we plan on keeping this house rule in effect. Feel free to contribute suggestions and tweaks that helped made your own CC a good time.
  15. Generally I re-roll only if the result was so bad to start with it couldn't get much worse, or if I have no choice. Re-rolling because you want 7 damage instead of 6, isn't always a great plan. My usual experience is I end up with 5 lol.
  16. Based on where they are going in Star Wars Rebels and Rogue one Luke would qualify as the last traditionally trained Jedi. There are many force users or force sensatives being brought into the universe that are neither Sith or Jedi. The balance that was always being discussed being brought back to the force may be the lack of either camp evil or good. Perhaps Lukes realization that 'the Jedi must end' is playing into that idea. One can exist within the force without being all evil or totally good. To have a camp that worships one method or the other is the inbalance. So maybe the title is quite literal in regards to the no longer training of new Jedi vs something new.
  17. Now I have to Corvette spam somebody just for fun. Although I am sure they will not have any fun.
  18. I have great success with Decimators in my limited use. In two games they have claimed an Assault Frigate MkIIA, and a CR90, along with out 8 flights of fighters. They have enough firepower that 3 of them spent the game chasing the MkII while the TIE Interceptors kept enemy fighters at bay. The result was like a wolf pack going after large prey. It just couldn't hold up to all the tiny bites.
  19. The Gozanti are there for activation buffs, nothing more. Planning for a future round, the Gozanti's will still not be moving fighters but using Slicer tools.
  20. You are making me go forward with my Corporate Sector fleet...
  21. I just used green on Corran's E-wing instead of blue like the rest of his group. Most Imperial aces use white or red stripes/markings to denote their status.
  22. I wanted to make a 7 ship list to start off my campaign. Thats all that guided my build. Outer Rim Blockade Author: Wes Janson Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 400/400 Commander: Darth Vader Assault Objective: Blockade Run Defense Objective: Hyperspace Assault Navigation Objective: Solar Corona [ flagship ] Gladiator I-Class Star Destroyer (56 points) - Darth Vader ( 36 points) - Insidious ( 3 points) = 95 total ship cost Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 points) = 54 total ship cost Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 points) = 54 total ship cost Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 points) = 54 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) - Jamming Field ( 2 points) = 25 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) = 23 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) = 23 total ship cost 4 Firespray-31s ( 72 points)
  23. Squadron Empire: Assault Gunboat Ship Empire: Dreadnaught Squadron Rebels: K-wing Ship Rebels: Assault Frigate MkI V
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